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  1. lol, I just tuned into this, and came to see who on ICF was discussing this. It starts with a sex scene lol. Karke aa rahen hai sab.
  2. Thank you for sharing this! What amazing parents to support their son in sports, and to give the precise guidance on how to master his chosen profession. So awesome to get to know this.
  3. Bangers are getting real good. And, with Afghanistan in the fray, I'm ready for this. Got tired of the Sri Lankas and Bhais.
  4. NEW ZEALAND! In my book, the world champions!
  5. And, he wasn't there before? What kind of a hall is that?
  6. Isn't that their job? And, isn't it the job of ICC to pick umpires who know their job for a World Cup final? And, what are the third and fourth umpires doing in this case? Why can't the be on alert? Do other sports have snafus like this? With this much technological support, and this much at stake?
  7. England invented the game, and the rules supported them.
  8. He definitely looks like he has surprises to offer.
  9. They are not harming anyone, so I don't see why people are getting so upset lol
  10. NZ got more wickets. That should have sealed the deal right there. Boundaries criteria is the most stupid I have heard
  11. I know! They even showed him biting his bat. He bit everyone's bat and that's how the top 3 got out for 1.
  12. Pandya might be injured. We should fly in Binny.
  13. I'm just glad it was a full game and not rain-shortened. They beat us fair and square. Our top order did not show up when it most mattered. But we gave it a true fight, respect to Jadeja It wasn't meant to be. Now, hopefully NZ can take it
  14. The guy has bottle. Bottle doesn't show up in statsguru.
  15. Take 30+ minutes to bowl to assess conditions. Plus some sources predict rain at 11. Preserve, preserve, preserve wickets. 20-0 after 10 is fine. Just don't attack Boult. And, play Grandhomme cautiously if swing is about. Some reports speak of cracking pitch, but NZ have four seamers. Target Neesham. We did well against Lockie, but again caution first, as he has had a good WC. Best of all, raindance, and let the whole farce be washed out, and pack bags to Lords.
  16. WHy play in England at all when even the English don't care for the game? The crowd is made of desi supporters.
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