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  1. riya

    Jacqueline Fernandez - The queen of curves in Bollywood

    Never saw anyone who says Alia is hot...
  2. riya

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    i always thought Sonam Kapoor has the craziest dress sense,until i saw him....
  3. riya

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Hmm...is he that bad...i know he has weird dress sense...The last interview i saw with Deepika,he looked quite matured and decent..
  4. God....i didn't see her comment...But slave women can be abused is what she might have learnt and trying to apply it here...sick!
  5. riya

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    So one rumour which i thought fake has turned out to be true...Congrats Deepika,Ranveer....
  6. riya

    Save Sabrimala

    Hi beetle its hard for me to explain,if u consider this issue as a discrimination against particular women..Its not...Its a belief system on that particular deity,respecting the ritual,simply..Just like ''Attukal pongala'' is not a discrimination against men,just a belief system. By what impact ,it could have done...I mean its about ''sensitivity of the situation''.some liberal,rebel women are trying to enter forcefully with the help of Police to prove a point..when such a decision is made,everyone needs time to accomodate it..For eg;''Nothing will happen to me or to the society if i didn;t go there,but there will be riot and disastrous outcome if i go there..''As a sensible human what should i do in that situation..''...Thats exactly where the liberal women failed..They want to prove a point at that very moment to prove what?..Is that women empowernment...?I don't think so...Claiming insecure God,is treating things simply..Either u are a believer of that diety or not..If you are you will comply with the rules,which in no way harming you,your life or your future.. On the otherhand that particular ritual is affecting you,then it should be abolished...The govt tried to fix a thing that wasn't broken''..Thats why everything went wrong..
  7. riya

    Save Sabrimala

    This is one that instance you can blindly use the tern ''feminazi''...As a woman i am appalled at some women's lack of commonsense,tolerance and practicality in the middle of such mayhem..Think what you are doing,think what impact your fragile ego can cause,think how misplaced feminism can trigger entire movement to collapse...Seriously..
  8. riya

    Save Sabrimala

    Terrible situation...this is not women empowernment...And the activists should understand that burning an entire state and its people they are not going to get any power...A ritual thats no way hurting any woman,her life,her progress as a woman was misinterpreted in the most ridiculous way is the prime reason for all these... This is not poilitical or any sort of a movement.its just devotees vs non devotees argument..
  9. riya

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Yes...how can they simply put a name and hash tag stating annonymous...
  10. riya

    Are celebs really role-models?

    Exactly looking at how nepotism have swallowed bollywood as a whole and majority of film industries,its near to impossible to have another one like SRK .
  11. Recently a talented young musician from our state Balabhaskar.(he is not that famous) died in an accident..His little baby also died...Hurt me the most,infact the pain is unbearably huge...its difficult to explain..
  12. riya

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Men in India is already entitled,if they are rich and powerful,the entitlement goes to whole new level...Unless if she is a star kid,,the actresses never have the same advantage,,,
  13. riya

    #MeToo India 2.0

    so what if it reaches Modi...nothing will happen to him...just like Trump he is invincible...

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