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  1. riya

    New year resolutions !

    great....especially on very trivial matters....i need to follow this...
  2. riya

    New year resolutions !

    Controlling obsession with food.....
  3. riya

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    Thanks Mariyam,even i got shocked by such opinions....
  4. riya

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    Really...i read, Katrina out performed her in some reviews...?
  5. riya

    Food thread !!!

    Love love love this coffee
  6. riya

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    You are absolutely right...i still remember one of the farmers in my mother's village...when i saw him he was 70+,he wears a plain dhothi(kaili we call in kerala),shirtless...Man his six pack and cuts...never saw such a body,i mean the guy never went to gym,eat plenty of rice,rice alone...the fittest probably i ever saw,that too at that age.He acheived it just by being a farmer... Here i am trying paleo,keto what not...still struggling to lose weight...and maintain...
  7. kareena thinks ''pouting'' is the most difficult aspect in acting...
  8. riya

    Jacqueline Fernandez - The queen of curves in Bollywood

    Never saw anyone who says Alia is hot...
  9. riya

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    i always thought Sonam Kapoor has the craziest dress sense,until i saw him....
  10. riya

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    Hmm...is he that bad...i know he has weird dress sense...The last interview i saw with Deepika,he looked quite matured and decent..
  11. God....i didn't see her comment...But slave women can be abused is what she might have learnt and trying to apply it here...sick!
  12. riya

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    So one rumour which i thought fake has turned out to be true...Congrats Deepika,Ranveer....

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