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  1. riya

    I am ashamed, SOS

    From my own experiences,dumbness is not limited to any age limit...it will follow through our entire life
  2. That has nothing to do with throwing garbage and cutting traffic lines...its lack of respect towards others and utter selfishness...Not the poor ones who are needy do this,the rich with attitude,thats what this thread is about...I can understand the fight for food and water...but its another case....I have seen so much arrogant attitude displayed by Indians here in USA...even while honking while crossing at zebra line,just because they can't wait that long...pure arrogance..
  3. oh yes this is so true.....and pathetic....
  4. Threads like this confirms why we were ruled by pretty much every one from Portugese,Dutch,Mugals,British...Easily the most gullible ones in the planet earth...
  5. riya

    Nazia Hasan

    I don't know whether there were other singers better than her in Pakistan...But she sounded amazing in ''Aap jaisa koi meri ....''
  6. riya

    Crimes by Muslims tracker

    Oh God....why media is not highlighting this issue...? No wonder people lost trust on the so called secular media...such agenda driven
  7. riya

    Suffering from self esteem issues

    Looks like you are more worried about him getting girls than getting your own money...You respect ypurself first and move on from such people...Then others will respect you...Make your own world through hardwork...Getting girls are not a big deal..Even most horrific serial killer Ted Bundy had plenty of female fans...Girls sometimes like weirdos and will learn eventually...Why would anyone losing sleep on that...?Move on move on move on... As a matter of fact even boys prefer good looking females never care about personality...so its even..Neither girls nor boys should be worried about such silly things..
  8. Naah more like Run Sashi Run....
  9. riya

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    Congress lost a great opportunity to bring and nurture a great leader...they just eliminate all possible potential candidates,weaken them by going back to the family...I can't see any one..On paper Sashi Tharoor looks good...But he is an eltist like Arun Jaitley can't attract the base and create mass impact..
  10. riya

    Post election meltdown thread

    Why people are worried that article 370 will be taken care of...I mean where is the right of Kashmiri minorities...? They should know such selective outcry will help Modi more...If u truly believe in secularism and liberal values u should support uniform civil code. Then comes to the main issue...now where is the proper opposition leader...Every one from Mayawat ito Mamta wants the prime minister post present a very weak unstable opposition which obviously people wouldn't want..Present a strong opposition leader and make him/her a proper primeminister candidate...a lot of introspections should be done by the pooliticians rather than these usual screaming...
  11. Regardless of the situation Velu will be Velu....
  12. Thats what his film was made..."'Hey Ram''
  13. riya

    Student of the year-2 Trailer

    I think bollyfans don't care abt face or never look at face...Just look at biceps and six packs otherwise i can't see these people surviving in a movie industry...
  14. riya

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    This is what u reap after years of sowing radical Islam....

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