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  1. MSD on koffee with Karan Kj : Deepika, Priyanka, alia, sonam, kareena MSD : done, done, minor, meh, lol
  2. If klr loves a girl, her father will turn out to be the arch rival of his father since college days.. That's how badly klr's luck sucks these days... :p
  3. Gautam gambhir may be an angry man but he always maintains his dignity and stature. While the child-like yuvraj was a bigger superstar than GG but still it was always GG who was always in the fray for captaincy at the IPL. "Stature" guys, "stature"... Please maintain it if you want captaincy in future.
  4. First of all Hardik, you are a cricket player representing the Indian cricket team. Our fanbase is much bigger and powerful than the Bollywood fanbase. Even chewtiya khan shahrukh is being rejected since the last 5-6 years. But whereas even if Virat and Rohit don't play an odi game in India, rest assured it will still be a blockbuster! We don't need c grade shows like kwk - which as Anurag kashyap once put - is a "mutual masturbation club". Please maintain some stature. :/
  5. Temujin Khaghan

    The torch of best batsmen

    I think ICF has moved on from clinging to "the best batsman in the world is our Indian player" mentality. Just give us WC19 and wct2020
  6. Temujin Khaghan

    BCCI announced cash rewards for the Indian cricket team:

    So bhuvi earned 30l without doing anything? Well.. congrats @beetle
  7. Temujin Khaghan

    Pujara breaks into the Fab-4 club..

    1. VK - 922 2. KW - 897 3. CP - 881 4. SS - 874 5. JR - 807 if he can maintain this for another 4-5 years, the cricket fraternity will be forced to acknowledge him on equal terms with the fab 4 in the test format.
  8. Fat content is very less in country chicken compared to the broiler variety which are fat induced thanks to the chemical process they go through.
  9. Temujin Khaghan

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    Like others in this thread even I feel thrashing is good before the WC. Even if we lose every loi match before WC, we still enter the tourney with the aura of team consisting of Rohit, dhawan, pandya, bumrah, Kuldeep and chahal lead by vk. Only England with their master blasters are stronger team than us.
  10. Temujin Khaghan

    Shami will not last the full tour. Prepare for a back up

    thankyou @Global.Baba now please give your blessings for the WC..
  11. Temujin Khaghan


  12. Temujin Khaghan


    The scene where amitabh is forced to watch like a statue as the love of his life is dragged away in front of him? Sure. Good scene.
  13. Temujin Khaghan


    Stupid rgv gained so much infamy by then that everyone avoided it like plague.
  14. Temujin Khaghan

    kuldeep yadav

    Shaw - Gill - pant - Kuldeep - bumrah - pandya We are set for the next 12 years
  15. Temujin Khaghan

    We will be #1 ranked test team for few more years !!!

    It is up to the individual boards to take initiative and set up test games. But If anyone wants to set up a test match near abottabad, white Bois will run for their lives..

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