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  1. Players mature quickly under new team culture - Kohli

    I would say its a very irresponsible article by Cricinfo.
  2. Players mature quickly under new team culture - Kohli

    or maybe Kohli wasn't referring to Kumble at all and Cricinfo is digging a conspiracy where there is none. it was Sachin - Saurav - Rahul - Anil these four players who changed the vicious bullying and hierarchical set up in the dressing room. during the days of Kapil and Azhar the juniors would get regularly bullied. There are stories of Manoj Prabhakar, Sidhu and other players of that era even slapping junior players who had a bad day. Srinath hasn't found his voice until Kapil left. Anil Kumble might have been a uncompromising martinet, but lets not accuse him of being part of a "bad dressing room culture"
  3. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    BCCI only asked Indian players not to sign the t20 series the way Yusuf Pathan tried to do BCCI never was against county cricket... its our players' arrogance and reluctance to play county cricket. last time Ishant was offered a county ticket he asked them to eff off.
  4. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    all the best!!!
  5. How good is Shami?

    his stamina is the only concern. otherwise very good bowler. just picked a wicket :)
  6. How good is Shami?

    he huffs and puffs even while going back to his mark in the 2nd over
  7. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    but we are able to maintain the 5 bowler attack only because 3 of them are allrounders in sa,nz,eng,oz our 4 pace bowlers are Pandey, shami, Umesh and bhuvi (atleast the starting lineup) with Pandey and shami being compulsive picks. we have to choose the spinner from either Ashwin or atleast Jadeja, because if not, our tail will be too long. bhuvi, Kuldeep, shami, Umesh is a long tail... don't you think? but I agree that KY looks probably the most attacking on flat wickets.
  8. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Umesh is not maintaining a good line still. Thats the problem with him. he strays a lot. shami bowls at the same speed and more disciplined. I wouldn't like to see 2 pace - 3 spin attack before going to sa. that would be bad preparation. we require only 1 spin bowler in sa, eng and oz next year. Instead we should give a couple of test games to bhuvi too as he will be part of the 4 man pace attack along with shami, Umesh and Pandya. if we don't play Umesh against sl at home, it wouldn't really make a difference to us.
  9. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    When Lanka visit us for 3 tests let's play bhuvi as second seamer instead of Umesh.
  10. Of course why not. But alas, pant not in 2019wc plans as of now...
  11. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    We need just one more fast bowling all-rounder as, if Hardik gets injured our balance in overseas tests goes haywire. Anyone in the vicinity?
  12. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    We are becoming a nice solid team before our next England/Oz tours. :)
  13. Pujara /Kohli /Rahane /Rahul - who is best test batsman of India?

    technique pujara > rahane > vijay > Rahul > Kohli > Dhawan > Rohit
  14. Abhinav Mukund writes about the insults based on his skin color

    South Indians can atleast defend themselves due to numbers and also because they come from states which are much well off than the North Indian ones. I actually feel bad for North East Indians because they don't have a big city of their own. They have to come to Delhi, Bangalore and then face humiliation of being asked which country they are from!!! I hear racism in Delhi is immense compared RoI?
  15. Has the new update to cricinfo broken the desktop version?

    its so irritating also they haven't yet loaded the past series archives yet. can't access them. following cricbuzz these days.

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