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  1. Temujin Khaghan

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    Can't understand.. what?
  2. Temujin Khaghan

    Braveheart vs Gladiator

    Brave heart is a classic which has made the character, William Wallace an immortal on the silver screen. The fact that Mel Gibson is also the director of this movie easily elevates him to the genius elite club of a sir Lawrence Olivier or a woody allen who have also fulfilled both the dual roles of an actor and a director in classic movies with equal aplomb. If not for his drunken rant on Jews who control Hollywood, Mel Gibson would have been as much as a ATG in Hollywood as other living legends like Clint Eastwood, Spielberg or Daniel day Lewis. But he dug his own grave. Gladiator is like a textbook for historicals for other directors to follow. There is no doubt that all the Roman, Greek historical movies and TV shows took a lot of inspiration from this movie. While in brave heart, the entire battle sequence is a rousing exercise in pulling at our emotional strings, the war and gladiatorial combat sequences in gladitor leave us gasping for breath and wanting for more. After lion king, it is for gladiator that most of the preview sample audience made a complaint that the movie got over too soon. All time classic - braveheart Tremendous repeat value - gladiator
  3. Temujin Khaghan

    Umesh Yadav becomes 2nd slowest to 100 test wickets for India

    Important to see wrt how many balls bowled because Umesh hardly gets 10-12 per 90 overs per day
  4. Temujin Khaghan

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Can we play rahane at 3 Kohli at 4 And shikhar at 5??? By the time he comes to the crease, the swing would lessen anyway and he can increase the run rate against their trundles.. KLR Vijay Rahane Kohli Dhawan DK
  5. Ponting flopped against spinners in India. Only srt, Lara, kallis, rsd, sanga, kp had technique for all the conditions.
  6. Temujin Khaghan

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    my strategy for England test series: green pitch - bhuvi, bumrah, Umesh, Ishant - 80 overs per day... Murli vijay and kohli can fill in for 10 overs before we take the second new ball. we play 7 batsmen including kdk and no hardik flat wicket - bhuvi, Umesh, Ishant, ashwin, hardik. we play 6 batsmen on this wicket including kdk subcontinental type spin wicket (extremely rare, but if they are stupid enough to give this to us) - bhuvi, Umesh, Ishant, ashwin, Jadeja. we play 6 batsmen including kdk.
  7. On what basis is rahane captain when you have a senior pro like Ashwin in the team? further, this is not even overseas.
  8. this has always been a problem with barkha... she did a muslim women discussion show on youtube... its a quite popular video. it had an african lady who was an ex-muslim who was taking on two other hostile middle aged muslim women barkha wouldnt just shut up and just kept bringing hindus into the discussion. many pointed out in the comments section that had this been a discussion about emancipation of hindu women, she wouldnt bring anything about muslims into the discussion...
  9. Temujin Khaghan

    M.S. Dhoni: ‘Me batting down the order was like quicksand’

    Quicksand killing an anaconda is like mother nature giving the fat snake a taste of its own medicine. :p all the small animals in the jungle like rabbits, rodents, deer, bhuvaneswar Kumar etc.. will gather round and chant "die.. die.. die.." with rhythmic slow claps..
  10. Temujin Khaghan

    Shami out of Afghanistan Test after failing fitness Test

    Recently, Hasin Jahan came up with yet another explosive statement where she claimed that Mohammed Shami is all set to marry anoother woman after Eid. She alleged that Shami has offered her money and asked to her for a divorce. On Monday, Jahan made the allegation saying, "Shami wants to marry the sister-in-law of his elder brother five days after Eid and that’s why he has offered me money and asked for the divorce.” However, Shami was ready with a stinging reply to her allegations. According to XtraTime.in, Shami told them, "I am in much trouble due to my first marriage. Do you think I am mad that I will marry another girl?” He further added, "Hasin has brought a lot of allegations about me in last few months and this is an addition to that. That’s good, then I will invite her to be present at my second marriage (laughing)." http://www.dnaindia.com/cricket/report-mohammed-shami-trolls-wife-hasin-jahan-with-savage-reply-after-her-latest-allegation-2623925
  11. Just browsing some of the posts above, apparently everyone wrote huge essays. Way too much pent up frustration in many a heart.
  12. This is all fine chitchat in the dB gollum, but do you want Hindus to be humiliated at every airport screening session because some of their religion-mates decided to be monsters?
  13. SRK made a movie called main hoon Na, where an Indian army person Sunil Shetty goes around causing violence and not letting Indians and Pakistanis live in peace. First of all it is the ISI and the Pak army who do that. The moment the Indian and Pakistani PM's meet for talks, they bomb the borders or cause havoc with their sleepers cells in India. Never the Indian army. But still Indian people kept quiet because we all know that Indian bureaucracy is corrupted and with a heavy heart we had to let that plot point in the movie go without causing much scene. But what the * is this about Hindus trying malign Pakistanis by causing fake terror encounters?? This is plain wrong.
  14. Yes you are right there are movies like "the rock" etc.. which have a core plot of a psycho patriot/traitor hurting their own nation. But, at the end of the day this narrative has a precedence in the real world too. During the cold war many of the cia agents went rogue and have given away secrets to the enemy. No one minds if there is a pretence of reality to a plot of a TV show or a movie. But, just imagine if a hollywood movie starring Jennifer Lawrence is made wherein Osama bin Laden did not bomb the twin towers but the democrats did inorder to make George Bush look like a complete ass. I think their critics and political commentators will have a field day ripping this film apart. The movie will not be banned unlike in a third world country like India. But it will be humiliated and mocked to no end for trying to "mainstream false narrative using conspiracy theories".

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