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  1. Temujin Khaghan

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Cricbuzz is our guy. They refused to even cover the Pak games against England recently.
  2. The reason I hate dhawan the most during test cricket is that this guy smiles when he drops catches. not of international test class and nothing special in t20. Very important player in odi cricket though.
  3. The options should be A. Better chance without kohli B. lol
  4. Temujin Khaghan

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Never heard of Steve Waugh ever claiming a single wicket as his own idea. Whereas Rohit also took credit for Malinga's wicket of Andre Russell where he said he got the idea that Russell never faced around the wicket from malinga and it was he who made malinga do that. In my life I never saw a batsman give 1 percent credit to his batting score all thanks to an advice from his bowler teammate..
  5. Temujin Khaghan

    Rohit takes credit for Malinga's last ball wicket

    Everyone .. Just think for a moment.. Rohit, Virat and MSD will take 100 percent credit for single effing run they score but it's not enough.. They want 50 percent credit for every wicket their bowlers take. Especially any crucial wicket is a 'must take credit scenario'. These stupid bowlers don't have any brain. If not for batsmen how will these stupid bowlers ever get any ideas. Rohit has uploaded a software in Malinga's brain and by sending the signal he has positioned the exact spot at which Tommy.. err.. I mean malinga has to land the ball. It is only that Rohit Sharma is a very decent person that he is taking only 50 percent credit. MSD or kohli would have gone full-pakistani ..I mean full-retard and straight up said, they have actually bowled the ball by possessing the bowler's body.
  6. We thought we could take a wicket and finish it off there... it could've gone either way. But the idea was to get the batsman out. I know Shardul really well. He plays for Mumbai and I've known him for a long, long time. So I kind of understand where he wants to hit. So we decided together - me and Malinga - that we'll go for that slower option, because knowing Shardul, he would try to play a big shot and there might be a chance that he might just sky it. "Again, it could've gone either way, he could've just middled the ball and it could have cleared the ground also. At that point you've got to be brave. Take those crucial decisions. We decided that we'll go for that slower ball, no matter what happens. If they get it, they get it. If they don't, then probably we have a chance there to win the game," Rohit Sharma said in the post-match press conference.
  7. Temujin Khaghan

    Which was the best world cup final ever?

    1999 worst becaz Pakistanis clearly sold out their country..
  8. Non captains because captains xi will have ego clashes..
  9. How can a batsman like Imran even contest for a spot solely on his batting skills when there are already classy zaheer Abbas and fierce Javed miandad in the middle order. Which means that Pak would go for a late order hitter which Imran was never. Imran was a late order accumulator. The fact that Imran was allowed to play in that role was only a means of convinience because he was anyway in the team for his bowling skills. Same with Sobers. Who needs the medium pace of Sobers when windies had the services of the fiercest fast bowlers in the history of cricket during that time period. Sobers only bowled because he was already in the team because of his genius level batting. Ian Botham's batting was however pure gold during the first half of his career and he would have easily played atleast 75 tests purely as a batsman for England.
  10. If the definition of an all-rounder is a player who is good enough to play for his side even if his primary skill ceases to exist, then peak Ian Botham is the only all-rounder to have ever played the game of cricket. No one is playing the bowler Sobers, bowler kallis, batsman Imran, batsman Kapil, batsman hadlee Don't know much about miller. You can make a case for the bowler shakib infact. The batsman Ian Botham is the only all-rounder in the history of cricket who would have played for England despite his bowling skills ceased to exist. Also Ian Botham, Flintoff, stokes and sakib are unique in the sense that the gap between primary and secondary skills is very less. They are balanced all-rounders.
  11. Every all-rounder at peak form 1. Ian Botham 2. Sobers
  12. He should be handed over the reigns for the 2020 wt20 campaign for India.
  13. The only reason I voted for BJP in this election is because I would rather have a tyrant as the pm than a retard. I abhor Congress but make no mistake, I absolutely dislike Modi.
  14. Even during the kedarnath floods he made a comment that he went in like Rambo and brought back all the Gujarati civilians when it was the army and the paratroopers who done all the hard work. Modi has a history of not giving any credit for the schemes he implements to other BJP ministers and also stealing all the credit of armed forces without doing sh*t. As much as I hate the anti Hindu gang and Congress, Modi comes across as a massive dislikeable person.

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