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  1. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    He is Dinesh Karthik blood fan. He is venting out a decade's worth accumulated frustration.
  2. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    true, maybe I should have said Misbah...
  3. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    dont be so harsh, he became mad dealing with Afridi... he recuperated a bit when Misbah came into the picture...
  4. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    they dont have an adult in the team... when Sourav Ganguly asked the entire team to remove their shirts at lords in revenge for the earlier Flintoff's act in India, both Sachin and Dravid interfered and asked the youngsters not to do such stupid things. Otherwise Harbhajan, Sehwag and the other youngsters would have followed Saurav and we would have looked like the present Bangladesh now. even though kohli acts like a rabid Pokemon, he is pretty controlled the moment the match is finished. he doesnt show any antics anymore. meaning that, the entire thing is like an act to provoke the opposition and he relaxes once the game is over. unlike for example Gambhir, who is more like Saurav... Bangladesh lack a IK, Dhoni, Dravid, srt, Younis khan, Misbah, Hussey, Muralitharan kind of a player who is more aware of the situation and carries himself with dignity. shakib their star player is unfortunately still a kid in maturity and even Yuvraj singh in his teens is a more mature person than that. Mushfiqur Rahman is another angry kid. the other Bangladeshis seem like very gullible youngsters. Mortaza is another moron. he is such a bad influence on Tashkin...
  5. delete this thread... lets hate on Manish Pandey for the right reasons... we shouldn't hate on modi for not having a girlfriend or Kejriwal for choosing a political career or Rahul Gandhi for still thinking that he can be the Indian PM in the next elections... lets hate on people for the right reasons...
  6. Manish Pandey's actual statement: "Oh my God," says Manish Pandey. "When I fell, I knew someone had to play a blinder. But we had the belief we could do it and DK has always done it. But oh my God." (source: Cricinfo)
  7. Pandey and Shankar !! What was that ?

    Manish Pandey was never convincing as a hitter... his highest gear is S/R of 105-110ish....
  8. KKD hatsoff

    I don't mind DK as the finisher in the odi squad.
  9. KKD hatsoff

    @vvvslaxman saw you support him on this dB many times... Congrats to everyone else who also backed DK
  10. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    Forget the law, if Virat kohli kisses a 85 year old ugly squaw, Anushka will personally castrate him, then cry hoarse before the media about the cheater and later adapt a biopic about her life story and how she was betrayed in a sad melodramatic feminist Bollywood tripe.
  11. Virat Kohli behaved like a clown in South Africa: Paul Harris

    guys take it easy... Paul Harris has neither the stature of a great player nor reputation of a great person... he is Pragyan Ojha level cricketer... lite... P.S - a failed version of Pragyan Ojha... I mean..
  12. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    Welcome to International Cricket :)
  13. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    dudes rohit Sharma has no business batting anywhere above 5th position in T20 cricket... 2020T20WC: pant (wK) dhawan kohli raina rohit (Cpt) manish (Shubham and Prithvi shaw should aim for this spot) hardik bhuvi kuldeep chahal bumrah
  14. Anuska is sucking up all his energy...
  15. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    India benefited when Pakistanis migrated away from India... :)

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