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  1. batting - Rahane/vijay bowling - bhuvi/ashwin fielding - karthik/pujara
  2. Pak lovers

    Also look at the character of pakistanis, they are always infighting. Give them a cricket team of 11 players and there are 5 factions. A moron like Shahid afridi found cause to be hostile to even a friendly bovine like player such as VVS when he played for Deccan chargers. A nation-state like Pakistan unified by a common religion could have easily become another south Korea or Japan. But they did not. Why? Because they are mental midgets without any vision. They only think about short term goals. All the urban Pakistanis scram from the failed country as soon as they get a degree and unlike NRIs don't lead a life in peace with the local populations there. They have to impose the very same crooked religious rules that plagued their country into a rotten state in the first place. It's oddly funny watching Pakistanis beg for for secularism when they are in the minority and impose Sharia the moment they are 50.01 percent of the population... I have interacted with afghans, Turks and Muslims from other countries, I did not think they were half as bad as Pakistanis. In fact I have seen a familiar "live and let live" motto even among afghans.
  3. Pak lovers

    Pakistan will never consider India as a friend because the very reason for their existence is that Hindus are evil Kaffirs who worship idols and well... Refuse to convert I guess? For a country to be friendly with another country it means both have to accept that the other country is a honourable friend. The moment Pakistan agree to that the very reason for their existence comes into question. Pakistanis will ask their government that if indeed India is a great friend why are we not united? Also Jinnah like Nehru made a selfish choice to live away because anyone with even a hare-brain will tell you that Hindus never vote for religion. If that was the case indeed then by now bjp should have won every election, not a majority hindu hating congress. Even the current bjp regime is due to an anti incumbency vote against the previous eunuch governance by Congress. Majority of Hindus always vote for their caste. Had the Muslims of current Pakistan and Bangladesh stayed back and did some clever real politicking they could have easily formed the government in every alternate election. They missed a great chance to control a nation as big as akhand-bharath all thanks to mr.jinnah.
  4. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    I don't know how many of you read world history with interest in school, but if you remember the entire Kohli-kumble saga had the flavour of wilhelm-bismarck written all over it. Wilhelm is the Prussian prince who grows up under the tutelage of chancellor Bismarck who assisted his father the (Kaiser) Frederick and led to the unity of Prussia. But Wilhelm has tremendous inferiority complex towards his English cousin the king George. He is also an excitable and eccentric character who overestimated himself. First thing he does after becoming emperor is to sack Bismarck. Later he loses WW-I in a humiliating defeat. Bismarck dies a sad death... However Wilhelm did not marry a Bollywood actress so it's not entirely parallel.
  5. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Bunty sajdeh is like "the wolf of wall Street" character cast in "Jerry McGuire" role.
  6. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    film stars are like frogs in a well... this is from first hand experience they dont know Sh!t... someone gives them lines, someone gives them costumes, someone gives them makeup... they dont do sh!t on their own other than acting and there is a bhajan gang that they entertain all the time who only sing praises about them and these guys think they are some kind of genius... everytime Salman, srk or any Bollywood guy talks about current issues and the problems of the current society, it is cringeworthy... Aamir khan is better in that aspect, he is a little closer to reality, but even he isn't a intellect that he perceives himself to be. kamal hassan is another intelligent frog in a deep well..
  7. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    then no one will take him seriously. he won't even get the deposits back in the places his people will contest...
  8. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    Kamal Hassan is like intellectual garbage. He is clever, but garbage.
  9. Sachin's batsmanship is perfection in itself. In another thread, I said that if batsmen were automobiles then Sachin is like the Range Rover. It is capable of withstanding and dominating any terrain, any weather and can travel any distance. Same way Sachin's batsmanship is capable of dominating any attack, any format and any conditions. Kohli is no where near this class. But Kohli has more killer instinct than Sachin, I'll give him that. Kohli's technique is far from perfect. He seems organised like Kumar Sangakkara, but he is not.
  10. Which languages do you know?

    The moment you said "Telegu" we got that point... :D
  11. Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Are you jealous that they are stealing your job of trolling Indian cricketers :D ?
  12. All said and done, we are just not good enough

    huge difference in fielding quality
  13. why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    unnecessary complications as if we dont have enough problems already...
  14. why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    when we have Rahul and vijay why should he?
  15. Team for 3rd test

    The vibe of this entire thread is that either many icf'ers have lost their mental stability or have been drinking heavily after the loss and blabbering rubbish.
  16. Team for 3rd test

    Lost interest... Doesn't matter anymore... The only thing I wish now for is that we bat first in the last game and nothing else..
  17. [Video] How many times SA have come close to winning in India- Kohli

    I have given up... lack of common sense cannot be cured. we need another captain.
  18. [Video] How many times SA have come close to winning in India- Kohli

    change your user name to worried_desi :D
  19. Afghanistan's Test debut set for June in Bengaluru

    how about every member of the playing XI should be making their debut... otherwise it will not be fair to them...
  20. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    I have a small hope that if we bat first vijay and Pujara will be cool and succeed. :/
  21. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    mentally we are incapable of chasing even 150 in the fourth innings... in overseas tests. there is a definite mental hurdle. win toss bat first...
  22. Lungi Ngidi is only 21

    also see how intelligent they are already... lungi has far more bowling acumen than Umesh Yadav who has a lot more experience...
  23. Lungi Ngidi is only 21

    even rabada is 22 second coming of Ambrose and Walsh?
  24. Rahane and Jadeja for third test match

    We have lost the series anyway, why not give them an opportunity and see what these guys can do? Maybe Umesh too?
  25. Rahane and Jadeja for third test match

    obviously a batsman who can bowl ... more in the direction of ben stokes...

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