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  1. Dhoni bhai is still our captain - Yuzvendra Chahal

    Baahubali statue scene ;)
  2. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    all-round batsmanship Sachin - Lara - Sanga - punter - kallis - Dravid
  3. mohammed amir is not good enough to wipe a 24 year old Wasim akram's shoes... sad how the standards of being the "best I have faced" have been reduced to.
  4. I cannot say anything without seeing the full chart. lets shift to private chat.
  5. Jupiter moon conjunction in the ascendant in virgo is just extraordinary. The native will go to the topmost position in whichever field he chooses.
  6. We are blessed

    9-0 coming up...
  7. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Hey flamy!!! Long time no chat bud... :)
  8. Welcome to 4 day tests

    These test stats shouldn't be mixed with the 5 day ones
  9. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    Isn't rahane's new role is about being a floating bacteria or something?
  10. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Sanath Sachin Virat Sangakkara Aravinda Dhoni Shakib Kapil Wasim Malinga Murali
  11. man I am just glad the little kids and teenagers in Pakistan are happy this week by watching live cricket in the stadiums well done to all the world xi players who brought smiles on their faces!!!
  12. Why India is not in World XI?

    In case of a terrorist attack only Lahore has been designated for express exit and z grade security. You cannot give z grade security to three cities in a week.
  13. BCCI should have its own private plane: Kapil Dev

    Something like airforce one with z grade security. Our team should travel in it wherever they go The mom and mos of the series should have access to their choice of air hostess on the return flight. Also all the players who done well should have access to the in house strip club J/k
  14. If there was to be a 4th format in cricket- What would it be?

    Women's cricket? Seriously hoping that one day we will look at women's cricket as alternative entertainment.
  15. Too much cricket

    Dont worry, they will all be fit by the time IPL starts...
  16. probably his Bollywood pals told him, be nice to Pakistanis and expand your market if so, bad advice to a cricketer considering that in cricket even if you are Mohammad Ali Jinnah reborn in India, a Pakistani will always hate you for being an Indian.
  17. Every act of kohli seems commercial towards either building an image or selling a product.
  18. Kl Rahul moron don't waste your odi chance next time...
  19. Shardul Thakur should be made to sing hymns of SRT as a penance for his sin.
  20. What is his individual win percentage? should be around 55-58%???
  21. Iam not a SRT fan But I demand BCCI retire #10 jersey for Indian ODI colours permanently in honour of Sachin Tendulkar!!! P.S: After reading the OP, I immediately wrote the above comment and surprised to find, many people began with "I am not Sachin Fan" WTF!!!! Is everyone ashamed of calling themselves a Sachinist?
  22. This ad is ******* great !!!

    I dont know about the quality of the ad but these wild stone "Kunal" ads sure hit the target they were aiming... last year it was the FOGG - Bina gas wali Deo... no one even knows why they were supposed to buy a Bina gas wali but there is nothing but an expression of disgust on the actors in that ad and last year they had an epic turnover.
  23. This is how Pak, bang felt when sehwag opened his mouth.
  24. "then what about csk and Rajasthan"? HahahahahHahahHHHahHHHaaa Nailed it!!!
  25. Sanga kept shouting from rooftops that he will retire in 1-2 years from mahela retirement. It is not his fault if SLC couldn't adjust in this grace period. Sehwag, dada are two idiotic legends who think it is cool to push others in soup from time to time.

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