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  1. I didn't think her story passed the smell test from the very start. She probably did fall in love the P@kster, and thought life in pakistan would be pretty much the same. And then she probably came face to face with the hell hole that is pakistan, with its unending powercuts, zero entertainment options, hardcore backwardness etc etc. And then she probably hatched her scheme to get the hell out of there.
  2. So far so bad from Karthick. He looks like he may have **** his pants. As I type, he truly has.
  3. Two spinners against Pakistan would be a risk. Two spinners against Aus/SA/Oz might work because their batsmen prefer pace on the ball.
  4. Absolutely. Was bedazzled by the 'ideation'.
  5. Good on you for taking him and his arguments seriously. I checked myself out of the 'discussion' when he suggested Indian players skip our domestic season and play in fluff leagues around the world. This guy loves to 'ideate'. Check out his other thread where he came up with this worthy idea where the already overworked Team India would play a tri-series with associate countries every year. Banjo (thanks, @sandeep) Team India ko apne ghar ka bail samajh rakha hai.
  6. Would still go with Shami over Umesh simply because he doesn't have that propensity to lose his radar. Umesh has improved a lot in LoIs but has to be behind Bumrah, Bhuvi and Shami.
  7. Exactly. The OP seems like one of those nuts who love nothing more than churning out 'ideas', each one nuttier than the last.
  8. The people who deal with brands and it management for a living know exactly how allowing Indian players in overseas league would dilute IPL's appeal. Your constant whining with non-arguments here isn't going to change that. And did you seriously compare Indian first class with fluff that is BBL. I think I am done with this thread now. You should do yourself a favor and delete your account before further embarrassing yourself.
  9. Only a couple of overs so far from umesh and he may yet lose his radar, but he's making a serious case for himself.
  10. Hahahaha, get the hell out of here. Virtue signalling punk.
  11. Hell of a lucky innings for Ronchi so far. Has been beaten and edged 7 times at least.
  12. Another genius thread where Team India has been mistaken for a MULE that has to bear the burden of third rate mediocrities from around the world.
  13. No evidence that IPL has improved Warner's game. His skills in this format were known long before he arrived in IPL and he has simply lived up to the billing. Once true Indian conditions are presented in test matches, Warner's (lack of ) ability becomes painfully apparent. So no, playing in low quality leagues such as BBL won't improve the game of Indian fringe players. Even if evidence were presented that BBL marginally improves their game, the tradeoff wouldn't be in BCCI's favor as they would risk diluting brand IPL for meager benefits.
  14. With (un)due respect, you are talking like someone without a clue or experience in taking strategic business calls. IPL is BCCI's most prized asset today, and they would be fools to act in a way that in *anyway* imperils that brand. Allowing Indian players, within national scheme of things or not, to foreign leagues does exactly that. Thankfully, IPL managers are smarter than you in protecting their asset, and you won't EVER see any change on this front. Indian fringe players already play along with the biggest names in IPL, something they won't experience in mediocre leagues like BBL that don't feature their own national players. IPL players also routinely play before big and hostile crowds. The only experience they would miss out on is playing on Aussie roads, not really the hardest challenge in cricket. Even if it were, the TRADEOFF is too lopsided for BCCI to permit Indian players in overseas league.