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  1. Only people from the region can tell that Dhoni didn't say Bose DK, but Bhootni ke, a very common insult in Jharkhand/Bihar. Almost the same as Bhajji's Maa ki. By no means condoning his weak-as-urine loss of temper at a junior though.
  2. After beating the batsman for fun in his third over, he induces an edge. The slipper dropped the catch, of course. Impressive bowling on a DEAD wicket.
  3. Cross posting from the VH thread
  4. Mighty impressed by this P Krishna, Karnataka fast bowler. He's tall and extracts good bounce. Just bounced out the Andhra opener. And that seam presentation is IMMACULATE. Pretty much like peak Sreesanth. he already has a respectable enough speed but another 5 KMPH and he'd straightaway be in national reckoning. How young is he?
  5. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Nonsense to say that he is not good at manipulating the field or rotating strike. Watched him bat today, he looks ADEPT at picking singles.
  6. Mayank genuinely looks ready for national duty. Absolutely murders spin and competent against pace as well. Anyone not watching, tune in to Hotstar.
  7. Twitter messages

    Decent roasting from Ashwin. No complaints from me.
  8. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    Who's the ghati?
  9. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    Cannot compare the strike rates of a veteran and rookie who hardly got a chance to bat the whole tour. Sachin at 38 ensured great starts for India in 2011 WC. Dhoni at 34 struggles to clear the in-field. Dhoni is a selfish waste of space.
  10. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    Unfair to club Dhoni with Kohli and Pandey. Looks like a labored attempt to mask Dhoni stinking it up again tonight. Kohli has been in a rich vein of form so a failure or few is well excused. Pandey has been sitting out for long. It's Dhoni again who turned the whole atmosphere rancid with his superannuated reflexes.
  11. Pandya has long limbs, he can be a little like peak Gayle - stand and deliver.
  12. Have you guys not heard? Kohli can only be celebrated, and never questioned.
  13. I remember the hype when Kuruvilla was selected for West Indies tour. His physique was described as similar to West Indians themselves. Tinu Yohannan was another such.
  14. Remember the days when Venky was partnering Srinath with his 120k thunderbolts. And god forbid if either of them were unavailable, we had Dodda G and David J (and Kuruvilla and Mohanty and Avishkar Salvi...) running in with comical aggression. It's a miracle we could still provide a semblance of competition overseas.
  15. Sure, they can talk and work out if possible. But your exact words were - " BCCI is strong enough to force the schedule they want and other boards would just shut up and listen." That's bully behavior.

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