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  1. Not so glad here yet. There's still an inning left. Let's see.
  2. I disagree that India needs a defensive option like him at home. You either play 4 bowlers, with Jadeja doing the bulk of defensive bowling and rotate the three bowlers around. And play another batsman such as Nair or Iyer to guard against collapse like today. Or you play an attacking bowler like Kuldeep who's actually not much inferior with the bat compared to Jayant. And presents a potent threat with the ball. Let's hope Jayant makes me rethink my opinion after this test.
  3. Was listless and rank with the bowl. Time for Jayant to prove his batting can offset the lack of ability with the ball. Would be needed this inning.
  4. Early days yet but sadly my suspicions about Jayant seem true. Hope he makes me eat my words.
  5. If Pandya is bowling as one of the two pacers at home he'd be expected to bowl 20 overs a day. He's not ready for that, both stamina and skill wise. Period. I know it, knowledgeable fans know it, and most importantly, Team India knows it. Shami isn't India's premier pacer either. Far too injured to hold that mantle. In any case, this isn't a thread about Pandya. We are discussing Kuldeep here.
  6. No, Pandya hasn't shown he can bowl at 140 clicks in tests. T20s and ODIS, yes. Tests, no. Tests is about stamina and fitness. Secondly, Ishant has been the best Indian pacer in last the three years...better than Shami. Third, watch how Indian team management prefers a mediocre pacer like Bhuvi ONLY when conditions suit him. Pandya is worse than Bhuvi at this stage of his career. In other words, you need to watch a lot of cricket and apply your mind so that you can understand the game and its subtleties. :)
  7. If pitch is a seamer, then Pandya won't do much worse than others. Because pitch becomes a factor. If pitch is flat, then pace and raw ability becomes a factor. In other words, you need genuine pacemen. Like Umesh made a difference against Saffers in Delhi, against England in Ahmedabad, or recently, against Bangers in Hyd.
  8. Not surprising, stupidity and nastiness go together. Why isn't this idiot banned yet?
  9. Once again, India needs two proven and quality pacers who can reverse at speed. Pandya's isn't that pacer.
  10. As much as I think Team India management is right in nurturing Pandya, his batting at the moment is dodgier than his bowling. @express bowling is right, we need two genuine quick bowlers who can both reverse at pace. Pandya has no business playing any of the tests.
  11. Good call amits. Your thoughtfully considered opinion stands out as righteous and virtuous, just like your dance.
  12. And no one in the wider cricketing community gave a solitary fark.
  13. Instead, this thread is all about Team India's best shot. Australians are edgy about the spin threat, Ashwin by his own admission isn't at 100%, making it the perfect time to hand Kuldeep his test cap.
  14. Clearly, people who have had a closer look at Kuldeep - Kohli, Kumble, and selectors - know better and made the correct call. I remember back in the day you used to pine for irfanfarkinpathan, so your judgement is hormonal. Dismissed.
  15. If he is LoI material, then what's he doing in test squad?