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  1. sarchasm

    "We continue to control the escalation ladder"

    My layman's guess is we have not seen the last of this episode. The denouement is yet to take place. It simply cannot be that release of our officer, whom they captured during an illegal sneak attack, can be the basis of de-escalation. I don't see either the political or the military leadership accepting it.
  2. sarchasm

    "We continue to control the escalation ladder"

    Pretty much. I am as illiterate in matters of military as you but have watched official Pakistani responses carefully. The lies and contradictions are staggering.
  3. sarchasm

    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    This is allegedly an Indian forum.
  4. sarchasm

    Everyone should watch this video

    Everyone should *also* watch this video. Dogfight aftermath narrated by a Pakistani eyewitness. Watch from 30 seconds onwards: 3 pilots came down.
  5. sarchasm

    Pak F-16 shot down

    Lol. It's for US to say whether AMRAAMs can be used on chinese platforms, not Pakistani paint jobbers. It's pointless to tell you that integrating guided american weaponry on chinese platform means America sharing Link 16 code with them. Hell will freeze over before that happens.
  6. sarchasm

    Pak F-16 shot down

    The year is 1971. The headlines in Pakistani papers. "we are winning", "dilli door nahin", "fight till victory!" And the next day?
  7. sarchasm

    Everyone should watch this video

    But particularly those who still have doubt over IAF's claims in Balakot. Listen carefully to this speech in Pakistani parliament about the target from 23:50 minutes. And then think about the trees and mud pics being published by Pakistani propagandists. 23:50 onwards for "Azhar sahab ka madrassa"
  8. sarchasm

    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    Is Rajdeep Sardesai living in exile after being held captive by indian government and tortured? So no, he's not Pak's Rajdeep.
  9. sarchasm

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    You can get lucky and escape. But no such thing as got lucky to kill an enemy that was on the run. Needs superhuman skill and courage. Understand what this thread is about instead of nitpicking like Amartya sen's argumentative Indian. There's a time and a place.
  10. sarchasm

    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    Pissing in your shalwar out of fear is never special.
  11. sarchasm

    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    Very relevant post that India needs when faced with an external enemy. But then, i remember that you supported kejriwal once upon a time. My thumbrule is, never trust any dount who supported Kejriwal even for a day. No matter how 'reformed' now.
  12. sarchasm

    indian air-strikes explained by IAF

    Some more facts and claims to consider 1. the weather has been clear with excellent visibility in balakot for past 2 days now. Is Pakistani army still managing the attack site to take international journalists there? 2. Indian government named the terrorists who were attacked. Have the Pakistani parade masood ka sala and his jihadi buddies before media? 3. India claimed F-16 downed. The US anyways checks and controls how F-16 are to be used by pakistan. Have them declare all Pakistani F-16 are accounted for. Surely your military can have this done to expose India further?
  13. sarchasm

    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    Absolutely. So what if this is allegedly an Indian forum and dozens of CRPF jawans died on account of a government headed by imran. So *ing what?
  14. sarchasm

    Pak F-16 shot down

    No SAM or ground fire brought down the MiG. Listen to the presser by AVM. Two A2A missiles were fired, both from the F-16. One missed Abhinandan's wingman and landed in our side of border. The other took out WingCom Abhinandan's MiG. The F-16 was brought down by Abhinandan's wingman's missile, also flying a MiG-21.
  15. sarchasm

    Pak F-16 shot down

    I am glad you have been allowed a hospitality here similar to Hafeez and masood in pakistan. Gloat away

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