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  1. Your sentiments are all over the place. Who gets to decide what's McDonald and what's michelin star experience in cricket? Your nagging inferiority complex isn't a reliable determinant.
  2. What you call an analogy is actually a comparison. Analogy and comparison are very different words and not to be used interchangeably. Similarly, the post I quoted used the term "big" and not prestige. Big is something quantifiable, prestige is not. The rest of your post is off the mark because of this basic error of comprehension on your part. But even so, your claim about a monday night American football game being less prestigious than Olympics is not rooted in reality. Olympics is not ONE single event. It's an umbrella platform for hundreds of competitions across dozens and dozens of sports. Why would you ignorantly compare it to a single football game? Also, you should not rush to generalize your own emotional investment and feelings about Ashes as representative for all fans of cricket in India. Even a poll on this forum would not be a random sample as any stats 101 class would tell you.
  3. Some truly weird statements in the OP that makes me wonder if Indians really understand what they say when they speak in English. Either that or a severe case of safedi ki chamkaar. You claim, Ashes is the biggest event in test cricket? But big in terms of what? In terms of eyeballs, India vs Zinbabwe T20 in Harare gets more eyeballs that first day of Ashes at Gabba. And the real measure of 'bigness', that is money, comfortably weighs in favor of India vs Zimboks T20 than an entire Ashes test. And I am quoting James Sutherland himself on this bit of factoid. Then you proceed to make a subjective claim about legacy. But legacy is a factor of time. And India already is investing in one such event, it's called the IPL. Give the IPL another decade and you'd see where it stands not just WRT Ashes but international cricket itself. Everything will be sideshow around the IPL.
  4. If only the selectors had the foresight to include Bumrah for the currest series against SL, they'd have given themselves another option in terms of fast bowling combination in South Africa.
  5. Not a single day with 90 overs play - SHAME!!

    Blame timezones, or the lack of it. India needs a minimum of two timezones with Kolkata matches deserving a 30 minutes early start.
  6. Unrelated factoid: He's also a vocal supporter of AAP.
  7. You confidently claimed Ishant was getting 'exposed' in domestics - a lie that was busted within minutes. Makes you a beta liar.
  8. How did you deduce what I think of Ishant from that post?
  9. So first you LIE about Ishant getting exposed and when someone rats you out for the beta liar you are, you go on to change the goal post to five-fors taken. Unvarnished idiot.
  10. Boycott these fools

    Yes, uncritical retards like the OP are the ones who should be listened to instead of Sri Sri. What exactly did Sri Sri say that was so outrageous? He says sexual orientation is a tendency and that one should be at peace with one's sexual orientation. I cannot think of a more enlightened stance on dealing with sexual orientation. To those who are ill at ease with their sexual orientation, he *further* says that these tendencies are prone to change. Once again, what's the problem here? At this point, I can see a lot of angsty and and antsy Indians barking me down with scientific 'proof' showing how sexuality is something one born with and not something one can change. Which is HYSTERICAL. I mean, one is also born with a specific sex, male or female. That hasn't stopped people from transitioning themselves to the other gender. So if one can feel like changing one's sex and can do so successfully, what's the big deal about changing sexuality?
  11. Pitch has eased up. Lankans to pile on 400 batting next.
  12. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    And Prithvi Shaw gets to another century. Terrific run of form.
  13. Using this series as some sort of dry run for South Africa is simply being disrespectful to Sri Lanka. This NEVER ends well.
  14. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Rishabh Pant on 64 of 69 balls so far. Hope he gets a big one. Good to see him return for these matches instead of non-serious appearances against visiting teams. Samson has been consistent this season too. Looks like Prithvi really wants to be on the plane to South Africa. On course for another century.
  15. This thread is a living proof that Indian fans, for a variety of reasons, cannot tell between a flat and spinning track. Viru OWNED spinning tracks and the best spinners ever to play the game.

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