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  1. Andre Russell thread !!!

    Very impressive against predictable bowling. But he's a player who can be sorted with a bit of planning. Still dangerous but some tripe bowling has made him look better than he is.
  2. Young Indian players' performances in the IPL

    KL Rahul, Tripathi, Gill, Rana, Pant, Samson, Gowtham/Markande, S Gopal, Nagarkoti, Mavi, Khejroliya Can this team beat our first XI? Heard Nasser say India can line up a serious second XI in white ball cricket. I silently agreed.
  3. OP is pretend Delhiite with a gross vegetarian agenda. Go back to Punjab with your balle balle and chhole bhature. Even they might not want you. Real Delhiites know there's no party without IMFL and burnt tandoori chicken.
  4. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Grim show so far. Can they still salvage their campaign? Looks difficult because Rohit appears distracted and anxious.
  5. I am a little astonished that Prasidh was sitting unsold so far this IPL. Glad he's got himself a team.
  6. If Khejroliya has a blockbuster IPL he's a serious chance of making through to the WC in '19.
  7. Ideally, i'd like India to field one left arm pacer in the World Cup. Bumrah, Umesh/Shami, and a left arm pacer like Khejroliya would be wonderful to pair with Kuldeep.
  8. Khejroliya certainly impressed Kohli to have played the first game. If Khejroliya keeps performing like he has so far in short formats, could he make it to Team India for WC? Krunal is another one who can seal the spinner/all rounder's spot.
  9. Dhoni's SR already 100. Watch the artist do his thing, guys.
  10. Vintage Dhoni. He's taking the game deep. The man backs himself in those balls-to-the-walls situation. Enjoy the maestro at work.
  11. Dhonbi/Dhongi trudges off after being humiliated by a rookie. Shat his LUNGI.
  12. A Color Test That Can Tell Your Mental Age !!!

    30-39, phudge
  13. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Small physical stature yes, and yet they keep taking hot MARATHA dump on chuski faces from great heights.
  14. VIVO IPL 2018 - Full Commentator List

    Not at all happy to see that NASTY piece of work D Lloyd. Grade A racist who struggles to hide his contempt for India. Only in India can we still offer them money making opportunities.
  15. Saha scores 102 off just 20 balls

    These are division one teams in Kolkata with lots of Ranji players. Good standard cricket.

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