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  1. Quoting my own post for the blinding truth. Kuldeep should have played in all the matches. Kumble and Kohli were unreasonably conservative in their selection calls and have duly paid the price. Jayant Yadav punched above his weight against England but he simply never had it in him to be a dependable test cricketer.
  2. What do Umesh, Ishant, Bumrah, Aniket, Ankit, Warrier, Shami have in common? Ans: They are all comfortably better than Bhuvi the Burden.
  3. Here's some good news. Yogi Adityanath sworn in as the new Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. Ram Lala hum aa rahe hain!
  4. What exactly is the feel good factor here? Does the Delhi government pay for these surgeries? In that case, it's simply using tax payers' money to pay private entities. Money that could ideally be better used to improve the facilities at government hospitals. Shameful. Or has the Kejriwal gormint, in its patented style, succeeded in extorting and forcing private hospitals to carry out these surgeries on their own? In which case, these private hospital would recover these costs by charging extra from their paying patients. Once again, the paying public loses. Some good news, this.
  5. This useless, regressive bill is going to hurt both employable women as well as business in India. Employers are simply going to stop hiring women. You simply CANNOT have fancy scandinavian laws in a developing economy.
  6. Urgh, can one of the admins be a darling and correct 'bew', and make it 'brew'?
  7. Just a sample of the questions our responsible opposition wants Prime Minister Modi to answer in Parliament. We get not just the government, but also the opposition we deserve.
  8. Nothing hilarious than watching whites melt down over racist terms that are recognized as such in the first place owing to their own genocidal, murderous history. Easily the scummiest, and most intolerant of all races. :)
  9. Advani is a sirphira these days, and not at all reliable. Given the probability of a hung parliament in 2019, he would be a bit of a risk for Modi. He needs someone more pliant.
  10. Adding further, triple talaq is not a new issue. Why weren't Muslim women rallying behind BJP for all these years? Especially in the immediate aftermath of Shah Bano? By now BJP should have monopolized half of the ummah vote bank. Muslim women voting for BJP = Strange desi predilection to concoct some sappy, feel good narrative no matter how misplaced.
  11. No need to think. All you have to do is visit the EC website and see the voting pattern. BJP would be staring at less than 200 seats if not for BSP fielding so many muslim candidates, leading to a fracture in ummah voting bloc. Even Owaisi's puny AIMIM directly affected the outcome in at least 6 constituencies. So, the gist is that triple talaq was as much of an issue as award wapasi and rising intolerance - totally manufactured and bogus.
  12. Hey bhagwan. Why do you guys fall so easily for sophomore grade troll baits? Everyone knows that India is the home of cricket.
  13. Not so glad here yet. There's still an inning left. Let's see.