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  1. Yes, and ODIs are closer to T20s than tests. In other words, Rahul's T20 form and record should have a bearing on ODI selection. Rahul has been easily the best India bat in T20s, and deserves a consistent run in ODIs unlike duds such as Rayudu and Pandey and Karthick. Your personal frustration with KL Rahul in tests has no bearing on whether he deserves to be selected or not. Rahul did better than Rahane who's been here before. or Dhawan who's more experienced. or Murali Vijay.
  2. Go away creep. And promise to stop private messaging me with gay smileys embedded in it.
  3. Perhaps nair was hard done by. how does that make what's happening with Rahul acceptable? Don't get the logic. What's the point of referring his SR given that he's played at different position without a consistent run? His SR is also the highest in T20 btw, better than Kohli.
  4. You are confused . You find my post objectionable and despite being a moderator give me a pass? And then troll others yourself, encouraging rest of the posters to follow your example. And when your post is reported, then instead of allowing some other moderator look in it, you choose to harass the poster in private messages telling them not to cry to mom and dad? Strange.
  5. So 2 tests in South Africa and 5 tests in England where he got a century plus crucial runs in the only test we won at Nottingham. Makes it better than Virat's first tour to England. Add his performances in Australia and against the same team at home where he made tough runs. Did Virat get dropped after England? Why should KL Rahul? Do you feel that a batsman who's already the most successful in T20 format should be discarded from ODI after only 12 chances? That too when these 12 opportunities didn't come in one go?
  6. Once again, shouldn't you have issued me an infraction for that post? Why do you feel that reporting a post is equal to crying to mom and dad? Getting bizarre by the post. Do other moderators share this view that reporting a worthless troll post is not on? @beetle @Trichromatic
  7. Quality post from a moderator. So I reported this post - because after all the forum moderators ask us repeatedly to report trolls. Everyone knows that you can cannot play judge in your own case. But this classless could care less for any of that and taunts me through a pvt message. It's true, I don't always practice what i preach, and at those times I'd gladly take an infraction. But isn't velu a moderator? And why does he think reporting a post is about me crying? Is foruming some macho head game for him where feels the rush of being a man, something he's deprived of in real, physical life? I reported the post because I care about this forum and spend well over an hour ever some of the days. Can other mods @beetle or @Trichromatic or @Laaloo clear up the matter?
  8. His ODI career is 12 matches old where he hasn't got a consistent run for more than 4 games. He's already the second best bat in the team (the best if you go strictly by stats) in T20s. Has had a better first tour to Australia and England compared to Kohli. If not for him, we'd have lost a home test series to Australia. Anonymity is nice on internet but not a license to broadcast you stupidity.
  9. Just read an astonishing stat that KL Rahul hasn't got a run of more than 4 ODIs so far in his career. How insane is this? Is there a similar stat for Pandey, Kedar, DK, Rayudu?
  10. It's a structural weakness in Indian cricket where favors, star power, ad hoc-ism, and mutual back scratching works. Lodha committee should have focused on eliminating these entrenched weaknesses but they got sucked into a power tussle beyond their remit. Sending teams to ICC event and what have you. What this means is that youngsters who are unfairly struggling to get opportunities today will quickly internalize the corrupt practices once they get their turn. It's a self-perpetuating mess.
  11. No, this is just you suffering from amnesia. KL Rahul's limited overs chops are beyond pale. he scored a 100 in one of the T20s in England and two ODIs later, was dropped.
  12. There's a qualitative difference between the problems we have as an ODI team and the test team. And it has everything to do with Dhoni. The test team, even though captained by a fool, doesn't have the corrosive effect of Dhoni who is adamant against personnel change and churn. So in tests we have had Pant and Rahul inducted and while they haven't won us a test, there's no stagnation. Churn is very important for top flight teams. Ensures that nobody gets complacent or settles in their comfort zone. Otherwise Jadeja had no business playing that many ODIs with a bowling average of 35 and batting of a tailender.
  13. Fully endorse this. Kohli is too easy to manipulate for someone like Dhoni. Temperamentally Kohli is like Yuvraj with an extra drive for personal excellence. Not the ideal man for leadership.
  14. Thank you Ganguly. Unlike the many favor seeking ex-cricketers, Ganguly could stand up to Kohli and show Shastri his place. If only we had someone like him as the selector.
  15. sarchasm

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Rahane still striking below 100. Imagine this guy struggling to get going against international sides chasing 350.

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