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  1. India Tour Of South Africa Cut Short

    Great decision.
  2. How do you rate BCCI.tv?

    OTOH, I really like their section where they list every single transaction above Rs. 25 lakhs in value. Everyone should check it out to learn how Roger Binny milks the BCCI and then curse their own lives.
  3. How do you rate BCCI.tv?

    If I said abysmal, I'd be flattering them
  4. So are we suggesting Dhongi is quarteras good as Saha?
  5. Believe it or not

    The Pakistanis have contrived to celebrate today as 'defence day'. But what's this day all about? Let's educamacate ourselves
  6. I love to bait Dhoni fans here, but what makes you say Dhoni isn't a better gloveman than Gilchrist? Dhoni urinates all over the aussie when it comes to keeping up the stumps. And while Gilchrist is in stiff competition against Jayasuriya, Dhoni comfortably trumps bevan.
  7. How India got fast

    MRF has been a seminal institution. But this typically overwrought piece credits them far more than necessary.
  8. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    Relax, no need to be edgy/jumpy. I only commended you for the slight at the paksters.
  9. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    Decent, passable jibe
  10. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    Looking at the breakdown and especially how much Sony bid for Subcontinent TV rights - almost twice that of Star - it's easy to see they blundered big time by not consolidating their bids.
  11. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    Here's the breakdown
  12. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

  13. IPL broadcast deal speculation thread

    Auction is live on BCCI site. While every other bidder submitted an envelope, the Star India team hauled a big carton full of documents. Lots of bad jokes being cracked. My ex-colleagues from amarchand sitting at the back although cannot recognize any of them the stream is too grainy.
  14. Colonization 20% complete

    The above image is from Dawn newspaper about Chinese laborers in Pakistan. They look like they have been hauled from some prison in China. Look at their prison bowls
  15. Colonization 20% complete

    Pakistanis on this board, help me understand this. Cheap labor in your country is dime a dozen. Why do then then Chinese feel the need to bring in their own laborers to Pakistan?

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