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  1. Once again, you are struggling to make sense. Repeat after me: 1) Buying nonsense western propaganda against chinese (lack of) innovation does not make it true. 2) Even if it were true, it holds no relevance when comparison is between India and china. 3) So-called innovation and academic excellence do not have a causal or even a direct link.
  2. I don't get the "even the Chinese and HK Univs Rank well" part.
  3. I did make a thread prior to the series against Australia suggesting that Kuldeep should play all the tests. Having now watched him - I only watch the highlights on hotstar - in the last test and the IPL thus far, I am convinced that Kuldeep should be our premier all format, all conditions spinner. He may not deliver immediately but he can go on to achieve truly spectacular results if groomed from now. Ashwin should be consigned to tests. Jadeja can stay provided he does the containing job well. Kuldeep would be the strike spinning option, especially abroad.
  4. Some hilarious suggestions. IPL is a competitive, for-profit enterprise. It is not a charity, it is an exclusive, elite league. It almost appears that many of you here are completely unaware of commercial realities of the game.
  5. Once again, hate speech according to whom? You sound a totally clueless troll reciting memes from discredited MSM. The debate was between Amarinder and Yogi, with the Capt being notorious for his corrupt wheeling and dealings typical of Congress. and yet you choose to call Yogi controversial who has a blemish-less public life. What's your agenda, troll?
  6. Controversial figure according to whom? Amarinder might be soaking in the after glow of electoral success right now but everyone knows his corrupt past. But in our liberal times, corruption is seemingly not sufficient to make someone 'controversial'.
  7. Two of the better posts in this thread.
  8. For what it's worth, it was during UPA's term that many central ministers forced banks to hand out loans willy nilly without proper credit risk evaluation. Including Mallaya.
  9. Not even a criminal case entitles governments to summarily put someone on an exit control list. There is a due process to be followed, including obtaining a court order. India is not a lawless state yet to arbitrarily restrict movement of people.
  10. Guys, get over this Sandeep fetish. He's never playing for India save for gratuitous Zimbok tours. All of you molesting yourselves over Bhuvi, notice how he is breaking his back to crank the speedometer in order to stay relevant. That ought to be your clue.
  11. Not worthy of any thoughts. A rank journeyman. 0 temperament. Reeks of failure.
  12. So tell me, under what authority should the government have held him back. Give me the specifics, not your messiah Kejriwal's wishy washy rants.
  13. Perhaps it is you whose cricketing knowledge is sourced exclusively from cricinfo? Because people who watched those two bowlers know exactly how fast they were in the first half of their careers.
  14. The OP appears mad because sambhar snifing chuskis are forever condemned to Yo Mahesh and Natarajans.