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  1. Hysterical stuff. Virat, the manchild, has turned this team into a bollywood shitshow.
  2. Khalistanis should grow a pair and declare Lahore as the capital of their make-believe country.
  3. Quit being a little bitch and listen to your mother. She's right.
  4. sarchasm

    Farewell Vidia

    May he attain moksha. Immensely gifted writer who observed what others didn't, and more importantly, presented them to the readers in chiselled, austere prose. The first time I heard of Naipaul was in 2001, when he had the Nobel prize conferred upon him. Read a lot more about him from writers like Patrick French and magazine cover stories than his own works. That happened a few years later and thank god for it.
  5. sarchasm

    Team for test 2

    Not if the conditions continue to be dry. Straight swap of Pandya for Kuldeep.
  6. sarchasm

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    Any clue why rajpoot is MIA?
  7. sarchasm

    Team for test 2

    Get your keyboard replaced and stop masturbating on it.
  8. sarchasm

    Team for test 2

    As unhappy as everyone is about some unworthies finding a place in the test XI, I feel now is not the time for rearranging batting line up. Doing so would telegraph that India have pressed the panic button. Only changes that need to be made are conditions specific or players coming back from injuries. Lord's is expected to be drier so two spin options wouldn't be a bad bet. If Bumrah is back to full fitness then he walks straight back in - possibly at the expense of Umesh. I'll drop Pandya on account of the conditions warranting extra spinner. Vijay and Dhawan KLR, Kohli, Rahane Karthik, Ashwin, Kuldeep Shami, Ishant and Bumrah I have a giant itch to play Pant instead of that failed cricketer Karthik but I feel that people really need to watch and understand the latter hasn't improved at all. So that when Pant does get a chance, he gets it for a 3-4 full series.
  9. sarchasm

    Who needs to be replaced by rahul- Dhawan or Pujara??

    Correct. Clear as daylight that the best XI out of the squad in England will NOT feature both of these batsmen. The best top 6 that India could field in the first test is easy to figure - Vijay and Karthik as openers followed by KLR, Kohli, Rahane, and Pant. Karthik and Pant have form behind them. Vijay and Rahane have the pedigree and have been there and done it before. Kohli and KLR select themselves. In other words, we can look forward to Kohli and Shastri going without KLR, Pant, and Vijay come August 1.
  10. You are petty with questionable reasoning skills. Chandan has been around here long before you discovered forums were a thing. She has 57 upvotes because probably 90 percent of her posts were made before this feature was introduced during the software update. Stick to low-level trolling.
  11. Time for this loser to prove he's worthy of polishing Bhajji's jooti. I predict another dire series for him.
  12. Ishant has been alright since people gave up on him becoming India's Curtley. As the first change bowler he's been economical and provided his captain with control. Capable of bowling long and dry spells too which is important. With Bhuvi and Bumrah gone, we have two temperamental bowlers in Umesh and Shami. In other words, now more than ever Ishant would be expected to build further on the role as a workhorse 3rd seamer. If he stays fit then I expect him to play all the matches.
  13. sarchasm

    Team management reduces 4 day practice game to 3 day

    It is entirely conceivable that the facilities and pitches weren't up to par. So what? Did the Indian teams of past always receive perfect practice facilities? Likely not. How about the visiting teams to India? Very likely they were at the receiving end of dismal practice facilities. How many of them ever UNILATERALLY shortened practice matches? When did this team get so thin skinned and precious?
  14. I like that you think KL Rahul has sealed his spot. Personally, I believe he won't play a single test from the first three.

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