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  1. off-topic comment. I didnt know iggy was such a good feature of this forum.
  2. You didnt offend me at all. No worries there. I said questioned which is ok
  3. Science cannot prove many things, like the origin of the universe. What is Dark Matter/Energy, What existed before big bang? what caused the big bang? So may be science doesnt know if virgin birth can be possible or not. Science knows that traveling with the speed of light is impossible for man but they believe otherwise. Same way virgin birth may sound impossible to science but it might not be. Who knows. Just an argument for the sake of argument. (Your argument questions my belief, my most 2 fav dieties whom I worship) Eitherway I dont have issues with your overall post.
  4. why go where someone is not welcome. Besides in Hinduism, no one can exclusively claim to be a medium between diety and devotee. PERIOD. So what is the need to go to temple even. If I am restricted from entering somewhere, I will build my own temple and worship there. If I understand spirituality correctly, if I am sincere and real devotee then god is more likely to bless me in my own temple than from some weird place where administrators and priests think that they own the god. They dont have spirituality in them, no humility, no real powers and no siddhis. No disrespect intended.
  5. dial_100

    Indian classical music

    only listen to Indian classical and semi classical which are well done. NFAK is also my favorite. Not into any bollywod.
  6. dial_100

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    amazing. just because there are some illiterate are out there who support BJP doesnt necessarily mean you generalize. But we will give you that freedom. Enjoy RG as much you want. We are doing the same thing. We love his presence.
  7. dial_100

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    ^ It all came to light because of Demo. You dont be naive to believe that black economy was good for us. It was an initiative towards turning our economy into more cashless. You cannot put control on such things (as you mentioned above) until they are uncovered. To best of my knowledge and understanding, Demo was best thing happened to India. Lot of rich people ended up distributing their money using proxies. It all got documented. We uncovered that many bank officials allowed this money to flow in through some proxy accounts and subsequently withdrawn. I would say support the government and have another demo but this time have strict bank regulations, like taking Co-op out of equation for deposit for a short time. The filthy/corrupt again started building black/cash economy. They are only ones who complain about demo. If we dont cleanse this, it wont change automatically. It is simple thing to understand, dont need economics/finance knowledge.
  8. dial_100

    How good is freedom without wisdom

    Velu then we are no great nation with whatever 1000s of years if culture and what not. We are just like any other country. We are supposed to be wiser having taken birth in such a pure country of ours.
  9. dial_100

    How good is freedom without wisdom

    Dont worry. Science will help them. When earth dies, these idiots are going to pull out some Sci-fi trick from their back sides and take a voyage to some R53987 planet 20 LY away at a speed of mighty 20kmps. Even though it takes them about half a million years to reach there it is lot better than what earth offers them with poor, filthy, illiterate population who are not worthy of sharing the resources with these elite. Unless we become absolutely one with nature where our footprints are reduced to none, we have no chance of saving the earth. Our so called freedom has completely handed off the control of the planet in the hands of savages who only care about money, women, and filthy unnatural lifestyle. I sad.
  10. dial_100

    How good is freedom without wisdom

    It is disgusting to the core that they talk such trash publicly. Such hopelessly cheap/lowlife people.
  11. dial_100

    Which race attracts you the most?

    you shut me out. besides the thread is not for me anyway.
  12. Delhi malls are going to provide helipads so that women pilot can land safely. did you not hear, IK has banned import of cosmetics. So those recently became pilots are getting lots of requests to just detour for couple of hours and do the needful.
  13. why?? you didnt wear the helmet. man, always have your protective gears on?
  14. dial_100

    How to do something productive when you are free at home?

    but real humans do.
  15. dial_100

    Which race attracts you the most?

    Women are objects?

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