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  1. what about all the sikular gang? How could they be so stupid. The whole world knows Modi is incorruptible. You could accuse him of few things but corruption? These RaGa supporters are outright BJP haters and Modi haters thats it. Realistically speaking this govt has achieved so much and can do far more in next 5 years. Most of these parties and their supporters will be finished if BJP comes back to power and this is just out of frustration and nothing else.
  2. Don't run away now. Especially those who are going after NaMo, under congress and non-bjp rule - when did you last speak about defense and security of the nation? Who took action against NPA defaulters? Why it took them 60 years to give us infrastructure that we inherited in 2014? What did you do against rampant corruption? Why were we left with so much poverty in 2014? When 1000s of riots took place in the past 70 years, why none of these award wapsi ID10T brigade never felt unsafe in this country? Economy, electricity, railways, defense, banks, govt institutions, RBI, judiciary, politics, caste system, poverty, education, jobs, manufacturing, sports, international relations, .. I mean I can go on. WTF did raga and his khandaan has given me? If their credibility is only measured by comparing ourselves with Pakistan then how audacious and hypocrites one could be to claim that congress could rule us again. And how ridiculously caste based, corrupt and minority appeasing politics the supporters of maha gathbandhan accept? Trust me if it goes on for another 25 years and we don't bring ourselves to a growth path then we could be somewhat better that Pak, SL and BD. That's it. Please give some solid arguments with facts.
  3. Oh man. It is really scary to imagine that we live like slaves in our own country and encourage those who talk against our national security, our aspirations, and our culture.
  4. We don't deserve this country. Kaise kaise nalayak bhare pade hai india me.
  5. Over 8000 died in that massacre. I did not know that. It is mind numbing to imagine that the party supported by many was involved in this and surprisingly I see Congress accusing RSS into Sikh massacre. As a general public, i would definitely like to apologize sincerely to Sikh community that this happened. Also thank them for being so loyal to india.
  6. Its a team game. Kohli is not SRT or RD.
  7. It depends on how you want to use information. Usually, game statistic is not plane business numbers and Profit and loss type analysis. I guy part of a great team could score with a healthy average and show lot of wins. On the other hand, a guy with a very weak team could show extremely strong average but have no wins to show. My cricketing sense says, that as much I enjoy winning team, I also enjoy watching the fight shown by a guy in a losing cause. This is cricket and people have lot of emotions with win/lose type of statistics. I remember watching so many games where I could tell from the body language of SRT that hey could easily win even if the target looked impossible but 10 other idiots just wouldnt stop showing their antiques while capable batsman waited on the other end. I am sure similar thing could have happened with Inzi or Lara or Jaya/Sanga in some cases. So point i am making here is dont be harsh on a player of a caliber of Kohli, Lara, SRT, Inzi or Sanga. They won few and lost many but man we always loved watching them fight, fight fight till end. Some give up in an hopeless causes because thats their temperament but when they know target is realistically achievable their deterministic approach was seen by all of us. I personally enjoyed it. I have seen RD, struggling to score 20 runs because he had no support from the other end.
  8. Can we have award for this analysis please.? Ok sorry i couldnt stop reacting. In a losing cause, only those could have higher averages who fight till end. Those who have low averages in the losing causes clearly indicate that they have caved in. If you wanna see reasons of a loss you have to see who have performed bad in losing causes. Averages cannot tell your the real story of pitches, batting order, batting partner, conditions and match situations.
  9. That is so sweet. Good job MSD and Sakshi.
  10. + this. I think this is what curator meant. It seemed to have changed drastically on the 4th day. Unless India had 1st innings lead, it would make it impossible to score in the 4th innings. You could have at most targeted 150-175. 280 is impossible score to make on this pitch.
  11. even 200 would have been extremely tough with this batting line up.
  12. 3 boundaries is no time.
  13. is there a switch for this pitch? cuz for sure someone has turned it on just this morning.

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