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  1. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Chauthi fail discussing about Newtons and Einsteins of the world. In that case i am under qualified for this discussion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeYjX0OPDYY I had never heard about MKG's this life before. I am surprised and shocked.
  2. Sara macho kharab kar ditta yaar. sorry Rahul.
  3. Relationships and Marriage

    Pehle pitega phir marega.
  4. How the secularist media covers crime (and particularly rape)

    That land is so pure that nothing of that sort will happen. After almost 1000 years of brutalities by the invaders, the pureness of that land hasn' changed a bit. And we are still stuck in stupidity. Gosh, just left india few hours ago. My eyes are damp.
  5. I don't care about what others think. Who gives tuck about them. What matters is what I blv. Just spiritual people may not know much about science but most people who blv in science know $hit about spirituality. Mu uthake opinion de dete hai. But it is ok. They have their views and it matters to them. Reality won't change. Peace.
  6. Women go through such an ordeal when their husbands abandon them. There is a law and somebody is punished for breaking it.
  7. Chinese men thrash policeman in Pakistan

    Chinese are stupid. Why are they doing all this in a foreign country?
  8. Salman Khan convicted in 1998 blackbuck poaching case

    He got away there but he is caught for this one. 5 years will turn him into a better person so I hope. Screw the monnies. Who wants such money anyway. He should have been boycotted for killing people. But greedy people invested in him. They all deserve to lose.
  9. Somebody told me IQ is Islamic Quotient for them. Jitana bada utana sahi.
  10. These are lazy lumps. They dont want to do anything creative. Mind you they dont give $hit about their own people. I mean imagine, a country allows foreign country to use drone attacks on their own people. pathetic low life people. Before shouting Kashmir kashmir first find out the history. This is not your baap ki jahagird. Mu utha ke chale aate hai ke kashmir chahiye. Tum jaise jahilo ko pakistan diya tha. Nobody even wants to talk about pakistan. Kya halat bana ke rakh di mulq ki. No education, no hospitals, no industries, no economy, no agriculture, no art/literature, no infrastructure. no governance and no rule of law. Freaking no country wants to entertain a visitor from that country. Kabhi toh introspect kar lo bhai. Koi ek edaara hai jo kissi international standards to meet kare? Day and night they misguide their people that India is oppressing Kashmiris. That is far from the truth. We are just defending our country from Jihadis. We are multi racial, multi cultural, multi lingual and multi ethnic country. We are happy that we have muslims also living with us. No issues. We love them. Our problem is that you guys want to turn entire india as islamic.
  11. Define IQ. Pakistani believe they have very high IQ.
  12. CRPF Vehicle attacked in J&K's Kokernag, 2 Jawans Killed

    Last i checked ISI, Lashkar-e-taiba, Jamat-ud-dawa, ISIS etc they are not nations. Which 50 countries are supporting Pakistan? With the support of even 5 countries, this Kashmir issue would have been in flames on the international forums. Forget 50, name the 5.
  13. If Kashmiri Pandits and other punjabi, hindu families were peacefully living in Kashmir and there was no terrorism in Kashmir then i would have supported their freedom. That was 50-60 years ago. Now I say screw jihadis, we wont give Kashmir come may what. It is part of us. We have many states where there are majority either Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bihari, bengali, maharashtrian, muslim. None of them ever gouing to get a separate country. We are all together. You $cums killed hindus, kashmiri pandits, punjabis from kashmir and now claim that you are in majority. Ukhad lo jo ukhadna hai. Even kashmiris who are supporting separatists should understand that in the modern age, nothing will make india give away its claim.
  14. Bharat Bandh

    There will be disagreements. But can this be not done civilly?
  15. ^ I knew this was coming. Unbelievable.

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