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  1. dial_100

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Totally forgot another one. Here is the list of my fav of NFAK. 1. Allah Hoo 2. Tu Kuja man kuja. 3. Saanware 4. Rest all
  2. dial_100

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Saanware is my favorite.
  3. dial_100

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Oh I know that very well.
  4. anti-nationals are delaying an important defense procurement.
  5. dial_100

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    he was a sufi singer. totally serene music. I would also rate him above LM.
  6. dial_100

    Pakistani kids hang doll of Asia Bibi

    @KeyboardWarrior, they are your own people man. They are your next generation. Your approach suggest that you are behaving exactly how your elders did for many decades before you. You are carrying their legacy of perpetuating denial and victimization. Nobody is expecting you to blame the kids but what about those who taught them this? Your approach wont affect us if it didnt affect you. Choice is yours.
  7. dial_100

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    There is no denying that our current system, all the major civil services, administrative divisions are corrupt and defunct to the core. It is lot easy to sit on the fence or in the comfort of our living rooms and criticize. Oppositions and some arm chair critics are holding entire BJP against few incompetent in the lot. Having said that those who are capable are certainly doing their best to bring about the change we want to see. The kind of SEZ we expect needs significant investment and government is certainly working towards it. Make in India is not mere a PR campaign but there are many initiatives undertaken to promote make in india. Again same issue, we need massive investment and we need some major technologies we currently do not own or possess. Bullet is not mere status symbol but we will gain lot of expertise in that area. Transportation is very critical and we cannot afford more aviation traffic knowing the kind of volume we have. We have to look for alternate faster transportation. I think they have recently introduced Train-18/20 and they are looking to work towards further enhancing it. There is freight corridor launched by previous governments which is very critical to relieve lot of pressure from our current infrastructure is also expected to be finished in next 2-3 years. Lot of space and defense related initiatives are taken and they will show results in next few years. nobody on this forum thinks that BJP is perfect either but they are all we got which is 100x better than the rest.
  8. dial_100

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    Manufacturing?? Isnt someone barking at the wrong tree? Modi is in power only for last 4 years and you are questioning him as if he is magically going to turn everything into gold? Tell me how India is supposed to compete with china. Tell me the product china producing for Rs10, how modi is suppose to compete with it. electronics and semiconductor industry, consumer goods, that whole market is a gonner for us. We are trying to get into the areas where it is viable and sustainable. Oil prices didnt help or else we would have seen lot of traction even in manufacturing. About Demo, simply explain, what previous governments did about black economy? why werent you questioning that? what have they done for middle class in last 70 years? How naive are we to expect this government to turn things around in such a short time? We indians are #1 begairat kaum. Khekde wali jamat hai. Koi achha kaam kare to usko khicho niche. At least Modi tried something unthinkable. If it is was not for the current oil prices, Modi would have hit with another demo but now we cannot afford it. But nonetheless, it was a great move towards turning our economy into digital economy. We certainly deserve pappus, lallus and buas.
  9. dial_100

    WTF is going on with Modi govt and CBI?

    Lot of these snakes were fed by previous governments for many decades. Rampant corruption was thriving in every single government office. These snakes are now of the size of anacondas and they are not just poisonous but are also powerful. Until this generations go away, nothing is going to change. Lot of initiatives are taken by this government where corruption is completely checked like payment through adhar and lot of subsidy benefits are disbursed online, lot of online presence and officials are unable to make corruption anymore. All these snakes who are still part of the machinery are constantly creating obstacles. Because these are government officials, cannot be removed or taken action against. The only way we can get rid of them is by continuing with BJP for another term at least. Some of the big fishes need to be caught, the guy from MH, Bua & Bhatija of UP, Chara chors ofr Bihar, land grabbers of delhi these all corrupt politicians and their families need to be brought to justice. Those supporting such corrupt politicians first justify their stand why are they supporting such parties and their leaders.
  10. dial_100

    Thugs Of Hindostan - Official Trailer

    i am going to skip this one.
  11. dial_100

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Hindus were too obsessed with idol worshiping. Just to guide them Budha said that meditate on Nirakaar. But that is also not easy. Human mind creates lot of illusions and lot of trouble in achieving meditative state. Budha was special but general budhist have no clue about meditation either. Bhakti marg what most of the hindus follow, they find it easier than what others preached. There is never a fight between religion, the human interventions what causes most of the disputes. Or else there is perfect harmony in the teachings of all religions.
  12. dial_100

    J&K BJP state secretary Anil Parihar gunned down

    This is a freedom struggle. Not an intolerance. These terrorist are not going to hurt award wapis gang as yet. So it is all good.
  13. dial_100

    Ayodhya Verdict

    wb have not missed anything. It is plain and simple denying of the fact that they dont believe in pluralism. I can understand that they are like that but what about moderates from the community, especially those who were chest thumping for intolerance, the award wapsi gang, those who felt like leaving the country. hypocrites.
  14. If anyone thought this was sarcastic, Rajiv Desai not just proved me right but made it sound like I understated it on how congress supporters are down playing this achievement. Such sore losers.
  15. Congratulations india and BJP govt. We are really proud of this achievement.

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