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  1. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    ^ yup. It is not over yet. They have to answer for the money they have deposited.
  2. ^ Absolutely, we were poor developing nation until now but now we are transitioning to a stage of developed nation. I know there is long way to go but we have to do some ground work for that. So eradication of corruption, broader tax revenue base, better infrastructure, better governance and the last but not least, have enough resources to support those who are poor and need uplifting. Adhar card could do many things like tracking Hawala money used for terrorism, tying transactions to Tax returns and lsit goes on.
  3. + exactly the point. Even the most obvious and logical things will never get 100 buy-in from everyone. We are too diversed to ever get that. Point is that an attempt is made and it was a good attempt. I can only compare 1.6 L Cr or 1.8 L Cr of 2G scam or Coal scam of congress of how they lost public money to corruption. As against that DeMo was a genuine attempt to curb the corruption and black economy.
  4. ^ And you want me to pay for the subscription to read Pappu's article?
  5. People are dying of hunger. Little kids are involved in illegal laboring. Kids are out of school and starving. We not only spend on the phone but also spend on bragging about it. Good going.
  6. We are already sinking. 30 years from now we are going to have a huge problem. This is the time to do something. Bengal, kerala, TN need political change.
  7. I just dont understand what these guys are made off. Now they have reached to a point where if Indian can benefit $1 and they can earn $0.5 and Afg a $0.5 they are basically saying we will let go our $0.5 to ensure India also loses $1. This is disgusting mind. They are not normal people, the government, Army and people (People because they elect govt). They dont understand that India is not the same poor country. We will find solutions to every problem but this conundrum in general called Pakistan is much beyond solving.
  8. Ghar ke bartan bech kha gaye. Abhi aur kuch bartan (gwadar) bik raha hai. Kashkol leke khate hote ho. Pata nahi quom kaise soti hai rat ko. Khoon nahi khaulta tumhara? par din bhar Kashmir kashmir karna nahi bhoolte. I dont really understand the people of pakistan. Human resource development is key in nation building. I never see any pakistani abroad ever takes any initiative to educate poor kids. They are wasted in Madrassas but nobody gives a hoot. Here you guys are selling your country that too to chinese. I dont know if i will be arround but in 25 years, you will know it.
  9. How to start with Machine Learning?

    Do you have academic background in Analytical field, Applied Math or Applied Stats? Try Udemy. Often there are deals where you get few courses for as low as $10 or $15. Good luck. I personally am not affiliated with it in anyway. I use different source as we have corporate accounts when my team needs some training.
  10. Disgusting. My heart literally pains when I hear about such news.
  11. Indian Cricket team vs Indian Bollywood team football

    This team is quite fit.
  12. Pandit Family Attacked in Kashmir For Celebrating Diwali

    Kashmiri Pandits can never settle in Kashmir until these fattus are neutralized.

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