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  1. After 40 overs even the bowlers are managing to hold up fine. After 40 overs, even Pandya managed to stay on the pitch. Its 40 overs criteria. Dont put blame on all the batsman in general. first 1-2-3 need to hang around for 30-40 overs to shield the middle order. You do that and game is yours. first 40 score 100 with 2 down next 40 score 160-180. Total score 280 min.
  2. ^^ Dont entirely disagree with you but still I will go with the guys who scored 12K+ runs for us. It is not that they read the minds but observing the patterns, your physical traits etc. These are very minute things but if you discern them out for 1 bowler, you have 1 less thing to worry about. Hand-eye coordination worked for few times and dint so much at other times. They should learn to figure how bowler plans inswing vs outswing from their runups/foot stepping. you wont get it 100% of the times but it will give you good 25% of deliveries with some lead time. How SRT did was, he observed foot work for inswing and if it didnt come in, he would leave it entirely rather than playing. If he thought it was outswing but the ball came in, he only defended. These things come from lot of practice. This bunch dont even know how to properly leave the ball. Patience was lacking in almost all of them.
  3. Selection issue? YOu are making it sound like Kohli made a bradman sit out for PP. Karthik, Rahane, Rahul were all tried and tested 100 times. You have no choice but to try your options. When you lead, you mostly get criticized. I dont think I could single out 1 person to blame here. They all failed miserably. Rahul/Vijay/Pujara/Rohit/Pandya all failed. If it was not for 150 by Kohli, we would have been looking at an innings defeat. Point is, they all are mediocre in these conditions. Dont give me stats, I saw how they played. They couldnt properly get behind the ball. Pandya tried to be a hero by pulling when he has hardly played 10 balls. Thats not test cricket. Thats more like chaddi cricket played in IPL because crowd loves it. What I noticed that they all read the ball at the time of pitching. So many times SRT and RD shared on their success. Read the ball from the bowlers mind, before they release. Why do these players get rotated? any answer? Because they are all hopelessly bad in test cricket. Have you heard that Dravid or SRT were made to sit out? Why? So unless you have any such player who was made to sit out, your case that it is a selection problem doesnt hold any ground. We are bunch of FTBs and so are all the sub continental teams. But we are proportionately strong in the opposite scenario as well. But that point apart, these guys need to make concerted effort on solving their batting problem, individually. Play with tennis ball. Start working on your game 1 month before the tour begins. Show us that you are professional. Its a failure on both coach and players side equally. Cant single out any one. Idiots were not behind the line of the ball. All were playing like 3 ft away from the body. Did you see how rahul got out.
  4. Test cricket is not about Dhonis and Pandyas. Even polished 1 day players like Rohit appear pretty ordinary in Test. Even a steady players like Pujara finding it so difficult to hold his level in test. To me Kohli stands far ahead of others. This situation is no different that when we had lone warier battling it in the middle. There is another test to go. If Vijay/Pujara click, then Kohli, Rohit and Pandya could do very well. Our bowling struggled in my opinion. If we take top order out early then it is not enough. Bowlers also need to cleanup the lower order and provide a very good support to our batsmen. If we get out on 150 then there is no way in the world could SA get 260 in their 3rd innings. It should have been much closer than that. So blame goes equally to bowlers. While Shami, Pandya and Ishant bowled very good in parts, they have equally messed it up in rest of the innings. How come tail ender like philander score 30-40 runs is beyond me. Here are my two simple solutions Batsman, Learn to leave the ball and keep doing it until the bowlers are tired. Defend it if it comes on the wicket. Tire the bowlers out. Test cricket is 90% a mind game. The best way to demoralize bowlers is by not giving away your wicket. If 2 players do that then bowling team concentrate their focus on them more giving leeway to other batters. Bowlers, you need to learn where to pitch for which batsman. Gosh our bowlers sometimes are so wayward. Do they really need to learn from 20 yo SA bowler or what? Put a mat and bowl on it for days. At least 1 bowler should be able to do that. When Shami did this to de cock and he nicked it 4 times. When Yuvi did it smartly then they all nicked in the first game as well. Lastly it is just a game. We cant win them all, at least not all the time. So enjoy
  5. I have no idea where this "Bashing of own guys" trolls come from. Its good to be critic but when you hold the bat/ball, we know how good you have done in the middle. It is difficult to adjust your game when 90% of your games happen in different conditions. Despite that he has scored 150 which is by far the best score of the series. Issue is not selection or players. It is the mindset with which they play. Unfortunately, T20s have messed them all up. There is not a play who doesnt do well in IPL. It is going to be very tough for them to adjust to this. Even Vijay & Pujara are not getting us required resistance at the start. In the past I remember, Vijay and Jafar did hold the crease for much longer and gave lot of shielding to our middle order. Here middle order was exposed in 10-15 overs with a trying conditions. It was evident that past 40 overs, even players like Ashwin, Bhuvi held the crease very well. So was the case with SAfrican lower order batters. To my expectations, the team didnt do whole lot wrong, little application and they would have been very close to winning these 2 tests. We need openers + 1 down to play 30+ overs to be successful in these conditions. Until that happen, keep trolling on Kohli, Saha, Patel or whoever (Rohit), you wont see any results. Many good middle order batters fail when they are exposed early in the innings. To me bowling was bit disappointing and fielding a bit as well.
  6. Its not very difficult to learn to bowl good length. Use a mat which is custom made. Good length spot is hard and outside area is soft. Lay it on the pitch. right area gives good bounce, wrong area drops the ball as mat it is softer. How hard it is for someone like Ishant to practice on it for 6 months? They are useless, Umesh, Ishant. They have everything except brains. Keep bowling short and wonder why aggression is not working.
  7. Am I the devils advocate here. You guys are taking it all wrong. This profession more or less is like a politics. There are billions of people there. Sab ko chu banao. If you don't know the right astrologer and you don't know exactly what you want then you will have the same perception. Barring 2-3 minor incidences, I was always helped 100% by astro guidance. One should stay away from prediction of a game unless you have mastered it. 98% of astrologers only know what a 5th grade kid would know about the world. Everything else he is making things up for you.
  8. ^ ohhhhhhh. Put up a KP chart.
  9. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    All i want to say to all the Tamasha Cricket masters that, in test you freaking respect the bloody bowler for first 20 overs even if it is Umesh Kumar, Md Sami. So typically it is 20-60. On a difficult track though, the game is nicely poised at 40-40, means you play out 40 overs of a new ball and rule the remaining 40 overs to make it even. Average test wicket, 20 overs - 30 runs 60 overs - 240 runs On tough wicket, 40 overs - 100 runs 40 overs - 140 runs These master minds think that they can score @5 right after first 5 overs. Gabbar was playing as if he left his honeymoon for this innings and wanted to finish asap so that he could resume on his honeymoon. Same applies to Mr. Captain. They took this test cricket, that too in SA, as a joke. Oh gosh, how badly I miss, SG, RD and VVS. There is no reward for being RD. The real reward is to be a utility player in IPL.
  10. How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    ^ Thats only 1% job though because things start to get complicated after that. But still it is important that you have her as an acquaintance first.
  11. How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    If you do not have her acquaintance, then your best bet is joining the group where she has a regular activities. A class, club or other family/friends gatherings. Go extremely slow and be prepared to get crushed. (99.9999999% possibility) All the best.
  12. Indian Media reaches new depths

    Disgusting. Ban these idiots. Sala no wonder our country dragged as a 3rd world country for 7-8 decades. So many traitors. We let them thrive, give them awards, many have media forums to spread their agenda. We are bunch of chus to allow that for so long.
  13. No out sourcing, now cutting down on H1B, H4 EAD already gone. Who the heck is going to do the work here, lazy workforce who wants 10-15 hrs worth of work and twice as much salary? Nothing is going to happen. THey will cut down some in long term but sudden cut wont happen. Modi is not making decisions in his whims. He has well rounded team who help him. Some of you guys start throwing mud the minute you see something. Its not like our vote would have changed the decision in UN. It was pointless anyway.
  14. Surgical strikes documentary

    The trigger threshold on their side is very low. I don't think we can react hastily in this. I heard that they have prepared some strategic non-nuke small arms to destroy the whole area if surgical strike happens. That means they will kill their own to claim to have defended a territory. Its not what we can do if nuked. It is whether we can afford to lose few millions of ours. I think army is held back because of this. Our best bet is something big happens and then we go on offensive holding them at gun-point. Gosh, this is tough of army, and govt both. I have no doubt in my mind that both govt and army are doing enough. But we quickly need to figure out how to shield the borders rather than taking any other expansive measures. Remember, bakis are going to implode in next 10-15 years top. We just need a long term protection. If their govt collapses then international community will disarm them of their nukes.

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