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  1. dial_100

    My goals for India

    For you to improve quality, you have to know that quantity should be controlled or else quality cannot be achieved. Quality always gets diluted with you throwing in so much quantity. Our issue is not Quantity alone, we have issue of variety. We are a multicultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual society. So we cannot have a uniform policy for education. That means we will have to implement 3-4 or may be up to a dozen of different policies. That's it. There goes your quality out of the window. Having said that, education reforms could be achieved with very high quality educators. Less said about our primary and secondary school teachers is better. We need to overhaul the education system and unfortunately we cannot touch the existing teachers. Basically we are screwed. You know if school management decides to enforce a simple rule, some idiot brings in caste or religious bias card and halts the whole process for not months but for years. As I said earlier, we are royally screwed. We should thank the almighty that we have survived so far grew so much, however slow it might be.
  2. dial_100

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones. RIP. Every terror attack is the same. Such killings cannot be condoned in anyway. Will anything ever change? My humble request. Do not go to extremism. Let law enforcement and judiciary take care of the problems. Do not get carried away? Its a fire that does not discriminate. It just burns. peace.
  3. dial_100

    Future course of action by Pakistan

    Slowly media is uncovering more details. They have found out the names of dead terrorists. Some major damage to the terror establishment of Bak Bak.
  4. people (including me) audaciously talk about god, evolution, Brahmins and many other things without knowing absolutely zilch about it.
  5. Community 1: Written in a book, follows it exactly and still doesn't accept the fact. Community 2: Written in a book, doesn't follow it as beliefs have evolved and get labeled. Community 3: The so call liberals (don't wanna say anything about them as they #1 AH according to me)
  6. dial_100

    Your personal opinion regarding the Assisted Death?

    Agar mritu ka anand lena hai toh jeevan bhar apne karmo ko acha karo. Kukarm karoge toh robot se injection lagwane padenge.
  7. 1) Thank god there is someone else who thinks the same way. 6) My boss will be very mad and quite happy at the same time with you for saying this.
  8. dial_100

    Indian Air Force lay exposed

    Right. You need to build the whole echo system so that we could fulfill all the requirements locally. Obviously if they do it for 5-10 years then a natural next step would be more R&D in each areas and we become an industry. The issue is whats the future of war aircrafts. Do we know if they will be usefully 20-30 years from now?
  9. dial_100

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    Btw, Bakis are definitely $ucked now. They have used F16 against india by aggressing the eastern border and they know that americans will eventually know the inventory. Bakis will stage an accident of F16 somewhere in the mountains and this wreckage from a shot-down F16 will suddenly show up there.
  10. dial_100

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUBqlMvDiPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvv2tzGYNfk someone tell me if these comments are correct? I aint the expert on this but I can believe anything bakis are saying here.
  11. you gotta hear this. It is really funny. Bakis are saying that he died in the hospital as he was severely injured. They think indian government either refused to accept the body or secretly struck a deal with IK in fear to stop the war to end further damage to their jets as 2 jets and 1 chopper was already down. Haha... please keep these chuz alive so that we can get perpetual entertainment of top quality.
  12. dial_100

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    The idiot on TV claiming that they shot 2 indian jets. How JF17 locked on them and radar guided missiles knocked down 2 planes. The idiot anchor, accepts that at a face value and awam is going gaga over PAF. Also claiming that india is hiding the death of second, third pilots. Oh my god. Please keep this country alive. The level of entertainment this world gets out of them. I mean they beat pappu hands down man.
  13. First they said trees were targeted. None of the images suggest that we touched nature at all. That means you talk your a$$ off here without any ground level knowledge of anything. You are liars. Go get life.
  14. dial_100

    Pakistani media English ki maa bahan lmao

    Somebody came to your house, pant ko khola, pichhwade me bum dala aur aram se ghar pohoch gaya. Banda bolta hai lekin andar nahi phuta bahar phuta. 12 jets were in your airspace for 15 mins. Of those, 6 mins of main operation, a perfect decoy movement dodging main area of focus and carrying our an operation. Indians are dealing with a country who doesn't even know where to take a pride. Unbelievable. Even if you shot down an age old mig, it was going down anyway. If not today may be few days later during training anyway. At least it went down fighting like a hero.
  15. dial_100

    Rahul Gandhi Jokes

    look at the bloody expressions priceless. reminds me of sholey... "inhe laye the Thakur, gabbar se ladhne ...aaaak thu ..." ..

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