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  1. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    ^ Rads, how could parents be so normal about the whole thing? If they were not involved, wouldnt they want to know what happened. Koi hota to sara desh sar pe utha leta. Yaha toh yeh log khud hi phase pade hai. I remember your thinking back then when they were arrested. I thought mothers smell rotten souls around their young girls quite easily. If any other was involved then couldnt she have known it based on the behavior and how they had interacted with girl back then.
  2. I spent last Diwali in India. on the main 2-3 days I was outside enjoying the kids light up firecrackers and I was really happy to see all the jubilance on the streets and sweets. But literally on the 3 rd night my throat completely choked and had a severe throat infection so bad that I had to see doctor. I agree that I spent really long time in states now, nearly 20 years. But as an adult, healthy adult, i couldnt handle the smoke and pollution, leave alone the sound pollution. So best thing is to find a balance, use firecrackers in moderation.
  3. Nice Post. Most important thing is first equip yourself with a power, discerning power, a divine wisdom if you will, then read the text. I am not saying everything written in these books is right but many many things there are like goldmine. Dont approach with closed mind, try with open mind. Lastly, it has to be done individually. These answers dont come as gifts. You need to work on it. Religions mostly are distorted, almost to the extend that they have become useless. I myself was born in a very religious bramhin family. I gave up all that. Doesnt mean i gave it up to become atheist. One is to make himself equipped with something that will help him/herself in that journey. So I agree that religious texts are vastly distorted but focus should be on the core. So as for above highlighted part. May be i know some things about universe. But neither it is relevant nor it is anything amazing. Modern humans are equipped to gain such kind of knowledge very easily. What is so great about it? But some guys who lived say either 2000 years ago or even in recently times, they had something that I would only dream of getting a .000001% of that. The real quest is to gain that knowledge, not where I learn distance form earth to moon or whether saturn has 2 dozen or 5 dozen moons. Or whether i know some stupid business calculus or not. Again I am speaking this for myself. We as humans have freedom and we should do as we choose to do. Now let us get back to the firecrackers. Sorry folks for digressing the topic.
  4. Coke Studio Pakistan - All seasons

    My fav was "Tu Kuja Mann Kuja". It was originally sung by NFAK sahab. Wah yaar. He is so serene and such full of devotion. Listening him i always feel what did these people do to this country. Are there any remake of NFAK original? If not then I am not interested.
  5. Thankfully you accepted something in this post. I appreciate that. Now you are repeating same thing hundred times that they were illiterate people and point you used to prove that is your worldly modern knowledge. You are using a wrong scale to judge what they knew. In these above to arguments you clearly said the scale you are using to judge them. Arent you? Now the question is what scale one should use and where to find it. There are 2 ways to go about it, either you search or your discard and say there is no mathematic theorem so I discard it and move forward. But when you move forward, dont claim that it is trash. You were unable to understand it becuase you are either not interested or it is complicated. Whatever it might be. I am sure same thing would happen to me when I were to read a book on say history. I am very poor in history unlike you who is champion. I can certainly say that your worldly knowledge is of no interest to me but I am not denying you having it. But you on the contrary, have no way to prove some books written few 1000 years ago if they were right or wrong if they were right then what exactly they were saying. It doesnt interest you and i think it should end there. You shouldnt debase those personalities and talk in such a condescending way. I dont deny that all that was written is not very easy to digest and understand for common people. So it mostly get misused by either fundamentalist or preachers to misguide others. That part is certainly absolutely wrong. Alright lets move on. In my world, this is our #1 enemy. "I know, I am greater or I am smarter". In my world we say I am still learning, I still have lot to learn. When i said that we are evolved in my earlier post I didnt literally mean me, myself but we as an indian civilization based on a deeply rooted knowledge we earned. Humbleness is the key to the spirituality. Egoless life. Now my writer of Mahabharata was a Virat himself, Shri Krishna. He was the mighty one. :) Now why would he tell you something that you could already see with your own eyes or could figure out by yourself that there are black holes deep inside the galaxy. He gave you those things that would take ages to understand and could not be easily passed on from 1 to other. The books you read could be finished in 1 day or 1 week. The books I read where even 1 shloka takes whole life to understand then imbibe inside me. Take a simple thing. Like we must discard our ego. Try doing that and you will realize it is extremely difficult for us humans to do but not entirely impossible. So our knowledge is where we imbibe it deep inside while your knowledge could only be perceived even at a superficial level. You might find even me quite stupider in many ways which I am. :) But I prefer to be that because I do not want to waste time in pointless searching. Well you have a point there. Actually I personally think that the coming generations in majority (of course including me) are getting more and more stupider. But that just me. I feel my ancestors were lot wiser than me. What you really are discounting is the fact that the baseline that they started at vs you. But thats okay. Its okay if you want to claim that you are lot knowledgeable in mathematics and science than those people but "evolved"? I have a different meaning of that word.
  6. Wow. Where do I begin. There are literally 100s of things wrong in your post. Lots of assumption and bunch of useless information to prove a point that atheist could be more liberal. We are poles apart. But let me try to explain what we both are trying here. We both found a bag where there are 10 different things written. You did not understand 8 of them. The other 2 you understood, you found someway to prove them wrong so you summed up the whole bag is useless and threw it away. I also read through all 10 things and didnt understand different 8 of those but the 2 of those that I did understand, I decided to use them and build on to it know more about the remaining 8. I might as well find the same 2 kind of obsolete as you did. But I am more focusing on the remaining 8 which according to me is a wealth unlike you who think it is trash. Now, your worldly knowledge about black holes or some stupid space theories or some cruel historical figures lived in 500 AD do not charm me in anyway. As human we are equipped to earn that worldly knowledge and boast that we have something special. For someone like me though, being a spiritual person, I want to know the real meaning of life so that I know what to do with it. You want to focus on what you want to do with your life without know the purpose. I get it. You want to decide purpose of your own life. But I find those "Illiterate people" fascinating. Mind you, I know and can very well understand your modern world. But you hardly know anything about mine and by reading 2-3 or may be 1000-2000 books you think you have a knowledge. For me it is all garbage. because having it or not having it doesnt make any difference in my life. I have some of it myself so that I can survive in this modern world but I still search of things that are not taught in the universities or done research on, in laboratories. I am not religious and not atheist either. So I know the meaning of liberal. You havent proven anything to me yet for me to believe that they knew less than 7 graders. You are only measuring it in tangible ways. I get it. It is like science guy boasting that an artist doesnt have a knowledge that of 7 grade kid (in science field). Or an artist is saying that a science guy is a geek and doesnt understand artistic meaning of some literature. What both are missing is that what the other possess. For me neither is superior to the other. Unless you raise your level of discussion, i am tired of arguing with you. You do not accept 1 thing in the argument and keep spinning the wheel over and over. It seems you are habitual argumentator. And I aint getting anything and I am failing to give you anything. Is that fair? And btw, if you think I have unintentionally claimed that I am more evolved than you then that is wrong. peace now.
  7. You call someone idiotic and illiterate people and I haven't learnt 1 single thing from you yet, despite you being so educated. You aren't telling me anything that I don't already know. So despite all the mass killing happened say in 500 AD and few centuries there after, I have not known many people who believed in that ideology. Why? Because we Indians are evolved much above even the modern liberals. We have problems, lots of them but still better than the most. According to you only atheist could be liberals and that is a wrong theory or understanding of that word. Even though I am not religious doesn't mean I am atheist. I sit right between religious people and atheist/liberals. For me atheist or liberals are coping out from the fundamental truth and that is a different discussion all together but point is that I can not relate to modern liberals at all but I also clearly see some of archaic belief system of religious people which they are struggling to abjure some obsolete traditions. We must evolve and by that it doesn't mean we completely discard culture and tradition but device way to understand what really is a bad tradition and what is necessary. Unless we have that discerning power, it is impossible to judge if a tradition or religious belief is right or not. With changing world, whats been given to us, its meaning should also change. 1000 years ago we used bullock carts and now we have modern gadgets. So in evolution we must be able to apply those principles and still lead a peaceful life. There is knowledge everywhere and it is very deep. While religious people understand the depth of it but do not know how to evolve and liberals/atheist on the contrary completely discard it as they find it easy. Believing in god is a privilege. You want to believe in a god without putting anything into finding answers for yourself. You say, I will believe when I see it. You wont ever see anything. You have to search for answers. Just by saying that I haven't been to japan so it doesn't exist doesnt work in case of god. You need to buy your own ticket to go to japan. Same way, finding god a journey where you have to buy a ticket which doesn't guarantee you the arrival at the destination. You have to cross all the hurdles. So be happy in your belief system but don't assume that those were illiterate people who gave us enormous wealth of knowledge. They are 1000 times more knowledgeable than people like you and I. They had answers to the questions that some of us are searching, either religious or spiritual people and others like atheist want to deny it outright and live a disconnected life. We are liberals and let you lead your life your way, just stop bothering us. We know what we are doing, hope you do as well.
  8. Few bad apples and you got your whole story wrapped around it. I still maintain my stand. We are most liberals of a lot. It is easy with much homogeneous population to have a liberal facade but that is because they dont have any great traditions and culture to follow. We have 1000s of years of a civilization. Despite being extremely diverse population, we maintain quite liberal tolerant attitude towards each other. We are what we are inside out, unlike pretentious people. This society has worked against so many archaic and bad traditions and maintained the core ethos of our culture. And the ones you are calling liberals are mostly immoral people. what do you they know about traditions. Now I consider myself non-religious but those traditions are always part of my life. I wont renounce my festivals and core beliefs in the name of liberalism. Most liberals in india only take pride in bashing hindus. When it comes to others, they hide in their blankets. I call them coward and immoral people. Now stay on the topic.
  9. All the countries you are mentioning are sitting on the graves of so many millions. What do you think Americans did to the natives, how about British, French. All invaders and expansionists. My country is only liberal in every whichever way. So many religions were born here and peacefully allowed to coexist. Only 1 set of people are trying to change that dynamics. They are the only ones who completely fu&ked up or else all my childhood I only heard peace. No hate against anyone. There is a reason Indians will never give up on their cultural and religious practices. Look at last 500-1000 year to know who real liberals are. And learn to understand this deadly inside you. Do not just argue by picking up one word here and there put of context.
  10. You are educated enough. Figure it out yourself.
  11. Not even in private. A yoga event was raided and people were arrested for spreading religion. There is no place as liberal as India. There is India and then a light year and then the next country.
  12. Sure. I know that it might be a fraction of pollution for 3-4 days and there are lots of other things which are extremely dangerous are being carried out for decades now. But let's be magnanimous and contribute our bit by reducing the excessive use of fireworks. Not in Delhi alone but everywhere. Imagine sick people suffering because of pollution. Sound pollution. Having said that it really touched me when Chetan Bharat asked on a tv show who allowed Delhi to get so polluted where one can't even burst few firecrackers. I hope these liberals do equal chest thumping when other things get banned. But we already what will happen then.
  13. Oh man. you guys are really pi$$ed off with this ban. I personally welcome the ban. This will certainly reduce the intensity of polution. Even though I like the ban myself but i feel this was overreach by SC this time. And yes our system is fattu when it comes to dealing with even terrorist organizations like PFI. Not allowing Durga Visarjan, now diwali crackers, oh the list is long. Aare bhai tum log chahte kya ho.
  14. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight


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