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  1. TDP members today "We want". "Special Status!!!" "Modiji, ab to Raga ko special status de do"
  2. India cannot afford to lose Kashmir and definitely not to the terrorists. Just because they are in majority is not an entitlement for a separate state. Plus, ask your brothers to stop all the dramas. THese terrorist are sitting on the graves of native kashmiri pandits, Hindus and Sikhs. They would have had an outside chance (.0001%) of people supporting their religious separatism but they lost it 30-40 years ago when they massacred kashmiri pandits.
  3. Of the last 40 years, 34 years have been with 1 family only. It is a grand fall of grace for the whole party.
  4. Why are we digressing? Listen, the problem of quality teachers is not just in India, it is a global problem. Places like UP, Bihar are going to be in terrible state cus they were ruled by very uneducated parties. Anyways, besides what does english got to do with the current topic in hand. I see that their hindi is excellent and this topic could be explained in Hindi very well.
  5. That will be a total KLPD. This no-confidence motion should have been a prelude to a grand United opposition fighting next elections. These idiots will end up giving more ammunition to Modi to smack them with during the election campaign.
  6. There are some strong BJP MPs like Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj, Nirmal Sitaraman, Nejma Heptulla, Uma Bharati and Harsimrat Kaur. I have a very simple questions to these MPs, what are they doing and why are they not shaking the world for getting women's safety bill a top priority.
  7. I dont know why arent we have a separate subject in school. Simple topics would be Girls Awareness sex education How to report/whom to approach, using cell phones to report Anonymous reporting to enable other kids reporting abuse if particular child is not comfortable Mandatory school teacher assigned (lady teacher) Boys Teach them how/why to respect girls Use various stories from various cultural back ground to instill morality, social responsibilities make them aware of the new law like offenders list and how it messes up with their career Each year the subject taught to them (better than educating them about bloody Babars and Khilgis) Send a copy of syllabus to parents and have 1-2 sessions each year with them that they understand their responsibility towards their child's awareness towards the subject Implicate those parents who do not participate in school education about this subject and if their kids end up as an offender. Start now and in 4-5 years we will see the results.
  8. Yup. That sounds like our country. Pedos and rapist have bloody rights and not the culprits and their innocent families.
  9. There is no need to have a linked database. Sex offender list is not difficult to implement. If proven in court then their names should be fed by local PD to the central database and then going forward they report to their local PD every month. It serves them right as it is painful to maintain regular police contact. But great thing about it is that if they move around without informing the court/PD, then they will be held for the contempt. In many countries, they cannot get certain jobs, they cannot be near schools and colleges. Its about time.
  10. Please please start the Sex offender's database and make it available through a phone app so that parents can track. Make it mandatory for them to report to local police station for rest of their lives. There is no other way about it. I know that will add lot of burden on law enforcement but mind you, it will have a check on the crime itself and in turn create less work for them.
  11. I know. How sick is this trend. When I hear about it, i feel sick in stomach, mind completely goes numb. Bettleji, sometimes I wonder that we are born in the same country. A country known for its wealth of righteousness, what kind of animals are taking birth and maligning the land. I dont about you guys but I often feel "Ahimsa ki ma ki ankh, just hang them". Dont waste too much time on them.
  12. How do you react to such a heinous crime. I can only pray for her recovery from the trauma. Salon koi khaunf nahi kanun ka.
  13. dial_100

    Is Mamta Banerjee's West Bengal becoming a mini Pakistan?

    Violence cannot be condoned in anyway but this has been going on forever now. Do not blame the other side if it gets aggressive. WB is a lost cause and Media is equally responsible for the result.
  14. Its appalling to see the sense of entitlement these guys boast. Tell these idiots to ask for Sharia in United States. I mean whatever happens, their approach is , "No blah blah, we do it this way in xxxx". But why? and who cares how you do it. India a country, a democratic one and one of the most important country in the world history. We bloody have a democracy. just shut up and fall in line.

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