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  1. This is great. Guys, there is an apology and lets move on now. I dont think anyone supports khalistani here. But our Punju bros are loved across the board. We respect them and everyone here has deep sensitivity towards 84. Unfortunately there is not much that can happen now. We are one of the very few left here who always took up 84 issue on this forum. It is completely wrong to believe RSS/BJP doesnt support sikhs. I come from the background and this is absolutely absurd. On the contrary both RSS and BJP always revere the bravery and jovial disposition of sardars. Cheers to all canadian sikhs here.
  2. I dont agree with any of these bolded parts. There were crime against dalits just like it were there against all others. Nobody has rights to decide if someone is hindu or not. The idiot bramhins/pandits have done stupid things not just to dalits alone but they have done it against everyone including fellow bramhins. So please dont spread and believe in this propaganda that non-dalit dont consider dalits as hindu. I hear this lot from Pak muslims and evangelical missionaries so that they could prey on dalits for proselytization.
  3. dial_100

    Indian State Elections 2018

    He is willing to stand by Lallu's pillu.
  4. dial_100

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    I totally like this development. While we can talk about lot of contentious issues repetitively, lot of great achievements of this government are totally undermined or ignored. Kudos.
  5. And what do you suggest? If they are doing propaganda then you panic or you stay strong and just refute by your serene approach or by acting like sore losers on public forum? Its their freedom and let them do what they chose to do. I am not totally denying that they is some propaganda. I definitely see that on Indian media. But ignore and prove them wrong in some other way.
  6. I dont think any fictional plot in a drama or a movie can make my image or country's image either. It is made by the people who represent it in a global presence. I was just sharing few good things about Meditation and the knowledge that comes from India to few americans. And they had immense respect for the knowledge that comes from this eastern culture. Now these americans go home and watch fictional drama, then they are gonna watch it as a drama and forget it. But the deep knowledge they have learnt about spirituality that has originated from Indian culture will remain with them for rest of their lives. Now our behavior will decide whether we are idiots who behave like how terrorist will do or we behave like what our culture teaches us. Be nice and peaceful. You cant fool people to believe that certain community is terrorist from a movie/drama. They have quite a lot of indians all across the world to know that Indians could be anything but terrorist. It is not in their blood. Now go focus on some important stuff guys. PC?? who cares about her.
  7. dial_100

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Why men are discussing about a man who wears fake eyebrows? Oh why? Whats next, how to drape a saree?
  8. Public/social behavior of all family members including that of wife, children, relatives and house hold workers is the responsibility of a man of the house. Family members see the head of the household brazenly talking to outsiders that "apka main kaam karunga usme mera kya phayada hai" ("what is there for me if i do the work for you") then thats what is passed on to the members of the family. Kids behave the same way. Man can be properly molded by very strict regulations on corruption. I see people behave like kide/makode (insects). wherever they find food (money/mula/arth) they would behave the same way.
  9. Its okay for them to create anything they like. We can ignore it. Barring dangal, I have ignored AK, SRK, SK, SLB, Ranveer K and many more. I have skipped many big titles like Tiger Jinda, Secret Superstar, Padmavati. I will continue to do that and not pay attention to what they do. Its an entertainment/media industry. I dont think 1 episode of a TV series could change the world perception. Guys dont be so sensitive.
  10. dial_100

    Karnataka election results

    Very strange that all the intellectuals, pseudo secularists, some media and all the left parties carry on with this agenda and they succeed in betraying the people so many times. We people are responsible for that. KA are responsible for this. THey cant claim that they gave majority to BJP (of 104). They should have given full majority. How disgustingly free loaders we have become to criticize modi for 15L not been given in their accounts. We are completely ignoring that so many infrastructure projects are in processing of completion in next 3-4 years. It seems like the time congress spend on clearing the projects is much longer than time BJP took to fund them and implement them. Despite all the criticism, i think Modi is still the best PM we had in free India history.
  11. dial_100

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    Dont hold it so tight that he would slip off from your fingers. Trust. Besides itna sach mein chalta hai. Its a light fun and spouses should rather enjoy all the nuances.
  12. dial_100

    Why no reservations in the armed forces?

    Rather dont have a restriction that only Marathas can work on Maratha regiment. Mix them and it will be all fine. Earliest we were regid that Tamil cant work with Marathi and some cant work with Biharis etc. Now that is going away slowly.
  13. dial_100

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    So this thread is indeed a "girls chit chat". what am i doing here then.
  14. dial_100

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    i know. or else i would have been at least warned if not banned entirely. J/k. please accept my apology. w/c aboard. only seen you recently.
  15. dial_100

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    Oh $hit. gender klpd on me.
  16. dial_100

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    Man, i confirmed 100 times if the above comment was made by someone else (you know who). Dude, why are you looking into his eyes man? Not that i care.
  17. dial_100

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    No wonder you were not reproached by beets for your previous comments. Smart chap you are. @beetle Aur koi hota to usse ban kar deti ab tak. Not fair.
  18. dial_100

    Dowry Calculator !!!

    $hit man. 1Crore, 3 Crores, 65Lacs .... jale pe namak.
  19. dial_100

    Indian State Elections 2018

    we all are guilty of this. trouble is that for every mistake of ours, we find 10 mistakes of others undermining our own deeds. Doesnt matter, we all pay the price for it. We have to decide individually what we want to do and who do we want to support. Remember, in this regards we are all individuals. No group policy here.
  20. dial_100

    Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    I thought so. Thanks for clarifying.
  21. dial_100

    Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    That thing looks fabricated. I mean how could he say that. It doesnt look real. On wait ... If Sagu favors them then who knows he might be right.
  22. dial_100

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Girl friends, wife take almost everything you have. So dont have much to offer to cats. Doggo is a giver and I love that. I have golden and turtly adorbs.
  23. dial_100

    Is Islam the least spiritual religion?

    " Meer – e – Arab ko Aayi thandi hawan jahan se” “Mera watan wahi hai, mera watan wahi hai.” (Where the Arabia Leader felt cool breeze coming from, that is my country, that is already my country) As you notice, the actual meaning is is lost in translation. He never asked to conquer the country but he asked all the muslims (or the surrendered ones) to gain that same stuff he described he felt from India. Now this cool breeze he mentioned above is nothing but what indians call param chaitanya, exact same thing. He asked all of you to gain that. Go for spirituality. That is the only essence of koran which is a pure spirituality.

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