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  1. 500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    I have no doubt about this. It was one of the boldest and the best decisions any govt has ever taken.
  2. The 'These Indians are not humans' thread

    beetleji, these are the next generations of those who ogled at the breasts of young girls passing by from schools or sitting in the temples. In hindi we call it a Vikruti. It seems it traverses through their genes. So dont expect family to correct it unless the females in the family work towards it. Dont expect this to get better. Humans evolve and so will such vikruti. I couldnt read beyond first 2 lines of that article.
  3. Encounters send scared UP goons rushing to jails

    oh gosh. Beetleji can you imagine how many unnoticed/unreported crime must have been done by these scums ... I hear UP main ladkiya uthana was a common thing. Not sure how bad it is now. Cleaning is must. I hope this is done fairly and all the goons are take away.
  4. Hyperloop technology promises Mumbai-Pune trip in 20 minutes

    I think special confined tracks and reasonably fast trains are good enough for us. This hyperloop is total waste of time and money. We have to bring in technology that will be used by masses. I think the bullet train must be extended to Pune after running A'bad - mumbai sector. It can further go upto Hybad and Blore there after. So it will connect Abad, Mum, Pune, Hbad and Blore in 1 sector.
  5. ^ dude you know that I am at work. You should be bit in control man.
  6. ^ Yoda, it appears that way because of large population of the followers carry extreme views. That is because they dont understand the real meaning. Islam means surrender. The one who is surrendered, no matter whatever religious views he/she follows cannot have extreme views. The issue is the followers are not surrendered. That is my personal view. I aint liberal, I aint religious.
  7. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    ^ I know right. The parody parade needs to up the game going forward. These originals are using a special booster control to come up with these antics. They wont lose the limelight to fakes without a fight.
  8. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    Yup. So freaking progressive that she was condoning the illegal and immoral abduction of Shri. Sita by her own brother. man i want to know who the hell calls these idiots scholars? I mean seriously. Whether Sagarika or whoever this person is or Renuka. Give me good reasons why they shouldnt be trolled?
  9. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    ^ They wont understand it. The way lady(not sure if i could call her that) but whatever, the way she was laughing, even if it was some man laughing so incessantly in the assembly, I wouldnt be able to term it any differently. Chor ke dadhi me tinka.
  10. The 'These Indians are not humans' thread

    This entire topic is very depressing. I would rather pray for those souls than read about it. Reading is not going to help. I noticed that many indian families do not take efforts to provide strengths to their girl child. They are very vulnerable. That is why we end up so much child abuse in our country. Many of these men are within the family. Most of them are married as well. The weird people need to be identified by family themselves to avoid such ...gosh leave it.
  11. Religious people are crazy people and Atheist are lazy people. They have surrendered without a fight. Go figure out.
  12. HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    It was not a loose comment. I was well directed, at the right time, right tone and totally appropos
  13. Terrorism/cowardliness in Pak DNA?

    It is conditioning of the mind itself. Mind is one the most dangerous thing. The one that gives us perception that "I am better than the others" or "This is the right way" etc. Mind has a cunning way to create perception of a reality. In that case, it is impossible to rationalize with such a person. But look at many people who were born outside of Pak or move away from pak to other western countries have developed liberal views as well. I mean look at this. Pak Reacts on Woman leading Prayers/Namaz
  14. He puts batsman under lot pressure causing them to attack spinners and in turn throwing away their. It was quite evident. I bet that he will take 300+ wkts playing for india.
  15. It looked 280 at one point. Now 230 looks tuff
  16. Actually it is a mixed thing. Those who are educated, can speak better english they have this superiority complex. This is only common with pak. They always want to think they are superior because they have fair skin. I find these people very shallow. Having said that I have met normal chinese and Pakistani and they were humble. Actually i was very popular amongst chinese women in my team. They were never rude and they respected me over many other indian men in my team. Chinese men were fine as well except those who could speak better english. Not exactly better than me but just better than the lot. It was very weird to observe that. I worked with 2-3 Pakistani, both men and women. Those educated guys were very humble and good to deal with. 1 Pakistani girl I found was somewhat rude. A weird, "I am superior to you" type of $hit.
  17. It doesnt matter, please maintain decorum in the discourse. Its easy to use strong words against others and very hard to respect others irrespective of their views. Strongly disagree without crossing that boundary.
  18. Too bad. I think, we should learn to deal with this thing much better. Boycott the movie not vandalize property, threaten producers or actors and definitely not terrorize kids. I will boycott this movie, I didnt watch many of his movies before. Hurt them where it matters most. Now you have given them chance to earn double than they would have otherwise.
  19. If you are rich and you dont fully pay your taxes, I dont like you. You could be showing off with all your riches, the donations you make and entire facade of you being good individual or organization disgust me. You are the primary reason why my country is poor and people are poor. Shame on you. You are my country's worst enemies.
  20. After 40 overs even the bowlers are managing to hold up fine. After 40 overs, even Pandya managed to stay on the pitch. Its 40 overs criteria. Dont put blame on all the batsman in general. first 1-2-3 need to hang around for 30-40 overs to shield the middle order. You do that and game is yours. first 40 score 100 with 2 down next 40 score 160-180. Total score 280 min.
  21. ^^ Dont entirely disagree with you but still I will go with the guys who scored 12K+ runs for us. It is not that they read the minds but observing the patterns, your physical traits etc. These are very minute things but if you discern them out for 1 bowler, you have 1 less thing to worry about. Hand-eye coordination worked for few times and dint so much at other times. They should learn to figure how bowler plans inswing vs outswing from their runups/foot stepping. you wont get it 100% of the times but it will give you good 25% of deliveries with some lead time. How SRT did was, he observed foot work for inswing and if it didnt come in, he would leave it entirely rather than playing. If he thought it was outswing but the ball came in, he only defended. These things come from lot of practice. This bunch dont even know how to properly leave the ball. Patience was lacking in almost all of them.

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