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  1. vishalvirsingh

    Who should be next India coach?

    Tom Moody. He made hyd perform very well with a few Super stars only. I guarantee that if selection committee gives him a good team...Indian cricket team coached by him is going to win 90 percent of games.
  2. vishalvirsingh

    India tour of West Indies: Squad to be picked on July 19

    That was a stupid selection-Shankar at 4. They liked his bowling but realised they wanted a good batsman ..Shankar kind of failed.
  3. vishalvirsingh

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Understand that kohli is much better than selfish msd and even rohit. We reached semifinals and was close to winning. Even being captain kohli is able to bat well..no past Indian captain has managed his captaincy and his batting both. Remember David ganguly failed as batsman after becoming captains. Even I captained my team ..when I captained a thought went into my head that I should not get out. I scored but all my Innings were slow defensive innings. I was playing under pressure...where as without captaincy I saw the ball and tried to hit it ...a captains batting goes down ...kohli also has his batting going down marginally but he is more responsible. I support kohli.
  4. vishalvirsingh

    What if Dhoni was not run out

    U r talking about dhoni of 2016..this is 2019 dhoni. He is human being..no more the same dhoni. Umesh losses his radar seeing msd same happened to Oshone. It's not msd scored..he got full tosses and leg side free bees. Boult and neesham are not umesh and oshone. Umesh was never handled well by dhoni as captain. Umesh was erratic and fast. His speed went down but his accuracy did not improve much.
  5. vishalvirsingh

    What if Dhoni was not run out

    Msd has not played well in his last 20 odi internationals since he retired from test cricket. He should have played test cricket and retired from ODI. His batting is ok for tests..he has a Solid Defensive style now and is no more an attacking batsman. I believe he committed a mistake..he would have scored a few centuries at no 6 or 7.
  6. Instructions are passed thru the player carrying drinks or when a batsman goes to bat or during breaks. He did that's why karthik was defensive. Instructions were not implemented properly by msd, ksrthik and pant. Jaddu went for his shots and he must have been given those instructions. Jaddu was about to win us the game.
  7. My dear beetle outside in dressing room..he cannot control the match. Just pass instructions which it seems he was doing that's why he shouted at shastri when pant played loose shot. He was passing instructions. Kohli tried his level best. He trusted wrong guys karthik has failed many times and msd plays slow. Pant cant play cautiously.
  8. My dear what will kohli do if Karthik is ultra defensive Msd only bats this way now Pant is just a dadebaaj. These are big players and they have to bloddy DELIVER when it is a knock out match. Culprits..dhoni karthik pant
  9. vishalvirsingh

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    Exactly jadeja attacked n tried. Msd did a cowardly act. Hats off jaddu
  10. vishalvirsingh

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    Check out india"s last 5 Odi losses. You will find msd's slow innings as one of the causes of losses. He had great DRS expertise and he keeps Ok. But why dont you realise that his batting has declined.
  11. vishalvirsingh

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    You are right
  12. vishalvirsingh

    Heads should roll.

    Rohit...law of averages had to hit him, he is human after all. On a seaming wicket Henry got lucky to get the best batsman of the world cup by a margin. Kohli had to be careful but I think he was wrongly given Out.some personnel rivalry and kohli was fixed. No umpire gives out when the ball is that high. Either the pressure got on umpire when boult appealed. Kohli unlucky. Rahul got too much on the back foot..had he survived he would have nicked other ball. Hardik and pant were batting beautifully...hardik was unlucky. Pant continued to bat carelessly and proving that his talent is Dadebaaj style...when u will need him most he will fail. Karthik- his selection was a surprise..kedar is a much better batsman. Karthik has failed all his life. He came to bat in an ultra defensive frame of mind. One has to play the ball not the pressure..he was playing the pressure. God also was against him because sometimes this defensive technique gets you saved out of tough times and one hits later..dhoni always tries that. Now a days he fails most often. Msd is fooling Indian team ..if he cant bat against spinners why is he playing. Even a grand mother in India knows he cant play left arm spinners.his technique is wrong. Finally culprits Dhoni karthik pant. Why was shammi not played On such a pitch New Zealand would have scored 150. Shammi would have got a fifer.
  13. vishalvirsingh

    Dhoni is the biggest hurdle in Indian cricket ever!

    I predicted that his snail pace batting will loose us a match. It happened. Msd Karthik and pant are the culprit. Why shammi was not played.
  14. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and Performance of Pacers, trundlers and Spinners in WC2019

    It seems Africa will beat Australia today and it will be India new Zealand semifinal Is lockie Ferguson fit for semifinal
  15. vishalvirsingh

    India vs Sri Lanka, Leeds 03:00 PM IST (09:30 GMT), Jul 06

    Weakest Indian bowling attack playing today

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