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  1. vishalvirsingh

    List of commentators for IPL 2019

    manjrekar= I dislike him..kinda hate doull- dislike , he is rubbish. gavaskar- not Impressive kinda dislike. hayden- rubbish mccullum- dont know but will wanna listen to him ian bishop- like him , he supports genuine pace, i look forward to listen to him a chopra- average j sapru- rubbish n chopra-rubbish Gambhir- very impressive..like listening to him i pathan- very impressive ..like listening to him r p singh- dont know but will wait and listen to him vvs- Dirt and rubbish ..hate him aa nyyar and ojha- DONT KNow
  2. vishalvirsingh

    Indian All Rounders IPL Watch thread

    I am interested in pace all rounders hardik Shivam Deepak chahar
  3. vishalvirsingh

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Read an interview of rahane..when he was in Indian team in Australia, he called umesh yadav as fastest in the world at the moment ( he said in 2018 December)..possibly umesh bowls fast in nets and slower in matches.
  4. vishalvirsingh

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Kinda Agree...he seems a shade better than KL as of today against genuine fast bowlers. against Spinners , i would believe KL rahul is a shade better than Mayank Agarwal.
  5. vishalvirsingh

    I am confident of playing the World Cup: Ajinkya Rahane

    Sorry Rahane, I advise that you focus on Test cricket. you will have a bright future in test cricket, dont mess up your game by focussing on ODI, thats not your strength.
  6. vishalvirsingh

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    if the franchisees have no interest in him, it kinda means that he has definitely declined, Any views. i have purposefully not indicated jaydev unadkat , siddharth kaul , Mohit, may be I am biased but they can also Spark and succeed in IPL. Sid Kaul has failed each and every time he has got to play for India though he has done fairly well in IPL. Kinda Indicates he is not international material. even that Punjab swing pacer SID Sharma failed was considered not worth playing for India. I think this IPL will bring Aniket Rajpoot, Navdeep Saini, Siraj, Umesh , ishant, Avesh and Varun Aroon into the limelight.
  7. vishalvirsingh

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    Stupid stuff....how can imran and shahid afridi hold rifles and get photographs, are they encouraging cricket here.....
  8. vishalvirsingh

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    wooow....i was thinking of some thing similar to write. very appropriate.
  9. vishalvirsingh

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    mayank aggarwal is the Virat Kohli of karnataka team, he has got karnataka team winning every where and I feel he could pip kl rahul , only thing against mayank is that he has not played for india in odi
  10. vishalvirsingh

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    best fielding effort i have seen ever.
  11. vishalvirsingh

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    I will keep my eagle eyes switched on specifically on, Saini avesh khan khaleel( though i kinda dislike him now) Umesh ( i have been the biggest fan but am surprised how can he be such a dumbo) sandeep warier brainder sran varun aroon ishant sharma ankit rajpoot aniket chaudhary deepak chahar siraj tushar deshpande hardik pandya Shammi Bhuvi boooom booom bumrah can you guys add a few more who are to be concentrated on... I dont keep my eagle eye on foreign pacers as i am not inspired to track them but still i would want to compare our pacers to them.
  12. vishalvirsingh

    Is coaching an IPL team more lucrative than a national side?

    i like the thought Process Urmi...Cheers.
  13. As always I am creating the Speed and Performance of Pacers in IPL2019 - Indian and foreign. As every year, all of you have contributed generously to my article every year and I expect the same. Some folks who have really contributed to the speed threads have been express, rkt and so many of you. I will write a separate thank you note at the end of the IPL 2019. Needless to say, I am very excited as always starting this thread. my excitement of IPL is not about batting but about fast bowling, as i was a fast bowler ( tried to bowl fast ) from 18 to 26 and then I realized it is better to turn into a batsman. fast bowling is tiring and very exciting. I encourage all of you to be a BIT watchful and share more technicals about the fast bowlers like- not just Speed, but Swing too. Skills like good yorkers angles in fast bowling, usage of crease, show of anger and competitiveness, Slow Ball Skills( slow ball as a change ball or overusing the slow ball) etc. some bouncers show as 135K but look 145k , i will encourage such balls to be noticed and shared. some most beautiful yorkers getting wickets and some not getting wickets should also be noted and shared. Some good balls which are snicked and slip fielders mess Up should also be highlighted as the fast bowler has done his job well, but bcos the fielder was not alert the catch was messed up. Some SLOGS are ugly and fast bowlers should get the credit as those are wicket taking balls and just that the fielder was not at the right place, catch was missed. I hope green Pitches are offered so that genuine batsman score runs and the SLOGGERS find the going tough. wish you all the best. can all of you share the Pacers that we need to focus on for each team in IPL...
  14. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Deep das gupta is speaking highly about Navdeep Saini and calling him out as 140K + on average pace and a bowler with good judgement and inteligence. with Umesh not using his head 50 percent of time , it could make sense picking saini as the 4th Pacer and even giving him debut in world cup Subject to Saini doing very well in the IPL. As far as Raydu or KL Rahul- My choice is KL Rahul and shreyas Iyer as additional batsman. I would not pick neither Karthick nor Rishabh and MSDHONI will be the only wicket keeper. i am also impressed with Mayank Agarwal the only Spinner can be Kuldeep and Jaddu and kedar as Spinning allrounder. NO space for Chahal. hardik only Pace all-rounder. Rohit Dhawan kohli shreyas iyer and KL rahul both. Not interested in raydu. kedar msdhoni hardik kuldeep shammi bhuvi bumrah My Choice Saini as 4th pacer , Second choice Umesh Yadav Jadeja ( additional Spinning all rounder) Deepak Chahar ahead of Vijay Shankar. deepak can also BAT though not as good as Vijay Shankar but kinda like BHuvi. Deepak is a swing bowler and is a Like to like replacement of Bhuvi. england can have swing-friendly conditions and I am tempted to play a SWing bowler. these are 15 as I have KL rahul as additional batsman , he or shreyas iyer should be our no 4, iyer is preferred choice. Knowing england , the pitches will not favour Spinners but will create swing friendly conditions. we have bumrah and shammi as fast bowlers and bhuvi and deepak chahar as swing bowlers and hardik as a Genuine all rounder. Spinner is Kuldeep and back up is Jaddu additional bowling is kedar who will be in 11. Saini is a genuine fast bowler who is not too erratic like umesh , if selectors cant trust him then they should pick Umesh , gambhir supports saini big time. umesh is a good fielder and is improving his batting too. i am not in favour of khaleel or Siraj for risky world cup.
  15. folks who failed in this ODI Series- Raydu Rishabh Pant even Vijay Shankar has Kinda Failed..his bowling is not trusted by any one and even his batting is Average and had he got india to win today , he came at no 4 , he had all the opportunity to win us the match. Chahal has failed even Jadeja has failed. even rohit has failed. even kl rahul failed. ONly Rohit and KL rahul should be selected to play in world cup out of these failures. Success Kohli Shikhar dhawan Bumrah kuldeep got some wickets though lil costly. bhuvi batted well and bowled OK not too good but he batted very well. Kedar

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