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  1. they should have played washington and hey should hve ooda and not picked AXAR as all three are competing for Spinning all rounder slots. they need to decide who out of these are the best, they picked one less pacer. they picked two keepers, one will be played so they should have played rishabh and seen how he grows...karthik will not win us matches and he is as old as dhoni so he should also retire.
  2. pant will compete against Karthik , one of them will play.
  3. hardik has been successfully bowling 4 overs in t20... IS VIJAY capable of bowling 4 overs well? Hardik has always been a GUN batsman in t20..even scoring 15 runs of 8 to 10 balls in t20 is a good performance as a batsman at the number he comes at , he has been doing OK in T20. as a fielder he is probably only Next to Jadeja in INDIA.
  4. shardul and unadkat may be in eleven will vijay shankar ,chahal and washington Sundar, raina being the sixth bowler. if vijay is not good enuf then Siraj may get a chance.
  5. washington sundar is a better all rounder than AXAR so axar should have been dropped...very soon washington sundar is going to BEAT HOODA AND AXAR and become the spinning all rounder of CHoice. hooda is a hard hitting batsman and a weak bowler where as sundar is a very good and run stopping bowler and a decent batsman. About axar everyone knows....dhokla bowler. PLease Note this point.
  6. they should have decided Karthik or Rishabh and selected One keeper , one among them will not be played.rishabh is india's future so he should have been selected. and other place should have been for a Pacer.
  7. jaydev should have been dropped after bad performance in africa and some other pacer should have been selected. this was an opportunity to play Umesh Yadav and see if he can come back to INDIAN team ahead of Jaydev. UMESH is india's future fast bowler, UNADKAT will at best play for a few t20's for INDIA,if umesh suceeds he can play in various formats for INDIA. Khaleel and Saini either of them could have been selected.
  8. Shastri is doing a great job

    i believe batting coach is some body else , bowling coach is some one else and fielding coach too. So he is possibly managing the managers who are organising the travel and fitness of individuals, i dont think he is involved in coaching at all, he may be just standing next to virat and supporting what ever virat is saying and kinda making virat's decisions FINAL and making sure they are implemented. i think he wanted team to come earlier but cud not bring bcos of virat's marriage, others should have come one week earlier and praticed and finally won all the tests as indian batsman failed in first two tests. with his experience , he had to put his foot down and go earlier, NO ONE can dream to win tests in africa coming 4 days before the first test. i wanna say he has to accept and support kohli but where kohli is going wrong , he has to put his foot down like he shud have took the team few days earlier , even four days earlier would have made some difference.
  9. Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

    he has variety which bhuvi has , he has the capability to go upto 145k and has variations but he is not Super fast. if he can bat as well as BHuvi and improve his variations , he may get to play in indian ODI and T20 teams. He faired better than unadkat in both the odi's in which both of them played together which indicates , he is improving fast.
  10. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018

    i guess shammi is also having an injury and may not be picked so it seems at least 7 regulars will be replaced .... Mayank, khaleel, siraj, even my favourite Umesh Yadav ,Navdeep Saini ,Karun Nair, rishabh Pant,vijay shankar, krunal pandya, Jadeja , Hooda are the one's who have great chances to be selected. i dont think ashwin has any realistic chance of playing t20 ever again , actually his fielding is very SUB standard, he should not be played in T20 ever. Raina is always going to be in t 20 final 11 anyway.
  11. TO Beat AFRICA in AFRICA is a Dream

    guys... i did not see any celebration thread... Do you realise its a dream for FANS and ANALYSTS of cricket and to achieve this dream of winning in africa is as good as possibly going on a date with a bollywood female star...M i correct?? when we beat Lanka i was hardly excited.. But beating africa in odi by 5-1...sorry its not beating but THRASHING africa 5-1 in ODI. Beating africa by 2-1 in T 20. and loosing by a whisker in test series by 1-2. african test team could save their face by winning the test series and already many of their folks are getting replaced by younger one's , had the africans lost test series, half of their team would have lost their JOB. even lankans also did that by chopping so many of their batsman and now africans are thing that way. I feel the africans do have talent but they do not pick the right team. we also have to give a thumbs up to the india coaching staff and even the selectors to picking up the right team.
  12. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    Hatdik bowls offspin. Dhoni cud not gather ball well. One ball at 109 116 and 139k.
  13. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    Hardik first 122 125 119 119 134 Only 5runs
  14. India vs South Africa, 3rd T20(Decider) Cape Town, Feb 24 2018

    Shardul 142k 140k in first over. Bowling variations in pace...slow balls well.

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