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  1. vishalvirsingh

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    I appreciate Naseer as he has been brave but True..clearly saying Dhoni was doing net practice....openly stating truth. Like him.
  2. vishalvirsingh

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    When he retired from tests... He should have opted out of odi and T20 also.. May be after 6 months.. As he has been on a decline..his batting skills and even Raina 's skills are 50 percent down.. Both should retire now.
  3. vishalvirsingh

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    If I was shastri... I would have asked explanation from Dhoni and then dropped him from third match and played kartik... Rubbish and selfish innings... I think kohli asked him to hit and then he hit out else he would have remained not out till last.
  4. Nasir was straight openly blamed Dhoni...
  5. Exactly he can't even take singles at start...
  6. Raina and Dhoni should be dropped for next match.. Kartik and Shreyas Iyer should play
  7. Raina and Dhoni should be dropped for next match.. Kartik and Shreyas Iyer should play
  8. Exactly correct...kuldeep is a Mystery china man and Chahal is a Straight leg spinner .. ONE Spinner is a BIG Headache for opponents and the other guy is just a regular Spin challenge... Huge Difference...
  9. vishalvirsingh

    HIMA DAS- You Have Made us Proud

    A farmer's daughter winning Gold in a Global track event....I am so Proud of her achievements....Cheers Hima...wish you all the luck.
  10. So finally I am on the DP now..:hatsoff:Playing Cricket in a Picnic Match...Next time I will post with my Pads and Helmet ON

  11. vishalvirsingh

    Should we groom Mayank Markande as surprise weapon for WC19!

    yes mayank should also be played ahead of CHAHAL in some odi and t20 games...rotation policy should be also on Spinners. i also dislike CHAHL's fielding Skills and i think he batting skills are also BAD so chahal is getting too much of support from KOHLI.
  12. vishalvirsingh

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    i dont consider vernom philander the BIG bowler everyone talks about - My reasons- See his record on Pitches which has not favoured Swing or Green pitches. If Philander is a great Bowler than Pravenn Kumar is also a great bowler bcos Praveen was AS GOOD AS Philander on his control of line n length and the KIND OF SWING he generated in swing friendly conditions was More than VERNOM and BHUVI....vernom suceeds only in such conditions, i agree he is no 1 bowler in such conditions but even Praveen Kumar, BHUVI and our local CHAHAR can become a great bowler on such conditions.He PLays in tests where conditions are favourably, i heard he was a big failure in LANKA... he is a not an all condition Bowler and which goes totally against him steyn,Umesh yadav,Plunkett, Jimmy anderson, current african spearhead(wheatish , i m missing the name) is a better bowler than philander. even indian batsman played vernom well but could not handle ngidi and their spearhead.
  13. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    I agree completely. Push UPS and PULL UPS( The Best) are best for shoulders and biceps, when i used to bowl Pace , I truly experienced Push ups to help me Big time. for fast bowling one requires a good run and a smooth finish and strength in shoulders... if u see shammi running fast , u can be sure he will generate Pace. Most lazy running was of MUNAF Patel and he dropped in pace from 144K to 124 K like crazy. Biggest disappointment and heartbreak as a fan for me as I liked him against england and the way he went down was CRAZY, he had the line n length of MC grath and had he been 140+ , he would have been playing today too.
  14. vishalvirsingh

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Sid Kaul is a ultra defensive bowler.. When v have Siraj Saini Mavi and so many second stream.. Why r v playing sid in India odi 11.. Sid is bowling 128to 137k is getting hit.. It's matter of time that he is hit upon for 8 runs an over... I wud Pick umesh over him as Umesh may get wickets but this guy will not fetch wickets. He is like Bhuvi minus swing.

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