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  1. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    that in swing ball to chandimal was probably the BOWL OF THE MATCH..clean bowling chandimal 1t 144.5k.
  2. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    this is my priority list , i don't consider bhuvi as a pacer so i am not naming Bhuvi and Sandeep sharma in this list. not including pandya too as he is an all rounder. 1.BUMRAH. 2.Shammi. 3.Umesh/Avesh KHAN.= Both in form can be Terror. 4.ANKIT RAJPUT/Varun Aroon- Both are very good. 5.Basil thampi /Siraj/pradeep Sanghwan- I think first two are ready to play for INDIA and third one has Potential. 5.Ishan Porel/Nathu Singh- very promising and can play for INDIA. 6.Khejroliya/Lalit yadav...good left arm quick and talent right arm- currently not international standard but can become. 7.Ishant Sharma- i rate him very low as he has got enough opportunities already and still he does not bowl the WICKET TAKING Good length balls instead bowls short of length stuf, if a batsman is adamant of ducking , he can avoid ishant. 8.Khaleel,dinda,kaul,aniket chawdhary- i dont think they will play for india in future. Below International level. Truth is bumrah is the BEST in all formats , just that he is not played in tests, if he is played he will become the BEST, he is already the best in ODI and T20.
  3. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Still Umesh is not very Bad at least he is averaging 137K Still. if he goes under 135K average , then he definitely will be DUMPED. I am Surprised to See Bhuvi averaging 131-132 K in Second innings but Still looking DEADLY DANGEROUS in the second innings. i have always been biggest critic of Bhuvi,always not interested in watching him bowl and never interested in him being in the team,even wrote against him. he has slapped critics like me big time , on helpful tracks BHUVI IS A TIGER. to beat Umesh and SHammi on this helpful track and win Man of the match and with bowling figures the look Mean. Hats OFF to you BHUVI.
  4. i have not followed Aniket much, if he is good enough and is being seriously considered for the african flight, He will get an opportunity in the matches played on green Mumba's against Srilanka, if he is not Selected , you can be rest assured that he wont fly to africa. among the Pacers- shardul and Siraj have some chances to be selected.( shammi/umesh/bhuvi/ishant/pandya are already booked to africa). if some other pacer is also given an opportunity, he may also have some chance, i dont see any pacer who may be given debut cap on african soil.
  5. first name on the african flight after virat kohli is Hardik Pandya so option of pandya/shankar is not possible.if shankar performs he may also go, as pandya will not play the tests against lanka and may even miss the ODI and t20 lanka series. this lankan series is being considered as a PRACTICE Series for our trip to africa, may be fast tracks may be prepared. I think the performers in this Series will go to africa. virat will miss the third test against Lanka and Sjikhar will be back in the third test and i think all the three openers may play if the tracks are fast. I dont see rohit sharma succeeding on african tracks , Murli could be taken as a Spare batsman and Instead of Rohit, if we take a pace all rounder like Shankar , then its a better option. if ashwin and/or jadeja fail as batsman and bowler than SHankar may get a chance to be in the team 11.
  6. what my head Says is shammi ishant bhuvi Umesh will be the pacers pandya sure will go and shankar also has outside chance to go, depending on whether he plays well in the second or third test...he is sure coming into the playing 11. ashwin Jadeja and Kuldeep- 2 out of the three will go as i feel Kuldeep will definitely go and one out of ash/jaddu may go- any way 1 out of the three will play so 2 out of these three will go.
  7. Bumrah is not getting picked for a single test against Lanka and Lanka test is being considered as the Practice ground for Africa..so players chosen in these tests will only fly to South Africa. PLease note this..it seems Shankar has chance to fly to Africa along with Hardik Pandya.
  8. how are u so sure? shardul is taking bucket full of wickets for mumbai in ranji..how come?
  9. Same here....i have been Umesh's big fan and I have to support him and get him africa series..i am sure he will perform and fetch big wickets and compete with shammi and bhuvi
  10. Vijay Shankar (Batting Pacer Allrounder) - Performance Watch thread

    NO Chance...Hardik is a true Allrounder..Kapil dev type,,this is a Makshift Allrounder like Binny. Hardik is going to become a GREAT INDIA PLAYER like Virat KOHLI. please don't compare Horse with a Mule. INDIAN team's biggest Assets today are Virat Kohli,Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah,Rohit Sharma,Shikhar dhawan,SHammi,Chetashwar Pujara and BHUVI. Some of them dont play ODI/Tests . rahane can also be replaced if he fails in a few tests.
  11. v should not play two spinners if the track is GREEN as in the previous test ashwin and Jadeja hardly bowled. both these SPINNERS ( ashwin and Jadeja)become DUD's on green tracks. its a BIG worry.
  12. any idea about the Pitch of the 24th november test match...is it Green or Is it SUper Green with Moisture. i think it wont have rains so moisture wont be there...
  13. if shankar 's bowling is even weaker than BInny's bowling then he will not have a future in international cricket. Kedar Jadhav as a part time Spinner in ODI's have been a HIT as he has always slowed the run rate or got wickets when required, as a batsman kedar has been miserable though kedar had the MOST POTENTIAL as a Batsman so Kedar has been doing the ALL ROUNDER"S job and bcos his lower trajectory bowling is still difficult to be played, he is still in the reckoning. even Solid batsman like RAHANE have not been able to make his ODI position permanent at no 5 ,even Manish Pandey is a very Solid Batsman and Shreyas IYEr is a HITTING power house so it is not possible for SHankar to beat Manish Pandey/shreyas iyer/Kedar Jadhav purely as a Batsman...jadhav is played not bcos he is better than shreyas and Manish as a batsman but bcos of his allround potential so what i wanna say is shankar has to be an all rounder otherwise he will play only in domestic circuit. lets see how his bowling performs as Hardik Pandya's bowling has performed at critical times. Umesh needs to pull his socks in the next test else he may be replaced soon.
  14. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    umesh bowled much better than what he did in first innings and bowled between 132 to 140K and most of the time between 136 to 140k so he was fine with his line and length but he was not his usual self as far as pace is concerned bowling between 135 to 145k. Shammi- what a reverse swing ball to clean bowl srilankan captain ..tremendous. bowled some jaffa's to dickwala at 143k 144k and one ball just bounced before the keeper after getting dickwala's edge. SHAMMI was DEADLY and BEST as far as I can say. Bhuvi got 4 wickets again and was deadly accurate between 131 to 139k. over all facts say that bhuvi got 8 wickets and was the MOM and shammi got 6 wickets. but with this MOM, yes Bhuvi has kinda CONfirmed his name in the first 11 of the test Match against africa. Umesh is Struggling and I am sure he will pull himself Up.
  15. Playing 11 for Test 2

    who is shania

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