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  1. vishalvirsingh

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    out of So many Indian fast bowlers, I always try to find some UNPLAYABLE balls that they have bowled and we all have seen those. I remember maximum balls from VARUN AROON, I saw him bowling to the England Pacer, Varun hit his helmet once or twice and then got him injured as well. I also saw Varun bowling some unplayable balls to warner too, one was a no ball and he clean bowled warner, and few more.. Saw a few fast bouncers from Umesh yadav when his career just started and he was consistently bowling 145 to 147k Saw a sreesanth ball which hit the african all rounder jack kallis when he was batting very well and got him out too. may be saw one or two un playable balls from zaheer khan which hit the batsman and also few yorkers at the start of career. Srinath also bowled some high rising Un Playable balls. Avesh Khan also bowled 2 unplayable balls to rajasthan royals opener and he actually gave a catch in the first ball and was not caught and the second ball he was caught. I am not considering the bhuvi swing, gurbani n irfan pathan swing balls as unplayable balls as that was high level of SKILL and also due to favorable conditions , the above has been PURE fast bowling and UNPLAYABLE balls which just cant be played. if I was INDIA captain, I would PICK Varun Aroon straight into my 15 always and play him in 11 in tests and odi's whenever I find him bowling in rhythm. these extra fast bowlers are RAREST breed and if they are in rhythm, they should be PICKED straight away. there is no logic to have such a fast bowler in India and he is just getting wickets of state teams. 6 wickets in an innings ..even if the pitch was helpful, he destroyed HP team in 1 SPELL...can you believe this..hats off to Varun. I remember our corporate team faced a fast bowler in a club match and he took 5 or 6 wickets in 5 overs including my wicket. We lost the match but at the end of the day, we LOST OUR self RESPECT too. None of the 11 of us could face him, we had an inferiority complex inside us and it took us 2 weeks to feel normal. we realized that our batting Skills are dirt and our eyes are not good enough to see and face fast bowling.
  2. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Bhuvi looks average. Khaleel will become a restrictive bowler and not wicket taking if he bowls slow.
  3. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Shammi bumrah and umesh ,saini or Siraj could be better than both.
  4. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    149k Rahul gone..Thomas. See what pace can do.
  5. I think as of today his true age would be 40...is he older than DHONI?
  6. Fastest decline in pace...first test 136 to 144K second test 130 to 135K Later his career in ODI 118 to 131k..... A talented bowler who wasted his talent.
  7. vishalvirsingh

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    a genuine fast bowler should be introduced in an ODI ..t20 is risky as if he is thrashed , he may loose his confidence.
  8. vishalvirsingh

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    be rest assured ...SID Kaul will be thrashed in t20. his pace is ideal to be thrashed and even his line n length is no great shakes...unless he gets his yorkers perfect , only ball that Sid can ball to save guard his career is a fastish yorker, which he had mastered in IPL's. i think he may play one odi and then HISTORY.
  9. Bumrah umesh kuldeep rested and Sid selected If he gets a chance in 11 then his career is done and dusted Why is he selected.
  10. Actually I like what kohli.said. But I also wanna say there should be a maximum limit for every player,otherwise some guys play 2 matches and some play 20 If you have picked a player..play him. There should be a maximum limit for every player say 80 percent of matches so that guys on bench are also tested
  11. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    same here was delighted to see at least 2 balls at 141K and few around 139K...but he has to further increase his speed.
  12. vishalvirsingh

    IND v WI | 2nd T20 | 6th Nov 7.00 PM | Lucknow |

    Rohit could not play 146 k and 145k Thomas

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