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  1. kinda agree that Dhoni runs super fast between the 22 yards..thats why his fitness is still good.
  2. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    you are correct..shammi is exceptional but he has some what a weak knee and i think he cannot handle too much of work load. even in tests , he is given a 4 over spell and normally is not asked to bowl 6 to 7 over spells that ishant or bhuvi are asked to bowl. he is the best pacer we have by a mile as of today even ahead of Umesh and hence he should be preserved to bowl in tests and against africa outside of india. bumrah should be tried out in tests too.
  3. IND ODI Sqaud for NZ series announced : Rahul Shami and Umesh out

    I am a big Umesh Fan but I am good with dropping Umesh in ODI's. I think they have clearly marked shammi and Umesh as TEST permanent fixtures in the eleven and that's why shammi is dropped and shardul selected ahead of Shammi...it does not mean that shardul is better than SHammi in ODI's but they want a full blast Shammi running on all cylinders for tests. I kind of Support that Style of selection where Pacers know exactly what there roles are as Pacers who just go for wickets will try to bowl yorkers and targetted bouncers and bowls that create slip catching opportunity where as a pacer who wants to avoid getting hit will try n bowl 3 balls outside 6th stump and then bowl to his field and save runs..in odi bhuvi is now a restricting bowler and bumrah still is wicket taking , i think he will play in TESTS soon. i am good with this style of selecting different pacers in the eleven for tests and different for ODI's.its no point of carrying umesh and shammi when they will be benched and bhuvi n bumrah will be in the eleven with hardik..shardul may get one match to play.
  4. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    exactly AR's in test are always 5th and 6th bowlers - one always need 4 good bowlers to take 20 wickets and one or two 5th and 6th bowlers who could help take wickets and also hold one end up and give rest to fast bowlers - ideally i will want even the fifth bowler of the standard of the first 4 bowlers and hardik is quite good..if vijay shankar cannot bowl as good as Pandya than He should not play for INDIA as an all rounder and should be dumped like rishi dhawan and stuart binny. we need a medium pace all rounder as good as Hardik Pandya - who can be as good as a bowler as pandya and probably as good as pandya as a batsman. even our kedar jadhav is saving his seat in the team bcos of his Bowling Skills and is kinda doing the role of the 6th bowler whenever he gets his chance, had he failed as a bowler , he would have been playing the state teams by now.
  5. i will not be surprised if nehra decides to get four wickets against new zealand in his four overs and become the man of the match in that game. i will bet that he will bowl well in that Match. things that go very well for him- he was a left arm fast bowler capable to bowl 144k even in his last t20 match- very rare capability as MUNAF patel bowled at 144k only in the first test match he was Picked and venkatest prasad never touched 137k too...he would have played much more than many pace bowlers , had he managed his fitness better. he always knew how to get that little swing , swing at 137 to 144k pace and that also left arm is too hot to handle even for the best batsman and all teams know this and thats why they respect him and play him with respect even now. he used his head quite a bit and i feel only ZAK used his brains more than Nehra and yep one trundler who succeeded in indian cricket called Manoj Prabhakar..he also used his brains quite a bit. his negatives Never knew how to Bat and did not bother to learn batting ever. fileding was terrible.
  6. nehra performed well in 75 percent of matches when he played ....so he cannot be compared to say Kapil dev, zahir khan even DHONI as even today he is being picked on HIS SKIILLS..even today he is better than BUMRAH or BHUVI for 4 overs in T20..yes his fielding is pathetic but he can be asked to bowl all his 4 overs in the first spell and take 2 wickets for 16 runs.. he will pay in the third t20 and he will beat bhuvi or bumrah who ever plays or even both if they play..nehra has always surprised me with his skills and even pace that his old muscles can generate. bhuvi bumrah are rare bowlers but umesh and shammi are genuine fast bowlers like NEHRA..Nehra is ultra skilled now and i wanted to see him play all three t 20's as I find himself an artist fast bowler ..he should be later considered for coaching along with ZAK as i believe zak srinath nehra are the fast bowlers who genuinely were good when they played for india ..bharat arun seems to be getting along well with shastri but i am not sure how good he is though i have to admit he has produced results.
  7. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    I also think so....
  8. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    he looks average and is definitely not a fast bowler in the making..could end up being a trundler.
  9. Changes required in the ODI and T20 squad for NZ series

    if new zealand series is going to be in india its going to be an opportunity to for us to test our SIRAJ Shardul and Aniket rajput and even thampi and give rest to bhuvi, bumrah,shammi and umesh in a rotation..kinda playing one new bowler in every match, that should be a good opportunity.
  10. Changes required in the ODI and T20 squad for NZ series

    I Kinda agree. karthik and even kedar has been too good in ranji and domestic cricket, even pankaj singh and vinay kumar were good in ranji and domestic cricket. i told my bro that kedar will rock as an international player/batsman and i bet Kedar would have lost his place if his bowling would not have been the saving grace. I have been proved wrong. even karthik proved me wrong more than a few times. when Pankaj Singh debuted in a test match I was Sure that he would rock as he had the fitness and experience to Succeed and he was bowling 132 to 140K which was not exactly trundling but I was proved wrong and he managed to get a single wicket in 2 tests, i guess- i looked Horrible as a cricket expert. than even with abhey kuruvilla i was proved wrong, i had high expectations from him but he was a dud. even with VRV Singh i had high hopes , i was proved a DUD analyst and he was proved as a dud bowler. so Many players just tell us analysts that international level success is for real MAN and not many are meant for it. just see pandya is succeeding in each and every match where as Binny and that rishi was a failure in most matches. when we kinda give a thumbs up for each and every bowler , we should re think and then select the better one and then predict. For me Siraj, Ankit rajpoot and Basil Thampi are the real deal and siraj and ankit rajpoot for tests and Thampi has yorkers so he should be marked only for ODI's. I kinda also believe that Sanghwan can also Succeed but he is not ahead of Siraj and Aniket. So siraj and aniket even ahead of shardul thakur for tests. All other upcoming pacers like avesh , navdeep saini ,aniket chowdhry and others are too raw at present. that tall left arm pacer Brar who debuted and succeeded is very good but he had Pace and stamina issue's so unless he improves he won't succeed.
  11. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    looks fast and smooth..but not very tall and well built. lets see how he grows up..
  12. Iyer, Pant to lead IND A in New Zealand A one-dayers

    indicates that they are trying this guy out well and if shankar perfroms he has good chances to come into the national side at some stage. i beleive he is too good as a batsman and if he bowls even a lil , he can be picked in australian and african trips.
  13. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    T20 cricket is such a bloody short game that MISFITS like shaun tait and many other mis fits like yuvraj have also managed to play 20 over cricket when they were half fit and with very less stamina. I have played a lot of 20 over matches and found myself running behind the ball only twice in the entire Match and i used to open so i got a chance to bat but most of the time many batsman dont get a chance to Bat at all. i mean to say it is very easy for kohli to hide nehra....he can be given a 3 over spell and then asked to walk out and be replaced and later brought back for a one over spell or even can be asked to bowl his entire 24 ball in the first spell itself. fielders like Ashwin and Nehra who cant run behind the ball can easily be placed in situation where they dont have to run.. i saw uvraj just sliding in many T20's and not running behind the Ball, now he had serious stamina issue's. hitting is always 50:50 if the first hit suceeds normally the batsman manages to hit 6 to 7 good shots as the bowlers does not change pace so much and batsman gets into top gear...hitman like UV and bowlers like Nehra can always Fire on all cylinders on such matches...it is worth playing a gamble. nehra is smarter than even BHuvi with his experience and i m kinda sure of his success as a bowler. Not many batsman in the world can handle a fast left arm average bowler leave aside shrewd old fox nehra. its a clever move which is not long term but a short term move to ensure relentless success..india is winning t20 3=0 , if australia win even 1 game , i will consider that they have done a good job.
  14. Select your best T20 XI for India

    my t20 team Shikhar and rohit to open kohli kedar shreyas iyer ahead of manish pandey and KL rahul. hardik rishabh pant bhuvi bumrah yujwandra ahead of kuldeep and only spinner as spinners cud be hit for sixes easily in t20. ashish nehra if he is Fit.
  15. i liked his batting...i have not seen his bowling much.

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