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  1. SID KAUL AND CHAHAR'S bowling is not international class. Rubbish bowling. they should have called in umesh or saini or Siraj....why do they need to select rubbish pacers in team and Team had to PAY for selecting them. there bowling was so rubbish that INDIA had to tie this match.
  3. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    It is bcos of poor bowling by them that Afghan is fighting now. The Afghan mottu hit them big time. Both need to scale up and increase their speed and bowling skills as they definitely did not look of khaleel' s class though even khaleel wasn't at his best. I think they l play 2 pacers and 4 spinners in final including jadeja too
  4. Siraj .avesh Khan and saini are way better than kaul
  5. Why was Sid kaul selected. Selectors.. Do u think that he is worth playing for India.
  6. Chahar looking not in control of his bowling.
  7. Mickey is very good..don't blame him.
  8. Lala and micky Reasons for pak's failures. 1. If I say you could not get the openers out, then even my grand mom can say that.lala will laugh at me. The reason was Amir bowling between 133 to 141k..rohit and dhawan practice regularly against umesh yadav and bumrah bowling 137 to 149k at nets and the accuracy of bhuvi. As soon as they see bowlers bowling at less pace and less accurate they become tigers and pounce on them. Shaheen got good bounce,he would have got rohit too but he was slow 134 to 140k..sorry guys . kl Rahul kohli dhawan and rohit are superb batsman ..If you bowl under 140k with no swing,you will be lucky to get them out. I have a feeling Rahul could play in finals and today too. Amir shaheen hasan are neither getting any swing nor bowling fast, they just came from England where mommy's swing beat us. Bumrah is bowling 133k to 146k and in finals ..he will bowl upto 149k. Even bhuvi has touched 141k. Pak had shoiab..150+...was at 145+..wasim 140+ swing n seam. Shoiab rawalpindi express was world's best bowler ever ..I consider him the best ever in the world and when Sachin hit him..that was Sachin and virender's best innings. Why was he the best...bcos he bowled up to 155k. Today Amir is bowling under 141k ..Hasan under 138k...shaheen under 140k...
  9. Lala bhai.. An Pakistan mein Kya ho raha hain.. Galli galoch..ek dosre ko blame game.. Sarfaraz ki burai ya Amir ka career khatam... Kis ko in dono haar ka jimmedar bataya ja raha hain... Micky arthur ke naam ka ticket to nahi kat raha..ya fecker aur babar ko blame kiya ja raha hoga..par shoiab ko to hero bane rahe honge Kya discussion chal raha hain pak mein
  10. Yeh jo buri tarah ki haar hui hain dono... Pak mein Kya hoga ab. Kya bahut chilam chilli ya mohd amir ka career khatam ya kya
  11. Rohit ke bara bar player kl Rahul Abhi bench pe hain..bhai middle order BHI majboot hain . Chinta mat Karo Lala bhai. Agli bar middle order batsman harayega Pak ko..
  12. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Back injuries mean 3 month downtime for sure. He may be back in Jan or Feb.
  13. 31 runs 11 over 1 wicket..commentators criticising pak batting intent.
  14. Pal should target 235 and try to make it. If they target 300..they will get 160.
  15. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Imam goes for taking a bath in the dressing room..others will follow soon.
  16. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Still Rohit is not playing khaleel...I can't understand the reason. 4 spinners ...why..
  17. Lala.. Is Pak seriously playing to win or they are just playing and are ready to loose. Let me rephrase my question.. Do u think Pak will compete today. I mean india beating them in the last over and india getting stretched hard for a win.
  18. vishalvirsingh

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Demon bumrah 146k...super fast.
  19. vishalvirsingh

    What's the highest level you've played?

    I have opened for my corporate company multinational for 4 years and also captained my corporate team for 1 year. Simultaneously I have opened and batted at no 3 and at no 5 and played for two Clubs in Mumbai district level games and played 45 over games at Cross and Azad and elf Vengsarkar academy ground, police lines ground near Marin lines and few other grounds. This is where I have faced some quick bowlers at dadar ground and at elf Vengsarkar ground. I have scored a century for my company as opener once and scored around 15 50+ scores and out on zero once.

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