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  1. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    My dear... He is expected to be batting and bowling daily in nets. Match practice is important but as a corporate opening batsman I used to play just 5 matches in a 3 month season but used to practice every Saturday for 4hrs and had no choice but to succeed. Do some basic knocking and goto open. Batting against a soumya sundar is an easy job at international level for India... He cud not do that well. Forget him dear.
  2. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    he should not be selected to play for INDIA again unless he Proves his Potential in Domestic Cricket. thank god now we know that he is no where near hardik or not even in BINNY's level...can be compared to rishi dhawan.
  3. Sending Shankar over DK

    rohit and shastri created a BLUNDER which could have lost india the match..just karthik Saved them. But one should understand this that it was a STRATEGIC BLUNDER made by Rohit & Shastri. karthik should have come ahead of VIjay shankar.
  4. Sending Shankar over DK

    if you a have a Batsman in such a good form in Nets and as soon as he came he was CONfident of winning the game, actually if shankar would have got the single of first ball , he would have won the game even earlier...he was hitting very very well..more so he was so confident that he hit the last ball for a 6 and not a 4.
  5. Sending Shankar over DK

    had DK come earlier, we would not have reached such a stage and finished the game in 19th or 18th over.
  6. Sending Shankar over DK

    thank god we missed to watch the Nagin dance, i am sure most of the bangla players would have done the NAGIN Dance. it was good of Karthik to restore parity and ensure Bangladesh realise that even a INDIA A or even INDIA B team would be better than Bangladesh full team. it was kinda Proved that with at least 7 players not playing kuldeep,kohli,msd bhuvi bumrah shammi jadeja , still we won. even when raina mis fired.
  7. Sending Shankar over DK

    was it shastri'sdecision or rohit's.
  8. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    he has temperament issue's. his Batting skills went zero and was going for wil slogs and not even watching the ball till it connects to the bat...cant crucify him as he is young but definitely NO where near INDIA Material at present. since he has all round skills he should be trained hard but definitely he cannot challenge hardik pandya or washington sundar- these two guys are india level all rounders...i hope sundar bats well. at least one of his Skills is too good. shankar should be asked to pack his bags and play domestic cricket and washington Sundar should be into indian odi and t20 team regularly. Chahal also looks a RUBBISH fielder like ASHWIN. even shardul thakur is a pacer who needs to improve a lot. Shankar is definitely not the bowler we need, he looked very very pedestrian always and seems to be a back door entry into indian cricket. it is better to play rishi dhawan or even stuart Binny Ahead of him...we need to be fair to rishi and binny , binny was always a very good batsman and his bowling was no where as rubbish as shankar...i am not trying to say play Binny , he is a trundler and for sure our search for a back up for pandya should continue, we should DUMP shankar, i don't think he can play for INDIA. he seems to have some fitness issue's as well. i see him kinda getting tired as if he is a old man after one over.
  9. KKD hatsoff

    mr rohit had sent shankar ahead and he was praising his decision to hold on karthik...that was a very stupid decision to hold karthik.
  10. KKD hatsoff

    after this 29 runs of 8 balls not out , if he is not given a steady run in limited overs or t20 or even in Test matches, it would not be justice. when he came he hit rubel's first ball for a SIX, he was fully confident of winning the match when he came, he was asking shankar to score a single and give him chance to bat and shankar was not even managing to do that...Shankar had lost his cool and temperament, he was not relaxed enough to play properly. i would be tempted to play karthik in tests,odi and t20 as he is batting beautifully , even in previous matches when ever he batted he batted as well as manish pandey so he is doing what a batsman would do and he has been selected even when we had dhoni , so it is clear that the selectors know that Karthik is a genuinely good batsman. he should have been sent ahead of vijay shankar for sure.
  11. What is your test squad for the England series in August?

    How do you say so... I don't think his wife is pardoning him.
  12. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Khaleel is a better bet than Saini as he is left arm and even faster. I see Khaleel as a Rare Talent some thing Like BUMRAH..avesh khan is also talented but he is right arm and Saini could be ahead of avesh in the queue but we need a left arm quick more. khaleel is ahead of kejroliya and unadkat. we already have umesh,bumrah ,bhuvi and ishant and lets assume Shammi is not selected, still i dont see any of the above 4 getting dropped as umesh is also coming back to full form ..we need a left arm pacer now.
  13. Rajneesh Gurbani

    yes u r right..this guy has some serious IN Swinging Skills and cannot be IGNORED too much. but he bowls too slow at present and so cannot play in INDIA test 11 or even in india odi 11 so at present NO ..he has to be at least in 131 to 136k speed range where as he is into 120 to 130 k range at present.
  14. What is your test squad for the England series in August?

    i would drop Murli Vijay as i dont like his batsmanship Style and play KL Rahul and Dhawan as Openers...they are future and not Vijay. 1.KL rahul 2.dhawan 3.kohli 4.rahane 5. Parthiv or Karthik ..though i trust parthiv's batting and in the last test he kept also well so i would prefer Parthiv. The Only Spinner to be in the 11 will be Kuldeep or may be CHAHAL also so I may fly both for both tests and Odi. Among all rounders i would fly Hardik only for tests and ODI's ..t20 shankar can play. 6. Shreyas Iyer,7. Hanuma Vihari ,8. Manish Pandey are the best batsman after KOHLI /rahul/rahane /dhawan so i may be tempted to pick all three. i will never pick Rohit for TESTS and even drop Murli VIJAY. Pacers..i will pick Bumrah,BHuvi,Umesh,Ishant ,Khaleel ahead of Saini as test Pacer as he is a left arm pacer and is seriously fast,possibly faster than Saini. if there is an Option of Picking a Sixth Pacer than I may Pick SAINI.. Shammi's Life is in a BIG MESS now...if he is picked , he wont do well so better he is not Picked. for me one spinner that is chahal is enuf and possibly 6 Pacers and if there is place for second spinner than chahal and kuldeep both. Saha does not seem to be a suitable batsman both parthiv and karthik are way better and in swing friendly england , it could be very difficult , i think parthiv has good chances.
  15. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Patta wickets are such wickets on which medium pacers refuse to bowl and let Spinners try their luck. these spinners try their Skills and some good batsman against Spinner like me start CHallenging ourselves and go for Big shots and throw our wickets away where as some less talented and better temparement players like wasim play on and on and ON finally making loads of runs..yes temparement is shown but was it the SKills that won the wicket..no ..just that batsman who feel that they wanna eat up these average spinners throw their wickets. these patta are dead for swing bowlers too and some times do give some reverse swing to pacers but normally even the fastest bowler in india ( umesh) cannot reverse swing at a genuine dangerous Pace..some inswing bowlers do get some wickets till the ball is new but thats all. they need to make green wickets , fast wickets and prepare themselves for international wickets, even lanka ,bangladesh are doing that now ,australia ,africa create genuine pacy n bounce wickets and then blow us up and none of our batters can manage them... even our domestic batsman can play spinners ..on turning wickets no one can play spinners well ..i dont know whats the AIM and as to why are PATTA 's created???
  16. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Action should be taken against CURATOR and also People who were involved in getting such a wicket. It looked as if it was worse than the AZAAD Maidan Patta wicket and even the curator and cross maidan who creates a green wicket by simple process of suppressing the grass through heavy rollers would do a much better job. Managing and creating wickets is one of the EASIEST jobs ,specially to create a Fast wicket is not a rocket Science, one has to grow genuine grass and get it cleaned and pressed thru a heavy roller, i have played on a green wicket where even slow medium pacers look dangerous. how can we get our batsman to improve against Pacers? by making them play on green wickets....gurbani managed to get some inswing on this patta wicket and batsman did not expect such skills other wise they wud have scored centuries too..now jayant and hanuma vihari will score single and double centuries. it will be nice if both score double centuries as jayant has a very solid defence and hanuma vihari was attacking very well, i dont see any of the vidarbha bowlers getting them OUT easily on this Patta ... what will it prove ..will it prove that jayant yadav and hanuma vihari are fantastic batsman? i dont understand the shitty LOGIC of playing an important match on such a wicket..spinners are bowling the wrong length outside leg stump to just stop the run rate ... the batsman can only get out when the ball is brand new. i wasted my 3 hours watching today's match...stupid patta wicket.
  17. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Gurbani has natural inswing...had he been 5k faster ..he could have played for India. Jayant bats better than ashwin.
  18. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    141k umesh on patta
  19. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    139k bouncer hitting hanuma from umesh on a patta wicket. Must be 144k. Umesh shud be back into our test 11.
  20. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    i saw Srinath bowling in a test match, i feel he is the ideal for a fast bowler as he was SLim even when he was about to retire, he had big shoulders, he had very long hands, seriously long hands . i was standing n seeing him where he was standing in the boundary( was a lethargic fielder, always relaxed on boundary), his hands were longer than mine, i am 5 11" and he must be 6 4" even taller than DONALD, he ran like a HARE when he was on his bowling run up and while fielding he ran comfortably. he had very fastish round arm action like kagiso rabada and the bounce he generated even in wankhade was so much that it was foolish when prabhakar and kapil were played ahead of him in test matches, they looked pedestrian and lowly trundlers when srinath came. rabada and srinath had similiar structure, so for me that kind of height and slim n strong physique generates speed n bounce. ideal fast bowler physique -srinath and rabada, i believe he started eating eggs later and generated strength.
  21. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    even Srinath could generate truly fast speeds due to his tall height ..he had fast action and was tall thats why i guess he did ball till 150k..it is definitely true that height helps a lot but it depends on multiple other factors as Run UP Action Shoulder Strength and few more reasons...so u cant just fight it out on just height.
  22. siraj is definitely not for T20 matches....
  23. this comentator from Srilanka is such a BIG BORE....he is saying bring india back in match... Cant he understand bangaldesh was never in this Match from over 1. as a commentator think before you Speak.
  24. sundar is picked ahead of jadeja and axar and i believe he kuldeep and chahal will be our odi and two spinners....

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