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  1. Batsmen playing with too much pressure. As soon as we go around 7 wickets down, the pressure lifts, and they string together a partnership. The team needs a shrink badly. (Oh and a new fielding/running coach)
  2. Anyone else experiencing layout distortion on ICF

    Browser, version
  3. You normally get a ticket outside the stadium (for test matches). I haven't gone to too many LOI's so don't know the situation there.
  4. In UK yes, but moving to India in 2 months. What did you need help with ? Buying tickets ? It is all online no ?
  5. Well that's the name in the national anthem isn't it ?
  6. Site Feedback

    Fixed. Regarding adding Rupees to mobile view, will look into it
  7. Site Feedback

  8. Site Feedback

    Tapatalk should be back up
  9. Site Feedback

    yes I've read it. We have 1.2.2 the latest one. Must be some other issue that has cropped up.
  10. Site Feedback

    It's already the latest plugin MM
  11. Site Feedback

    Known issue with latest version. Will look for solutions when I get time.
  12. Site Feedback

    Yes that is removed
  13. Site Feedback

    Try now.
  14. Site Feedback

    ICF theme restored. It was broken due to the update. If you want to go back to the temporary theme, you can choose the "Default" theme from bottom.
  15. Site Feedback

    Clearing browser cache fixed it for me.

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