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  1. Just shows how bloody good we been under kohli that think we can still win ps we have no chance pss but what if kohli gets in zone
  2. Lol
  3. Loved rahane . Brilliant away from home and Pacey tracks . but unbelievable is not home bulky but away bully . Away from home a must . But at home ? so poor against spin. Is this a reality or just a phase ? Don't remember him sucking like this v spin till England series carries on like this will leave no option option but to drop him . Not just that string of low scores but looks so poor v spin . Rashid was bamboozling him and rashid is rubbish
  4. Can we chase 600? I say no
  5. Mukunds drops were highlights lol his drop at short leg was loooool some how kohli kept his cool after that lol
  6. Being very good so far . Half a game done and whole team sucks the fringer players attacked like Saha and Jayant ( both been good up to now ) meanwhile ishant in team for ever cos tall and gets bounce apparently on jayant his bowling is serviceable . If continue scoring runs then may fit team needs
  7. I will say this simply we have lost but we gonna make them pay in following matches just like playing Brazil football team in their pomp . Go 1-0 up is worst mistake . Wake the big bear up
  8. He will pay the penalty for this in rest of series . he poked a sleeping bear . Bad move
  9. Yadav close to starc pace wise yadav genuine fast bowler ps with control now
  10. Can't blame Asim . Even I am laughing at the collapse if this happens regularly (like paks team) then time to get angry and laughing stops
  11. Better then acting all cool like all good lol peroanally I think catching so poor that needs anger
  12. We gonna lose no issues been superb last few years . Number one team in world . But it's sport and run was going to come to end . Law of averages . Backing us to win series don't panic and start wanting 8 changes . Look at how guys don't over last few months / year on making dropping callls .
  13. Let's not overreact on all fronts bad day at office lol Indian gonna lose . It's sport . Happens some times