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  1. No cos Pant proper bat. If gets out we all gutted. Point of pinch hitter is its basically a bowler and if he gets out no one cares Mishra is the man for this ! lol
  2. Today he scored a single . That was his first single for 60 runs . The previous 60 runs were all 4s and 6s
  3. More chance breaking a finger with out gloves on imo
  4. Exactly lol
  5. This is like going back 20 years . Now totally out of fashion . But back in day some randomn bower would always be promoted to have a go and a swing . narine brought it back in vogue . May suddenly see more of this tactic come back . Worth a gamble , if bowler gets out who cares but if comes off ...
  6. Pant is poor mans narine lol
  7. This is way forward . Gets out who cares . But if there for a few overs job done time for jadeja to have this role for india
  8. Where on earth has developed this . Unbelievable loool
  9. Status quo will remain till next 50 over World Cup . After that will be mass clear out and new guns will flood team
  10. Forgot t20 . Some of these ready for odi team as well
  11. Yep loads of new guns . Get them in . Let them fire , let them flop but let them get time and we will reap rewards
  12. Flip side how good it is for young uncapped players to play against and play with legends like Zak and bhaji . Can only learn meritocracy I say . Plus lots of uncapped players in teams . No real issues. If anything reduce overseas player by one and more uncapped players will naturally get in also just cos capped by India why does that mean should not play . Chance to show case and get back in .
  13. Reminds me of shami
  14. Embarrassing If he is not our limited overs keeper .
  15. Gets Gayle impressdd around 140 . But accurate and variations . Not sure about tests but in limited overs stuff his style of bowling could be decent for India