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  1. Hah hah poor jadeja been sensational for india in tests . So good ranked number 1 test bowler but of course icf says you dropped lol
  2. By the way I rate Kuldeep . Has a future possibly in tests . But not a person crying out to be picked , sorry. As our current spinners doing great job with one of them possibly best test all rounder in the world
  3. You guys plonkers as usual icf confusing formats wanting jadeja / ashwin head in tests based on odi performances and ct. ashwin and jadeja been brilliant in tests for long time . Ashwin genuine all rounder in tests ( in odis no as has no power but nor did laxmam good thing we did not drop based on odis ). we shoudl drop pujara from tests as after all what did he do in ipl and odis . He could not even get a game
  4. In your world jews/ bush did 9/11. Mohali semi fixed and if you die killing kaffir you ascend to heaven for numerous virgins but back in the real world ...
  5. Fantastic op . Great pics . Brought smile to my face going through them
  6. Why ? What have ashwin and jadeja done wrong ? Or or you basing maters on ct and odi format ?
  7. Plus ashwin is genuine all rounder in test format (sucks batting wise in others formats as no power but so did laxman). Adds great balance to team
  8. Ashwin and jadeja been magnificent in tests . As usual on icf we confuse performances in different formats ps Kuldeep is fine prospect but ash and Jadeja been fantastic in tests
  9. Where are we ranked again ?
  10. Rohit is not a test opener and never will be . Let's not go down that road please
  11. Her style reminded me of a right handed yuvraj . Languid style . Big back lift she was magnificent
  12. Blimey everyone in very political correct mood today lol
  13. O come on you wimps . Neve in doubt
  14. Let people do that it's fine you taking my comment waaaaay too literally . Never heard Yorkshire people praise Yorkshire player doing well for England . Or Victorian comma praising virtues of Victorian player doing well for aus . They joking and very patriotic. Just People talk like this . Stop being such a bore lol
  15. Yes she is And that's great . I also support India but she also from my part of world so adds to the joy a tiny bit