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  1. O dear . Judging matters on ipl circus lol
  2. It's hard for some on icf to take this but bhaji is an atg Indian player . Yet so much hate . Quite sad really
  3. Kumble great relationship with kohli and dravid makes good decision makingbhappening . Crazy if split this up
  4. Genuine all rounders are what I look at . Guys who would get in team as pure bowler or batsman sobers(love the guy ) is over rated bowler. Jack of all trades master of none ? Would not get in a lot of good teams as bower alone Kallis the bowler was better then sobers imo if one dimensional and boring . Maybe make teams as 4th bowler Imran khan was awful bat . Watch him bat was painful . No team would pick him as pure bat , not even close Hadlee mediocre bat . Again broad type kapil Dev and Botham . Both could get in teams as pure Bowlers and batsman and mankad of course
  5. Not joking give Kumble coaches role and 3 years deal increase pay of all grade players by double and grade a by triple
  6. Well if nehra still gets in Indian teams don't see why bhaji can't lol
  7. Wtf loool
  8. Let's focus on current Indian team selection lol pant v dhoni . Dhoni shoudl retire
  9. Am sure pant would have blitzed it and seen pune home with one over to spare
  10. Umar always seemed one of more fitter ones . Something else going on . Must have been his usual idiotic self and pak management went bye bye
  11. Well many judge everthing by ipl this ipl proves rohit shoudl be indian skipper and gambir back in India team
  12. What an awful knock. Proves he is finished. He will be tragic in ct
  13. Never said karthick shoudl be picked my point is dint hype fat raina based on one ipl season . He got dropped from Indian team as embarrassing against short ball this ipl proves nothing on this front . In 50 over they will target this weakness raina what has he done in fc cricket over last year ? Looks like he spent most of his time eating
  14. Not bothered with stats . If so then karthicj being in odi side is spot on he can't play pace and bounce . In England. Yes flatter . But still some carry . Knock out v Aussies and we all know what their battery of 90mph guys will do to him . Plus he is fat little thing now . Ipl this . Ipl that . Come on guys you can't look at just ipl ffs be smarter then this
  15. Raina in England v bouncing ball . Errrr no thanks . Sums up why can't just look at ipl stats as we all know raina will get brutalised by Aussie battery for example