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  1. King Tendulkar

    Yuz chahal

    The guy is quality
  2. King Tendulkar

    Priyank Panchal next guy to back from the great Ranji Trophy?

    Panchal 160 for India A Serious player
  3. This IPL has been a disgrace in player behaviour. It seems players particualry big Indiannames have free reign to shout, abuse and bully umpires. Foreign players played with dignity Umpires are **** scared as these big boys have too much power and will be able to get them blacklisted no doubts if they dont bend over and take it. And the players are pathetic. How seriously they taking it. I think trying to impress owners and get wads of black cash BCCI is making these games like football games in terms of behavior. If we saw Pakistani behave like this we would all go ape. Dhoni should get staright 10 match ban. Ashwin ban his arse for being a wanker 3 games. Kohli being a twat many times I seen this IPL 3 games ban. This is not cricket I knew and loved. Cricket is gentlemnas game played in ceratin way but this now is too over the top. BCCI needs to step in and flex muscles to tone this down.
  4. King Tendulkar

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Storming on to the pitch like that to try and get umpire to change decsion Shouting at an umpire. Trying to bully and use his politcal power Should be staright 10 game ban! Pathetic for India and when for csk acting lile life and death Dhoni is a disgrace
  5. King Tendulkar

    Is Dhoni more valulable than Kohli in IPL?

    That knock was dhoni we all know and love lol Comes in , soaks laods of balls, screws up as out for 12 of 121 balls. lol Game over lol 82 of 33 is required task now. Legendary knock looooooool Kohli could have scored quicker left handed
  6. King Tendulkar

    Kohli's team building is the worst in Indian history?

    He has built the best fast bwoling attack in Indian history and bets fast bowling attack currently in the world. I like this building by Kohli lol
  7. King Tendulkar

    Kohli's team building is the worst in Indian history?

    Dhoni fanatics and Tamils on war path
  8. King Tendulkar

    India retains test championship mace

    Hang on . Worst skipper ever i Hear. Clueless. But 3 years in a row test mace and first ever to win in oz. No doubt due to development of fasttest meanest pacers India ever seen. All rather baffling as ICF says he should be sacked!
  9. Cos this is tamasha cricket. Tiny boundaries, glass outfields, tracks as docile as they get. Pace just goes miles. Its all about trundlers and their slower balls. Welcome to IPL folks lol And you jokers base selctions for india team based on this entertainment!
  10. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli - Worst Ever Captain In IPL

    So he worst skipper in IPL history apparently. O hang on does this mean anything lol O well we will have to console oursleves in him being skipper of world number 1 test team and holder of test mace 2 years on bounce. Plus first skipper to win test seriers in Aus. But but IPL captaincy... BOTHERED!lol
  11. The reactions here are pathtic lol It was just a light hearted joke and you guys acting like serious hate going on! Honestly no wonder the modern sportsman are becoiming borer and borer. Reactions liek this I repeat was a light hearted a joke, made me chuckle for 3 seconds so it worked!
  12. Why are so many indian players pumped up by IPL lol Players actinmg like nutters and acting like so important lol Must be big black money win bonuses or out to impress their thick owners who think acting like a konb means trying hard
  13. King Tendulkar

    Kohli's team building is the worst in Indian history?

    Hah Hah Blimey lol He aint doing to bad considering our consistent high ranking in all formats including Number 1 in tests and 2 years on trot winner of test mace! O and we beat aussies in oz for first time ever! Perfcet selctions. No. But who does lol ICF members all have different opinions how can you keep them all happy? Raul had great run and backed. I am massive fan. But flunked it and rightly axed. Young players not in hmmmmn Bumrah in all formats, Pant in tests. Aggarwal in tests and Shaw in tests. Khaleel t20. Chahal all white ball formats. Gill picked in odis as teengaer (same for pant and shaw pciked teenagers). Kuldeep Yadav massively backed even picked in tests now. Vijay Shankahr giving good chances and taken them. Hardik Pandya picked and backed masisvley. and so on and so on. Jut cos he picks some players ICF dont like gets ripped apart lol Rohit Sharma funnt one. Someitmes the mob says greates opener ever and would be best skipper in white ball ever for india and repalce sala the rat. Other times when suit mobs say fat and obese and why picked. ICF and mood swings lol
  14. King Tendulkar

    Ashwin is too smart for his own good !!!

    No doubt thinking of underhand slimy tactics to hood wink and bend the rules to steal a thing or 2. Forgeot the basics.
  15. King Tendulkar

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Also Sivaramkrishana is an oily rat. Suck it up lol

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