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  1. Sorry don't agree . A few injections get on with it . I mean torn ligaments , fractures who cares . It seems if don't play you coward on icf
  2. Was skipper and manned up for team of course goes on field injured criticised . Does not play cos injured criticised . Can't bloody win lol
  3. Pathetic from starc . Not playing last 2 games when team needed it . Should have just played on while injured for team . ckealry not that bad as able to go on twitter and talk big on key board . But in reality scared and faking injury also shami is disgrace as well . Missed many games through so called injury . Faking it as scared of indian tracks ?
  4. Each injury is different . Jeez can't believe have to point this out lol shami missed loads of games . Quitter not brave , faking it . Wimp
  5. He was playing and got injured during match . So played on . Had to or ten men
  6. Match Thread

    Guy alreda has 500 runs inn2017
  7. Some Indian fans are a disgrace ganguky when skipper was accused by losers of faking to avoid match on green top ( like he never played on green tops before ) . Now stupid fans accuse kohli of faking injury cos apparently scared of Aussies . You guys as pathetic as paks who say we scared of playing them really guys get grip . This is problem with internet . Crazy conspiracist theories reapeated enough that some see them as fact
  8. Finally sensible post from you
  9. Match Thread

    Pujara is doing superb and has done all series this obsession with run rates is silly . He plays a certain way and piles on the runs . Job done this is not 5th day and need to score quick to win match or declare . Come on guys it's not ipl
  10. Well Raul went for run rate and got out lol all jokes aside. Wtf is everyone going about . Bat all day tommorow please doing fine .
  11. Match Thread

    Great session for india keep it going lads
  12. Hah hah he is not a god. Guys human being . Has a body body is broke can't play some of stuff in this thread is truly embarrassing
  13. Match Thread

    Yeah but he is Rare bread more verbal better he plays . Most it usually upsets concentration if talk back
  14. Match Thread

    Well am sure sitting there now and overnight will think wtf next time may see Rahul completely ignore any words and just focus on Bal
  15. Match Thread