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  1. 3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    No dhoni in any format. Then deal
  2. in DK I still dont trust !

    Dk yes no guarantees but dhoni is 100 per cent guarantee . Guaranteed flop now
  3. Sending Shankar over DK

    Well a few months back icf was desperate for Rohit to be new white ball skipper based on Mumbai Indians . Icf done another u turn
  4. Sending Shankar over DK

    Gave a new player an opportunity. Icf cried for so long give new players chances . Better batting slots gives one a go who icf said was new sobers and now icf slams it dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t
  5. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Don’t have a problem with this lad and seeing more of his batting my grouch is this nonsense about his bowling . Think Stuart binny bowling and this lad is same . Not genuine all rounder for international cricket
  6. Shastri is doing a great job

    Well done Ravi another trophy bagged
  7. KKD hatsoff

    Or Shastri
  8. Sending Shankar over DK

    Icf beggars belief now after game icf cries why dk not up order higher and why not above shankhar yet for god knows how long dk slaughtered here and shankhar hailed as new Kapil Dev.
  9. Karthik vs Saha

    People don’t understand cricket dk has horrid glove work so is a complete no no for tests in white ball cricket shining should be booted out and dk takes over
  10. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    So the shankar bandwagon on icf has ground to a halt when will you guys get it . A bower who can touch 90 mph and bat proper and can hit ball in to a row x is once in a generation thing . Hilarious you guys thought had a replacement already his bowling is pants . Fact
  11. DK>Dhoni

    Icf completely blind sided dhini out Yes . But who said dk dk in bye bye anchor man
  12. Yuz chahal

    Amamzin find for India . Weaving a web of magic . Superb performances over last 8 months plus . One of first names on team sheet in white ball cricket . Needs more hype on icf
  13. What is your test squad for the England series in August?

    Pandya has been great for India . Joke leaving him out pandya v stokes . Box office
  14. Rajneesh Gurbani

    Jeez any lad who takes a few wickets in a particular match or scores runs in a particular match is straight hyped as a player for India does anyone look at how they play ? Technique ? Or anything ? icf just a bunch of 5ft 2 accountants . I look took x number of wickets so should play for India . Don’t need selectors just number crunchers
  15. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    This kinds of series scare me . Could end up with some duds for wc cos impressed v crap team manish pandey scoring runs is classic example

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