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  1. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    The hype on pant was justified . Unfortunately going through tough period. It’s all good still a baby . Will be stronger and better for it . Will all click again . When it clicks ? Could be next game or 2019 , but it will happen in the meantime can we all get behind the real deal shaw . I tell you again this kid will be atg
  2. Pakistan will play in ICC world leagues only if India honours MoU

    So one randomn dude throwing a stone . Is same as state sponsored Islamic terrorism , with people killing and murdering mass people with guns, bombs and suicide bombs . Never seen such stupidity since sohail gave prasad a mouthful after hitting one boundary and next ball getting clean bowled ! It’s the pak dna , lack of brain cells
  3. Prithvi Shaw

    Boule agreed with me lol serioulsy the kid has the evil stare to opppo when batting . Utter self belief . Kid has it .
  4. Prithvi Shaw

    Good decision imo
  5. Prithvi Shaw

    This kid is just so special . Superb knock v kiwis today want to hype a young kid in Indian kid . This is the one icf he is gonna score zillions of runs for India in all formats and I am proud to say I started first thread for him here on icf . The kids gonna be legend lol
  6. Agree will hopefully come good . But as of now not sure is ready ?
  7. Don’t get me wrong have high hopes for pant . But as of yet not taking chances and raking up numbers shaw on other hand looks a guy who is run machine . Talk about sr all you want but shaw gonna be awesome for india mark my words .
  8. Shaw is real deal . Needs more hype icf obsessed with pant when shaw is the one ! Ps hate for rahane is silly been excellent last few odi series . Honestly has . Raul I like as well and should be in squad
  9. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    We all take piss out of Dinda and rightly demand he don't get anywhere near India team or a teams etc . But credit were credit due . In lower standard like fc cricket who is superb work horse who just keeps on running in . I reckon a county team from uk shoudl sign him as would do awesome on the country treadmill
  10. Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir

    This guy never gets credit for all he done . Same as bhaji . Just cos have spiked personalities and don't act like good mummy boys the fickle mob forget the brilliance they did on the pitch to win cricket wars for their mother land the mob is fickle
  11. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Plus his triple tons . Bat him 3 and can replace pujara . Pujara knees a liability anyway
  12. Dhoni needs to follow Nehra

  13. Probably agreed to retire so why in squad so farewell game rubbish thing we do these farewell games . Wasting a game for young buck to play ok bowler no more . Never a fan .
  14. Iyer developing well . Shows value of not rushing a young guy in to Indian team . Played fair few A games . Struggled but now flourishing . If has good start to ranji will surely make India squad in next 10 months Lad is grabbing chances and producing runs
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Pak not produced a good batsman since yk and yo yo . Shocking zero talent coming from pak for over a decade now

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