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  1. Agree with OP and thinking same We bemoan why we cant clean up opps tail. But thats cos dont have a tail. They have number 8s batting all way to number 10 i.e cummins, starc, rashid, curran, woakes etc etc So we get frustrated. While we have 4 number 11s. So fold quick. Sad but maybe cant just pick best bowlers but need to think about handiness with bat. BK should have played ahead of Umesh on batting front. Shows also how invalubale Hardik is and why needed, play him instead of Umesh this game would do similar job with ball but his batting could be massive Those close games away we had in last year, 30 to 40 more runs from 7 to 10 could have made all the difference. Hopefully new gen bowlers will be more handy with bat.
  2. King Tendulkar

    Countdown to Rahul’s comeback to domestic cricket

    The guy has test hundreds in aus and eng. Hence I am not willing to say dump him forever End of day cricket history is littered with flops who get dropped. But then go away, work hard and come back to be frankly ATG. Too many to mention. Unfortunatlry indian fans are dropped means rubbish and never play for India again as crap but experonce playing for india must never be forgotten as often means can come back and do well Ps scored runs last test in 2nd innings dont rule out runs for him this 2nd innings as well
  3. King Tendulkar

    Countdown to Rahul’s comeback to domestic cricket

    Raul is a fantsatic player but sdaly out of form. May need a break ffrom indian team and a spell in domestics But when back in form I would not hesitate to get him back in Rate him
  4. King Tendulkar

    Ajinkya Rahane has now scored 5 fifties in last 11 innings

    Hmmn odd this As all I been reading on ICF is that he is a hack. In cos of mumbai lobby. In cos Kohli is an idiot and has no idea. In cos Kohli fav. In cos Kohli thick and worst captain ever. In cos Shastri is drunk and Rahane provides him with whisky. Hmmmm. Strange how batting well. How is this possible. As ICF wanted his head and dropped and slaughtered KOHLI for it. Anyone ready to back track and say THEY got it wrong and Kohli right? Thought not. Geeks!
  5. King Tendulkar

    Petition to axe Sanjay "Manju" Manjrekar

    You disgraceful hypocrites Let me get this right . You chumps having a pop at someone for being constantly negative to indian players and putting indian players down! Jeez If you ask me Manju is prototype fopr most posters in ICF. Smalll, malnorished, weak, geeky, boring side parting hairstyle, probale virgin ( well virgin in respect to women). Constantly moaning and complaining about every move india team does. Since we landed in oz ICF in full hate for the team. Kohli cant even breath as someone will say does it idiotic way! We bloody good team and done great like last 2 years. Yet ICF acts like we getting drubbed 0-8 with most losses by an innings! FFS the skipper of team ranked number 1 for over 2 years, 2 in a row winner of the test mace has a thread started saying is worst skipper in cricket history and rest of ICF wades in like sharks smelling blood to join in. Shame on you, you IT nerds
  6. King Tendulkar

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Gill 129 of 140 currently Will be playing for India in next 12 months, batting nice. With Vijay on last legs and KL out of form. Next home tests Gill and shaw may open Although always saw Gill as more a number 4 bat in test but in FC opneing
  7. King Tendulkar

    Aus v India | 2nd Test | Perth | 14-18 Dec 2018

    Yes rahane weak v spin. But not much happening for lyon
  8. King Tendulkar

    Aus v India | 2nd Test | Perth | 14-18 Dec 2018

    Jeez the complaining on this site Anyways Come on boys. Rahane and Kohli ton. Both. Game on Blunting their track Lots of work to do but no turn and Lyon looking not too threatning. We can do it. Seanmers must tire
  9. King Tendulkar

    What a classy test match pitch

    Loads of great game and tests in India. Get decent game on balanced track abroad and we all go ga ga sigh
  10. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Look you hate indian cricket and slam everything and anything about indian team for years. Its actually boring
  11. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    For the record I would have picked exact same team with squad availbale for this test. My gripe is Mayank aggarwal should have been in squad and would have opened with him instead of Vijay Other then that no gripes from me
  12. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    You are picking team with hindsight. Nice Never said they get all things right, but who does? But they get most right defo. You never want to talk about these things Picking Bumrah from no where for SA tests with barely any FC experince in recent months Sticking with Rahane for last test when whole of ICF wanted him jailed. What happened to that commn sesne mistake? O wait you were wong Kohli was right Picking bowlers with wheels, maiking them bend their backs and bowl with energy meaning we have maybe best pace attack in the world and no doubts best in India history Making team play to win, positive cricket, play to win. Making team have never say die attitude, play till the end, fight till the end. Frankly never seen anything like this before for Indian test team Sticking with Pujara despite really really poor spelll, came good in eng eventually and carrying on so far As for above some call were made with some logic. Dhwan sensational in white ball cricket and in eng, so thought would pay off in tests - this turned out wrong but can see logic even though I would not have picked him Yes playing Raina in tests is poor, bad call Pujara was sucking can see why dropped. He made runs in Eng, this saved his career but lets not pretend till this eng knock he was blazing it, in fact was frigging awaful for long period and had his own lynch mob here on icf who had enough of him. Fair play managt got him back in despite sucking. Maybe dropping him gave him time to ponder and come back well? 2 spinners in overseas test is wrong, they made mistake there
  13. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    What so in this so called extract you agree with all writer has said. None of those calls at the time you agreed with? Or isICF aka the mob just being slimey clever with hinsdight? In my experince 5ft 2 accountants are sneeky like this and cant be trusted, always trying to get people out of paying their taxes
  14. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Give a **** about your extract. A lot of these decsion above I agree with Kohli, just hindsight is wondefful thing. Shame this extract does not talk about amazing job done makiig us have the great bowling attack we have now, nor how we play positive cricket and seek wins with force and agression (does not always work but...) I mean above it mentions dropped ranhane few times as bad call. yet ICF wants Rahanes blood last year or so, so forgive me for being confused! Jeez What firgging skipper picks perfect team all the time. Plus impossible anyway, as everyone has different opion.
  15. King Tendulkar

    third test pandya

    Pandya bowled well today. Poper wheels Impresssed, shows value he has , as adds amazing balance. eg Could have played instead of Umesh and not quite as good bowler but adds amazing batting depth as could have batted 6 and Pant comes in 7.
  16. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Look what picks done wrong? Sorry this aint time for debuts in oz! Shaw injured so have to go with Vijay, no brainer Rohit out and so have to replace with proper batsman as no Hardik to add balance. So gone for Vihari who knocked door down and so sensible pick, no real contreversey So really its about one pick. I repeat one pick! Who replaces Ashwin, they think no spinner needed and chocie between BK/Umesh. Bk just come back so went for Umesh who did well last test in any case and is quicker. Whats big deal? Maybe I would have gone for spinner but its harly shocking , logic behind it even if people disagree. Never know Kohli and co may prove correct like they did in 1st test when you lot were slaughtering his every move
  17. King Tendulkar

    Shivam Dubey

    Hardik knocks him over today and his rival jumping around ICF in mourning?
  18. sorry dont get this thread Pacers been great for a year plus. Did well again today. Whyy this bizzare panic going through ICF like we have let them get 300-2. SA and Eng pacers did excellent as well, plus in 1st test. Rest of world is marvelling at our seamers and aggression they show with agressive fielding and how they run in all day as King Kohli demands. We just won 1st test cos of our fast bwoling attack. And I think they bowled well today, really do, chances always being created. Does that mean seam attack is closed shop? Of course no, no part of our team should be closed shop. But is the seam attack big area of concern for me? Hell no. Frankly we may have best seam attack in world cricket and defo best group of pacers in our history. Seam attach been brilliant for last few years, no idea why panic after oppo put together a half decent partnership or 2 We seem so arrogant as if should be bowling aussies out for 180 and not allowing any partnerships at all. Respect OP, does do good posts but this thread is massive over reaction. Our pace attack is strongest part of our team!
  19. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    What tosh Yes shastri and kohli do get selction wrong sometimes!!! Whats your point. But they also get it right plenty of times before as well. Juts cos they dont pick exact team you want you go nuts! ICF launched in to kohli day 1 of last test and every ten mins during play as well, Slagging of that call , this call etc etc In the end India win and many depressed. You never know selctions may prove right this test as well. Only follish person would say game over after day 1 and oppo not even reached 300 yet and 6 down! ps for the record towards end of day 1 imo Umesh bowled well. Never know maybe ready to clean up tail and do well 2nd innings.
  20. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Yes Kohli and Shastri (i know icf hates him) have developed and backed group of genuine fast bowlers. Hunt as a pack. Best pace attack in indian history and best maybe in world at moment. Not by luck that. Well done skipper, plus they backed up up by intense unit in field who are agressive to oppo to back fast men up
  21. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Number 1 in tests for over 2 years!!! What you smoking. Fought well in SA and eng. A few key moments go out way could have won. Need to learn to take and win key moments. Did well 1st test winning key moments
  22. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Maybe I would have played spinner? 50/50 call. We will see after the game. The worst skipper thread was started during 1st test and we bleeding won the game! Managt hinking was track all about pacers. Hardly worthy of abuse they getiing as they may even be right Umesh over bhuvi 50/50 as well. BK injured, could he bowl lots of overs? Plus Umesh bowled very well last test match he played, I know ICF dont like to look at things like that......but anyway
  23. King Tendulkar

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    You guys should be ashamed of youselves. We fighting hard, doing well. Its like dont get 80 all out skipper idiot End of day most of you guys 5ft 2, side parting mummie boys, glasses and accountants/IT geeks. Fav sport chess or cross words Kohli brings something you malnoursiuhed dwarfs wont get. Fight, aggression, desire, drive and never say die attitude, You guys more focused on chess moves like geeks should be. We constantly fighting and challenging oppo. Like today in days gone by this would have slipped away and body language of players become submissive and give up to let oppo put on 600 declared. Here Kohli keeps on cracking the whip, the boys play with intent and desire which instilled over years as Kohli as skipper ad we come back in to it Worst thread ever this with geeks who get scared looking at their own reflection all becoming heroes here. Pathetic wrist slittig
  24. King Tendulkar

    If a captain can be dropped for his captaincy

    O for the glory years of 0-8 under previous skipper, get teary eyed thinking about those those heady days.
  25. King Tendulkar

    India A Tour of NZ


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