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  1. Gambit

    goodbye guys

  2. Gambit


    Pakistani fans can only get off on two things now: a) watching grainy videos on scratched DVDs of their 20+ years ago wins thanks to Coca Cola caps, related party umpires and rain and b) other nations beating India since they are incapable of even getting us to break a sweat. Let them shoot their load.
  3. Sachin rightly gets the flak for failing in two World Cup finals but had 50s in 1996 SF, 2003 SF, 2011 QF and 2011 SF. Those were high pressure games and he delivered. While Virat has done this in T20 WCs, his performance in ODI WCs has been pathetic. Today neither was the pitch treacherous nor the target high. He should have taken us home.
  4. Gambit

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Ended Right?
  5. Before such dreams are entertained, New Zealand is a big banana peel. They have been our bogey team. If we are chasing and then post a 250+ total, anything can happen.
  6. I became an instant fan of him after his India A exploits in Kenya. Although he’s pissed me off considerably the last few years, hope he turns back the clock over the next 10 days and ends this World Cup as the legend he is.
  7. A real tribute to Manoj and Nayan on the close to 25th anniversary of their legendary partnership!
  8. Should those asking to separate from India and make a new team celebrate now?
  9. Gambit

    Dhoni saved India from collapse again

    Truly historically moment. A non-descript below 100 SR 50 is being celebrated. Essays being written on this vs few sentences devoted to NCN’s knock against the same opposition.
  10. Why do CSK fans want to downgrade from a lion in their logo to a panther?
  11. Gambit

    Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath

    Agree. I was giving some one on one context that when the game started McGrath got taken for 14 runs by Tendulkar and things were looking good until Dravid batted inexplicably.
  12. Gambit

    Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath

    Break this down to a one on one contest. Tendulkar hammered McGrath in 1996 WC, 2000 CT and 2003 WC group game - yes where he took him for 14 an over before Dravid killed momentum with a 1 (23). McGrath owned Tendulkar in 1999 WC, 2003 final and 2006 CT.
  13. I think this (with Bumrah) is the most incisive attack we have ever had. With this bowling lineup and the best top 3 in the world, we have to make it to the World Cup final at the very least.
  14. A special mention to the 2003 and 2007 teams who came closing to winning but were cruelly denied mostly by factors mostly outside their control.
  15. Lol, why would I do that? Hope you stick around!

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