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  1. A special mention to the 2003 and 2007 teams who came closing to winning but were cruelly denied mostly by factors mostly outside their control.
  2. Lol, why would I do that? Hope you stick around!
  3. Welcome back BB! How have you been?
  4. Historic day. Just to give context, Australia has won just 1 series in India in the last 50 years. India has equalled going to show that they have found it as hard to beat us at home as we have them.
  5. Everyone once in a while comes a post that makes one spit their morning coffee out and come out of hibernation. Not sure why you are bowing at the end of that post. Or maybe that's a smiley asking for a smack on the head. I have seen some stats hacks but Avg*SR and random bowling combinations take the cake! Any case can be easily made for Lara being better than Tendulkar because there is so little separating the two but the above "analysis" is just puerile and disingenuous. Here's a simple analysis: Tendulkar and Lara against bowlers with more than 150 wickets and less than 26 average. Bowlers list https://bit.ly/2STSzdF Disclaimer - Tendulkar faced 3 WI bowlers (Ambrose, Walsh and Bishop) who matched this criterion but no Indian bowler met this threshold. Hence, Kumble has been added for Lara as he was the leading Indian bowler ("lone wolf") to add an additional opposition and home/away dynamic. These are what the stats look like now. Lara - 132 innings with 16 100s at 46.95 (Home - 46.84, Away - 47.04) https://bit.ly/2rJawA3 Tendulkar: 129 innings with 20 100s at 47.32 (Home - 47.40, Away - 47.25) https://bit.ly/2EC7BSf In roughly the same number of innings, Tendulkar has more 100s, higher overall average and higher away average. Tendulkar faced 12 such bowlers and Lara 8 (never batted against Akhtar in tests). Tendulkar also outperforms Lara in Australia, in Pakistan and in West Indies too. Tendulkar's lowest average in a country is 40 whereas Lara averages 22 in Pakistan and 33 India with 0 100s in 7 tests/14 innings!
  6. Gambit

    The elephant in the room part 2

    MSD will figure in the playing XI in the 2019 world cup for sure. Crying and whining, while cathartic, is of no use. We should all pray that somehow he rediscovers what made him a legend, instead of what he is today (a leg-end).
  7. Gambit

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    This has the makings of his “167”.
  8. Yeah, it’s been a while! How have you been NJ?
  9. Test cricket’s levels of sanctity must be flimsy. Pandya is a star. Get used to it.
  10. This one is very tough to take.
  11. Gambit

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    Reminds me of the padosi forum where grown ass men argued over who was more popular, more better looking, had better hair, and more girlfriends.
  12. Gambit

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    Dhoni worshippers need to man the f up. This forum was brutal on Tendulkar (justifiable criticism in his last few months) which led to several softies wailing and quitting. This new set of softies seems to be headed in that direction. They need to realise that on the internet no one is above criticism/abuse, be it Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa or Roger Federer. If you want to worship Dhoni, unplug that cord and continue to live in your echo chamber.
  13. Gambit

    Dhoni version 2.01 beta !!!

    He's batting really well but unfortunately, given the next T20 world cup is 2.5 years away, this may not have any immediate positive consequences for the Indian team.
  14. Gambit

    MS Dhoni: The Pythagoras of finishing !!!

    The next WT20s are in 2020 and 2021. Whoever is the WK-bat in 2020 should ideally also be the one for 2021. Is Dhoni the man for both tournaments, first of which is 2 and a half years away?

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