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  1. Site Feedback

    The new look looks terrific! Easier on the eye, less cluttered and easier to navigate. But I was getting warmed up to the drupal software too Great light blue background and absolutely no problems with firefox
  2. Wimbledon 2017

    The first Greatest of all time who is dominated by not one but two of his peers.
  3. Checks in The Wall

    We have tours to Sri Lanka and South Africa lined up. Our overseas batting coach averaged 33 and 29 in those countries.
  4. Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    Wait for Kohli to come back to India. Some more big announcements on the way.
  5. Who do you think would be Indian Coach?

    In all likelihood, Ravi Shastri.
  6. Apparently it will be Ravi Shastri, not Sehwag or Moody. Enjoy lads.
  7. Dhoni has been a liability in T20s for ages now. He has lost us games by his inability to score fast and not being able to close games at the end. In the last 10 years in terms of SR, he stands at a grand rank of #45 amongst batsmen who have scored more than 500 T20I runs. What's he doing in the team again? http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=3;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmax1=10000;qualmin1=500;qualval1=runs;spanmax1=11+Jul+2017;spanmin1=11+Jul+2007;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting
  8. Super smart BCCI !!!

    Despite being insipid in tests and ODIs, WI in T20s is a team full of Agent Smiths. They just keep coming at you and each one has amazing six hitting ability which can turn around any game. Not to forget the the monster Andre Russell who will be back soon.
  9. People commenting on that article are really laying into Dhoni. When Yuvraj isn't in the XI, spotlight is all on Dhoni.
  10. Dhoni fans should ask themselves this: Is this the Dhoni they became a fan of? Are they satisfied with how he's batting now? Do they feel Dhoni's batting now (no boundaries in 100 balls) is better than what a Pant can do? If Rahane or Rohit Sharma had played this knock, would they have defended him with as much gusto? Why has this great finisher failed in numerous T20s and ODIs, especially in the recent past? Once they introspect, they will find their self and their blind fandom melting away.
  11. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Not even Dravid played an innings like this. Rishabh Pant can't bat like this for sure. The only guy who wasnt criticised for his innings in the CT final was Dhoni. I guess that's what people expect from him now.
  12. Dhoni was remarkable: batting at all XI positions, bowling 20/50 overs and fielding in all areas to win these all by himself. My favourite moment was when Dhoni was bowling badly against England in the CT final, Dhoni decided to give Dhoni another go and it came off, with good catches by Dhoni at point and Dhoni at mid on. Reminded me of the 2007 final when Dhoni gave the ball to a rookie slow medium bowler Dhoni, who Misbah scooped only to get caught by Dhoni at short fine-leg. Fantastic performance! Close second was the high quality partnership between Dhoni and Dhoni in the 2011 WC final. Pity Dhoni got out on 97, but Dhoni and Dhoni finished it off as they had done many times over the last 10 years. Finally, Dhoni and Dhoni carrying Dhoni on their shoulders brought a tear to many fans' eyes.
  13. Pathetic comments from Indian fans. Nothing wrong with what Kohli, Dhoni and Yuvi did. Indian and Pakistani players generally have been very good friends off the field and that continues. However, Kohli giggling like a 12 yr old post the match was pathetic.
  14. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    The tide and support is very quickly turning against Kohli. Kumble is not a Chappell that he cannot be gotten along with. This is on Kohli and Kohli alone. Now he has his team and his coach, whoever that may be. If he backs this up by winning in SL, doing well in RSA and winning the next ICC tournament, only then will I accept that Kohli was right.
  15. Times Now: Sehwag Frontrunner to become HC

    5 min training sessions followed by chai, biskut and jalebis.
  16. Welcome to ICF, Rashid Latif.
  17. The disaster which this really isn't

    This was an unmitigated disaster. We went into tournaments as favourites, pounded Pakistan earlier, lost against a weak SL, failed to learn from the semi where Ashwin was toothless and was still selected for the final and were almost handed the finals on a platter by winning the toss. This loss will hurt for a long time and only a commensurate win against Pak at a knockout stage in a WC/CT/WT20 can avenge this. Nothing else.
  18. I hear Barbados is very nice, this time of the year.
  19. Champions Trophy Post Mortem Thread

    If selectors have the cojones, the decisions to be made are very easy: a) thank Yuvraj for his service and dump him never to pick him again, b) select Pant but play MSD as a batsman for next 2-3 series to send a message, c) Ashwin, Jadeja to be replaced by Kuldeep,Krunal etc and d) Rahul to open with Dhawan and Rohit moves to Yuvi's slot. Kohli, as captain, won't be going anywhere soon that's for sure.
  20. Dil Dil Pakistan...!!! We won...

    Congratulations all Pakistani fans! While this loss really hurt, this has re-ignited the India-Pakistan rivalry. Next match, whenever that is, will be a cracker.
  21. That too when people thought he would flop given poor IPL
  22. Strange that you allowed a walking wicket to be Man of the Match 3 times out of 5 against you guys in World Cups (including a WC semi-final).
  23. Kohli needs to have a monster ODI world cup and take India to the final to comprehensively settle this debate. He has under-performed in knock-outs against non-minnows in ICC tournaments: Tendulkar averages 48 and Kohli 34 and Tendulkar has played more than double the innings. Kohli's average in WC knockouts is even lower (17). While Tendulkar failed in two WC finals, he made 50+ scores in the 1996 SF, 2003 SF, 2011 QF and 2011 SF, basically performing in 4/7 WC knockout games. Kohli, while sample size is smaller, has failed in all 4 knock-out games. In the 1996 world cup (against non-minnows), Tendulkar scored more runs than the other top 3 run-getters from India PUT TOGETHER (Azhar, Manjrekar and Sidhu). In 2003, he top scored in 7 out of 11 games and of course, was the highest run getter. In 2011, a 38 year old Tendulkar scored more runs than Gambhir, Yuvraj etc at a higher SR than all (including Dhoni) except Sehwag. And FYI, he scored the second most runs (after Gambhir) for India in the knock-outs put together. No bonafide choker will have these numbers, that's for sure.
  24. in b4 haters, cancer, selfish, Tendulkar, IPL, CSK, lunge.jpg, Krishna, Pant
  25. How to Stop Fakhar Zaman's top edges?

    This guy seems to be from the same gene pool as Imran Nazir and Afridi. Don't see him lasting more than 15-20 balls.

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