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  1. beetle

    How are you going to celebrate

    Election are the real reality show...
  2. Who are the leaders who could replace Rahul and give congress a make over it badly needs? 1) Captain Amrinder Singh? 2) Scindia ? 3) Sachin Pilot? 4) Shiela Dixit ? Too old? Who else ?
  3. beetle

    Why did you vote for the party ?

    The issues that helped me make a decision were.... 1) Toilets. It is shocking that something like this had to be done ...better late than never. It changes life ...specially for the women and children . Gives them dignity and safety .I have seen it first hand in the villages in my state. This changes not just the life of people but also a very crappy part of our culture as a nation. 2) blocking leakage of subsidy by linking to aadhaar and bank account. This is a huge step to limit corruption. This could have been done earlier if preventing corruption was desired by the previous govts. 3) Rs.5 lakh medical insurance for poor . This is a major step. 5 lakhs is a huge amount for the poor. 4) No financial scams in the 5 years. A huge positive. 5) Giving free hand to the forces to counter terrorism. We are no longer a weak spineless nation that is an open target for terrorists. I feel the nation has got a spine back. 6) black money...demonetization may not have worked as intended,but the intent behind it was good. It was a very brave step and I think the govt deserves some marks for showing courage and spine for taking tough decisions . 7) The prospect of having a half clown,a castiest , corrupt or anti national person coming to power made Modi seem like the only option left. These were some points that made me vote for Modi. Overall I felt this govt has shown enough promise to get another term .
  4. Why did you vote for a particular party? What were the issues that helped you make a decision?
  5. beetle

    Post election meltdown thread

    My mistake. More powers to the gays !
  6. beetle

    Post election meltdown thread

    Why should removal of 370 be seen as a communal issue? It is a regional issue. Why should it bother a muslim anywhere in the country? All Indians of all religions including non kashmiri muslims should be able to settle down in kashmir. The other one is unfair to women and should be declared unconstitutional for discriminating against kashmiri women. Now why should any community with any sense have anything against that.
  7. beetle

    Post election meltdown thread

    Delusional idiots. They don't realise what something as basic as not having to hold on to your bladder tight and wait for darkness means to women who had no toilets. They don't realise what not having to look out for molesters and peeping toms means to women for something as basic as attending natures call. I won't be surprised if women voted big time for mr .toilet . That itself is worth their vote. Add the gas cylinders and freedom from collecting wood for making food everyday. They basic things count more than even surgical strikes.
  8. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    They were supposed to cause major dent in UP and bihar.... Scratch bhi nahi hua...
  9. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Wonder what @Lannister did during civics class in school.
  10. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Left has been wiped out. Good. I hope BJP realises that putting their noses in issues like Sabrimala verdict is not going to get them seat....work at grassroots level is going to do that.
  11. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Culture and language are basis for state formation only. States are given fair share on the basis of number of people. There are more hindi speaking people and regions in the country so more number of seat in the hindi speaking areas. That is the way it is and should be. Every Indian should have equal value.
  12. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Election is about people not regions.
  13. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    This is not required. One should be graceful in victory.
  14. beetle

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Unless congress offloads the baba and baby ,they have no future. They have to find a good leader outside that family of present generation stupids.

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