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  1. Yaad nahi. I missed his debut against Pakistan. I was off cricket those days. First time I saw him bowl live was in CT ...I think.
  2. I was a big Pujara supporter too till he put me to sleep everytime I watched him play. I mean literally put me to sleep.
  3. They are all using the anger and outrage of dropping rahul to sneak in Rahane. Vengsarkar says Rahane didn't get enough chances.
  4. Given up on dropoli so choosing dhawan. 3 drops per match.. So minimum 15. Umesh will be the victim as usual ...poor guy.
  5. beetle


    How do you know? No one has to declare their religion, caste, nationality, species on the forum I am not really an insect .
  6. beetle


    Oye what is this nonsense? Why do you keep tagging Mariyam for thing involving muslims ? Does anyone tag you all for issues related to hindus/ sikhs/ christians? @Mariyam....talk to these guys with the middle digit .

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