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  1. Which soap do you use ?

    whipped !!!! Tsk tsk Jking Mine won't listen so I have to moisturize his face after he has gone into deep sleep and snoring.
  2. Nirav Modi paise leke bhaga thread

  3. Which soap do you use ?

    No.....but I do use baby lotion and baby cream.They are mild and not too oily.
  4. Twitter messages

    I just find his inability to take a joke / jibe sportingly or with a witty comeback pretty sad. Forget the Gibbs part and the fixing part....even if it was a non fixer person making the initial joke,he probably would have reacted badly because he comes across as an arrogant person .
  5. Twitter messages

    I read 'kulcha ' too I wonder if it was an icfer or the name has spread to the non icf world too.
  6. Twitter messages

    The only people who use terms like gungadin are ones who subconsciously feel that way.People in India now are the antithesis of gungadin. The only gungadin alive is 'manju ' and he is fit to be a museum piece.
  7. Twitter messages

    If it was fine,he should have stuck to his tweet instead of trying to pass it as a joke . And what the hell is gungadeen .....this is 2018.Even Kipling must be reborn and dead again.
  8. He fought with his bhaiyaji who is the owner. Bhaiyon mein ab dooriyan ho gayi hain.
  9. Twitter messages

    "I was joking from the begining" is going to stay with ashwin like Raina's nephew.... Twitter is a hard place ......
  10. Twitter messages

    Sardars have good sense of humor. Ashwin won't survive with this attitude.Thankfully for him,not many punjabis in the punjab team team . What happened to the change of name for kings 11?
  11. plane Crashed In Iran : 66 Dead

    RIP. This is the second one in the last few days. Anyone else noticed how often this happens . A few crashes one after the other....then everything is fine for a longish time.
  12. Which soap do you use ?

    Johnson's baby soap. Started using it for kiddo and then we all started using it. I like the creamy feel and the baby like smell. Husband got tired of the baby smelling soap so he now uses Nivea or pears.
  13. Twitter messages

    Sardars have been taking jokes for ages.They are more sporting than others. Ashwin is just a bad sport. Period.

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