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  1. No means we need to be realistic about where we need to focus first.
  2. Nutcase and nutcase supporters. This country does not even have basic human rights . In this country ,stray dogs can tear apart children on road sides because they have rights but children in slums or else where do not have rights to basic life and safety.
  3. Too early to say,but he did well on the first day. He has done well in LOIs in the past too although against weaker teams but he also lead weaker team.
  4. He has been fit for some time now. Saw him in Ranji last year.
  5. Seriously?????we will come out to play 6 balls.
  6. Rahane captained really well.
  7. Not a single review today
  8. Nair needs to go for fielding and catching bootcamp.
  9. We missed a trick by not playing Kuldeep earlier.
  10. Bloody Nair...we would have got both openers by now.
  11. We lose toss.
  12. He was issued BC class ticket because the plane that was supposed to fly had BC .But the plane had to be changed and he was informed well before time that the plane being put on service does not have BC. He travelled never the less. He should have complained to the airlines if hevhad a problem. Besides he is travelling on govt money.....not personal money that he is making such a racket . Tax payers ka paise par travell karke tax payer ko peetta hai!!!!
  13. Go India Go. If they don't play bhuv...I will officially hate K &K . Seriously slickr......zakk?????
  14. Read about what law minister said. He is coming out in open support of the gunda in this case. He does not have to present the case so strongly. I hope the airlines go on strike if this guy intervenes.Airlines are within their right to protect their employees and their passengers from such violent entitled gundas. I hope the people are watching all this with great interest.people are sick and tired of such gunda politicians and their supporters . Delhi local elections are coming. I hope Modi knows better.