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  1. What a bummer ! Points split . Rcb can party today...
  2. Match ka kya hua?
  3. RIP Why do we call them naxals? They are terrorists .There supporters are terrorists.
  4. Who won the toss?
  5. He is the most dedicated icf poster.... And he is sweet and kind....and not a back stabber.
  6. bhuvi ko. He has very few supporters.
  7. You mean warner sena?
  8. Why are you after bhuvi today man? Bhuvi had his first bad over this ipl. Dhoni had his first good innings this ipl What does THAT say?
  9. And some blame a wide.
  10. If the batdman moves before ball is delivered....the bowler should get benefit of doubt.Don't the batsmen have enough advantages already? Then arguing is like ...chori aur seena zori.
  11. Sachin was eating green cake....