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  1. While the allegation by the girl should be investigated....She should stop misusing the name of her father in her bid for attention seeking. She should ask Late Capt Saurabh Kalia's father who killed his son before giving a clean chit to Pakistan. As for her second attention seeking tweet.....She should speak for herself and not for the entire student community. She is an attention seeker like the AAP leader she supports.Both have no boundaries when seeking attention. All political groups should be banned from colleges. ABVP and the left leaning student wings that have antinational agendas should be kept away. Of the two...ABVP is the lesser evil...It leads to law and order problems. The left leaning student wings are nurseries for future terrorists and Naxalites.
  2. Looks scripted.
  3. A viru style reply to the the attention seeking girl trying to milk her father's name to get her mug in the media.
  4. Dil khol ke bolo you love IPL Katy.....
  6. Abdullah begaani shaadi mein deewana ho her Jaya hai..
  7. Our chief coach is a spinner.
  8. Chill man...She says she is excited ,talking of sweat and stuff.Probably just wants to screw some greens.
  9. How about getting a few spinners with potential to travel with the team and be net bowlers since we have been rolling over to spinners for some time now ?
  10. Hardikp Pandya released from test squad to participate in VH trophy.
  11. Did he keep badly in this test? If not,why even raise the issue.Everyone failed in the batting department.
  12. Is he injured? He did bat .