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  1. Seriously??? Why all this nonsense just before CT? Can't this wait?
  2. I meant the duck worth lewis matches.
  3. No.Captain should have the first and final say. It is the captain who has to lead the team of players, not the coach. It is the captain who deals with the bouquets and the brickbats regarding team performance. The coach can have a say and advice , but the captain should get the team he wants unless he has gone nuts, in that case it should be mentioned in the team performance report. Cricket is not football.
  4. Rain rain rain! Is this how it is going to be during the real games? I hate these drs matches !
  5. Regarding pay...why don't they have a basic pay for the 3 grades but the match fees etc should be performance linked. Pay more for wins and pay according to the runs scored and wkts taken. Deduct for catches dropped
  6. Pay the players what they deserve. Keep kumble but tell him not to get involved with Coa vs bcci politics . Get zak as bowling coach. Get someone else as fielding coach .
  7. These guys should retire and give some slogging practice to to pandya,jadhav and dhoni.
  8. I think they dropped the last catch on purpose. Kuch to runs bane.
  9. Out. These guys are not putting up any fight. We better bat first next match.
  10. Yaar ek aur out. When will we get batting practice?