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  1. Hardik Pandya insults Father of the Constitution

    m.timesofindia.com/sports/off-the-field/br-ambedkar-tweet-posted-from-fake-hardik-pandya-account/articleshow/63412773.cms Fake.
  2. https://www.mykhel.com/cricket/ipl-2018-drs-set-make-its-ipl-debut-from-this-season-bcci-gives-nod-082543.html New Delhi, Feb 28: The eleventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to witness the debut of the Decision Review System (DRS) as the BCCI has finally given its nod for the introduction of the system.
  3. Hardik Pandya insults Father of the Constitution

    Was it from his verified account? Pretty stupid if it was.
  4. The Never Ending Thread

    The whatapp forwards in my family group make me question my genepool.
  5. This would be interesting if it was a real water snake.
  6. Why bat force? Why not bouncers ?
  7. You can't open any screen without this flashing on the face..... Shami ki yeh Shami ki woh Haseen this Haseen that.
  8. There is no need to get personal about a general discussion. If cheating and lying ( in general ....not necessarily about shami 's alleged cheating ) is not lack of integrity , then may be the meaning of integrity has changed for some .End of discussion from my end.
  9. C'mon man...that is not fair. BD players acted stupid so they are being called out. They played so well and rightfully reached the finals . But their behavior in the previous match is what over shadowed the finals. Who is at fault here? If the Pakistani and sri lankans were supporting the Indian team, you can very well imagine how they have pissed of most cricket fans round the world. Instead of feeling offended, you should hope for more mature behavior from your team and its fans. The first step towards correcting is to first acknowledge the mistake.
  10. Wtf ! Who is getting hyper? You or me? Why would it be an emotional topic for me ? Besides I seem to have a higher opinion about men than you....so it is not a ' feminazi ' issue like you are suggesting . That psychology worked in the days when there were consequences because of lack of option . These days....women have far more options of contraceptives than men . The only consequences are social ones which is an alltogether different topic. Any one who thinks women are monogamous because their psychology is different in these times is just being naive ,ignorant and a wishful thinker. Cheaters will find a way to cheat if opportunity arises. Men ,women ,others .... Have you not heard of the bird that cheats with the stronger looking male while her partner is busy building a nest for her? Women are human too....not angels .
  11. https://m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/did-bangladesh-skipper-shakib-al-hasan-break-the-glass-panel-in-frustration/story-zYvWjmtrnfICKAzPCzaKLJ_amp.html It was Shakib.
  12. You mean men are like dogs. Well ....not all. I do believe men, like other creatures have evolved . And women who want to philander can do so too without the risk of pregnancy in this age. The women the guys are trying to sow seeds with are also doing exactly what the guy is doing . Philandering . Contraceptives have put that bullshiiiit theory about polygamous men and monogamous women to rest. We are not cave creatures any longer .People who want to have fun can have fun without seed sowing or seed germinating . Rest I agree. bcci should stick to cricket and team discipline ,and rules regarding meeting and associating with people who can put the team at risk of bookies and honey trappings . If Shami has been doing okay in that regard,he should be fine. His problems with his wife or any one else outside the team are not the bcci's problem.
  13. Cheating and lying are about lack of integrity. Personal matter but still shows lack of character. Cheating often involves planning , lying , subterfuge , manipulating and being an opportunist. It would be better if he just accepts and says he is like that . It would mean he has a problem being monogamous than meaning he is a lying opportunist . More over having an affair and picking girls for one night( as his wife alleges) are different . The later puts him at risk of honey trapping . That is a whole other game.
  14. ICFers you have met in real life

    You are here only around ipl. Kaise pata hoga?
  15. I think she is a bit of a nutcase and he is a bit of lying scum. A jodi made in hell.
  16. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    I read that before that it was the bd player who did it . Then the srilankan copied. The BD players might take offence at credit going to sl guy and start the naagin dance again.
  17. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Nice article about Bangladeshi cricketers and fans. http://www.firstpost.com/firstcricket/sports-news/nidahas-trophy-2018-bangladesh-sri-lanka-rivalry-encouraging-but-tigers-must-learn-to-handle-success-better-4397229.html/amp
  18. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    I don't know why but it makes me happy.
  19. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    They are just acting. Attention seekers!
  20. ICFers you have met in real life

    Ask Desi to post here.
  21. +1 This. I would settle for a happier nation with equal rights and equal opportunities. A more peaceful nation , a healthier nation. Not interested in being a part of the first world or being the biggest ,strongest and most powerful nation or even the shiniest one.I am an Indian and live in India. India will always be a democratic nation . That is the way we are now. We are too many and too diverse to be forced into any other form of governance.
  22. There should be a BD- SL - Pak tri cobra series and we should get front seats to the tournament.
  23. These srilankan fans really got needled. We wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of their fury.
  24. These days Indian cricket feels like a retiremrnt party for dhoni. Everyone comes forward to say a few good words for him. Any one else would like to say a few words about dhoni ji....

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