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  1. Teams: England Lions (From): Rory Burns(c), Alastair Cook, Nick Gubbins, Dawid Malan, Ollie Pope(w), Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Dominic Bess, Matthew Fisher, Jack Leach, James Porter India A (From): Murali Vijay, Ajinkya Rahane, Prithvi Shaw, Mayank Agarwal, Ravikumar Samarth, Abhimanyu Easwaran, Karun Nair(c), Hanuma Vihari, Ankit Bawne, Srikar Bharat(w), Vijay Shankar, Jayant Yadav, Shahbaz Nadeem, Ankit Rajpoot, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Rajneesh Gurbani I hope Pant is added to the team .
  2. This. The way he behaved yesterday was shameless. Like it is not even worth trying. Compare that to how he behaves with so much emotions for csk...his priority is clear.
  3. hai ammi!!! Nas khinch gayee...
  4. https://www.news18.com/amp/news/india/woman-forced-to-sleep-with-father-in-law-under-nikah-halala-faces-death-threats-for-speaking-out-1813621.html Woman Forced to Sleep With Father-in-law Under Nikah Halala, Faces Death Threats for Speaking Out Narrating her ordeal, she said that her husband had first given her instant talaq. Thereafter, she was forced to marry her father-in-law and consummate the marriage as part of Nikah Halala as she had to marry her first husband again after getting a divorce from her father-in-law.However, her ordeal did not end there. After marrying her first husband again, Shabina was again given divorce and this time she was being forced to marry her brother-in-law. But this time, she decided enough is enough. She approached Nida Khan, who had married into the influential Dargah Aala Hazrat family, and the two went to the media to highlight their plight. Nida Khan had also met the same fate as that of Shabina. She was also a victim of triple talaq and has been fighting against it for quite some time.Both Nida and Shabina have now lodged a case in the local police station against five individuals after receiving death threats.The two alleged that the local clerics have said that “people who do not follow Shariat are automatically considered out of the Islam” and those who raise their voice against Shariat will face ““dire consequences”.SP (City) Abhinandan Singh said that a case has been registered. “The orders for investigation have been given,” he said.Bareilly’s Shekhar Imam Mufti Khurshid Alam said people opining against Shariat and critiquing Halala are doing so to gain media attention.“Some people are giving statements against Talaq and Halala just to gain media attention. We do not need to throw anyone out of Islam, people who speak against Shariat are automatically considered out of Islam,” said the cleriric -------------------------- Yeh karenge insaaf!! When your Sharia laws are screwd up....what kind of justice are they going to provide.
  5. beetle

    Homage to Martyrs

    For ritual sake, the little girl held the burning stick along with her grandfather Jagannath before the latter completed the formalities of lighting the funeral pyre. http://zeenews.india.com/india/martyrs-five-month-old-daughter-sits-on-his-coffin-moves-everyone-to-tears-2124901.html/amp Poor child probably doesn't even realise what she has lost. RIP soldier. Hope your family is well taken care of so that you can rest in peace.
  6. Exactly...like the people watching or supporting the team don't matter. 'Mocking people 'is the only way his innings can be described.
  7. It has become a norm now. After every dud performance from dhoni....there is a procession of defenders sent out. Kab tsk bewakoof banate rahenge? Do they realise that the people they fool are the people because of whom these matches are played. Bloody *ers ! If he played bad...atleast let him get the brickbats. Nah....this guy should not be questioned no matter what he does. He will keep ' finishing ' games like this with that smug look on his face. He will make one decent score worth something in one of many matches and the whole procession of ' in your face ' comments and memes will start.
  8. Too much trolling is getting boring.
  9. Please post a legal stream link if you can find. Hope we play our strongest team and not the ' lets try everyone ' team . Lets go for the win and not some follow the process blah blah bs.
  10. Thanks man.. For giving us one of the greatest feel good memory of the Natwest win. His fielding was class. Happy retirement ! Hope he replace the clueless Sridhar as fielding coach.
  11. Holy chit! Dhoni is Rajnikant's Ahmed Shehzad!
  12. beetle

    Misbahfication Meter !!!

    If that happens.. Then it will be really sad farce. We might as well give up and stop following cricket.
  13. beetle

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    It is selective and convenient respect. Respect when it suits them. We saw dhoni's respect for his seniors when he threw them out and didn't even csre to take laxman's call. Kohli was anything but respectful with kumble.
  14. beetle

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    This was good 'bhadaas nikaalo ' thread. Dil ko shaanti mili.
  15. I will put you and the bitter rasgulla on my ignore list.
  16. beetle

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    Anything to keep pant out.
  17. beetle

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    I bet with yesterday's booing , some people have become even more insecure.
  18. Velu and rasgulla combined get most hate for dhoni on this forum with their salt in our wounds threads.

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