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  1. Ncr's smoke related polution is mostly because of crop stubble burning in three neighboring states, haryana, punjab and western up...all agriculture heavy states.
  2. http://www.storypick.com/bangaluru-college-dowry/ Yes, you heard that right dowry is being justified in Indian textbooks. A Facebook post says that this a page from a B.A. student’s study material from St. Joseph’s College in Bangaluru. The student is studying Sociology and in a class of 60 people and faculty, no one opposed this. The material said, The post has gone viral with over 1200 shares in just over a day. It is scary that such things get indorsed even in textbooks. Dowry is a punishable offense under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Instead of focussing on that, out education system is teaching us this. The appalling chapter also said, See the whole post here: Image Source Netizens obviously had a lot to say about the post Image Source Although the text says that ‘according to them (supporters), these are the advantages’, it doesn’t compensate for the subtle promotion of ‘their’ point of view. Why would anyone want to study ‘Advantages of dowry’ from the point of view of their supporters? Wouldn’t it be same as a chapter on ‘Killing people have its supporters (yes, they are called cold blooded murderers). And according to them, these are the advantages of murder. Point #1: Population control: Ugly people can be killed off to maintain population growth” If this sounds outrageous to you, so should the dowry chapter. Period. ----------------------------------------------- Wow...just wow ! This is what is taught in college.
  3. Taking and giving dowry are considered crimes by law. Having a discussion on advantages ( even if under the guise of people's opinion ) is like discussing advantages of stealing or dacoity. Personally, men who ask / let their family ask for dowry are bloody ' namards '. Women who want to take dowry from parents are blood sucking vampires. Everyone should get inheritance after parents pass away ,if they have any left ,and if the children have taken care of their basic duties towards parents , gender being no excuse to get away from duties.
  4. No...he is saying if he reaches 618, he will retire as mark of respect for Kumble.....i.e.1 short of kumble's 619.
  5. Anderson ko praise karne mein ego issue hain. He made kohli cry.
  6. Amir also studied math$$$ in buree sangat.
  7. Ban is only in NCR region...thst too only on sale.
  8. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Now everyone is posting their crap and spoiling bookworm's nice thread of pretty ladies. We have a 'tharki' thread for posting .
  9. Even though people are pissed off , most do believe that crackers polute and they are the ones fo suffer. The outrage is against selective ban . If they are poluting , ban them completely from public and private lives of all citizens along with taking other measures.Don't pick and choose based on the tolerance level of the people effected.
  10. Anyone who can swing a bit will get him blushing.
  11. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Tiwary set up a nine-man slip cordon with Dinda and Shami bowling in tandem
  12. Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Wishing all icfers a very happy Dhanteras and a very bright Diwali.
  13. Flash would make a great cricketer

    Calling @maniac
  14. Poor guy probably doesn't even have a say in it. He can't say no to the state selectors without bcci backing.
  15. Ravindra Jadeja deserves a Top 6 slot

    Not even 300 How much talwarbaazi did he do?
  16. Yuvraj Singh Appealed For Cracker-Free Diwali. Twitter Responded With This Pic https://amp.sports.ndtv.com/cricket/yuvraj-singh-appealed-for-cracker-free-diwali-twitter-responded-with-this-pic-1763131?akamai-rum=off
  17. Flash would make a great cricketer

    Hulk gets only 4 overs
  18. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    Ho sakta hai... But in case a case there would be no need for the drama. It would be a straight case of a parent trying to protect the child and killing the offender in the process. Or killing the offender in the heat of the moment trying to protect assuming the child was still alive.

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