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  1. Brought in by the drunk guy who is called our chief coach . If he wanted to sit and drink ,atleast he could have got good assistant coaches. Bloody drunk got people who would just follows what they are told to do. Shastri is responsible. Kohli and Tendulkar responsible for getting us shastri.
  2. We probably have the most incompetant coaches in the whole cricket playing world.
  3. Why do they stay in each others lap in the slip? Thoda spread honjao..?
  4. Shami should hit out and make a quick 20+. Then give our bowlers a chance to bowl under no sun.
  5. Barbie aunty mouthing off to a kid.
  6. The sun should come out for opening session. Let us get some runs...
  7. Jimmy bada khush hoga No sun....baadal baadal.
  8. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    It is his natural game Mohandas Menon ✔@mohanstatsman Rishabh Pant (before this Test) FC - 75 sixes in 1831 balls (a six every 24 balls) List A - 25 sixes in 736 balls (a six every 29 balls) T20s - 97 sixes in 1084 balls (a six every 11 balls) -- Total 197 sixes in 3651 balls (a six every 19 balls)#EngvInd
  9. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    It seemed pretty risk free. If not six, it would have been four. This is closer to his natural game. Broad or andu pe nahi risk liya... But you are right in general. Chal gaya to taaliyan. Nahi chala to gaalian!!!
  10. I felt more confident after he did well in the A tour. Not just the runs but how he got them. Dravid's statement about his temperament for the longer version was something that gave confidence.
  11. That is why you have not been picked shreyas iyer. Your performance gets affected by such things. This is test match boy....test of character.
  12. Kohli is Captain Haddock. Looks and swears like him.
  13. https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.mykhel.com/amphtml/cricket/delhi-rishabh-pant-hammers-308-in-326-balls-create-ranji-trophy-record-007606.html Ranji Trophy: Delhis Rishabh Pant hammers 308 off 326 balls, creates record He is 20 yrs old. He has only got chance to show his talent in domestic till now and he has done fairly well in ranji. Remember , he is a wkt keeper batsman.
  14. Yesterday at the beauty parlour. The beautician say....my doctor said that people who have lots of hair on the body do not get cancer. Only people with less hair get cancer.

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