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  1. So lara was all about the wallk only...
  2. https://www.ndtv.com/cities/after-gun-jams-uttar-pradesh-cop-shouts-thain-thain-to-scare-accused-in-sambhal-district-watch-1931862?amp=1&akamai-rum=off After Gun Jams, UP Cop Shouts "Thain Thain" To Scare Accused. Watch Cities ANI The video of the incident, that is said to have occurred on October 12, was shared recently on social media. Updated : October 14, 2018 13:27 IST During the encounter, one cop was injured, while a criminal was also arrested. Story Highlights Police official said such things are not new and may happen at times The incident took place on October 12, was shared recently During the encounter, 1 cop was injured, while a criminal was arrested Lucknow : An Uttar Pradesh policeman was left with no other choice but to mimic the sound of a gunshot after his pistol jammed during an encounter with criminals in Sambhal district, some 370 kilometers from Lucknow. The video of the incident, that is said to have occurred on October 12, was shared recently on social media. In the video, a police officer can be heard shouting 'maaro, maaro, ghero ,thain, thain' with the intention of scaring the criminals. Speaking about the incident, a senior cop told ANI, "This was due to a technical glitch of the weapon that the officer was carrying, such things are not new and may happen at times. With regard to the cop shouting, it is a tact to deal with criminals mentally and create pressure on them to surrender." During the course of the encounter, one police personnel was injured, while a criminal was also arrested after being shot. The criminal was wanted in a number of robbery cases and was carrying an award of Rs 25 thousand on his head. ............................ to our ill equipped cops who still dare to go after criminals. Reminded me of childhood chor sipahi games we played..... Ruko nahi to goli maar dungi....thain !!!thain!!!
  3. There is no door to break. Pradyuman kya bolega.....daya ganna (sugarcane)tod do Daya....gun nahi chal rahi....bolo thain thain!!!!!
  4. Look at the guys...guns that jam....no bullet proof equipment , chasing criminals in the dark in thick fields.
  5. What a performance! Bowled like a champion. Did not make us feel we were one pacer less.He is a super athlete .
  6. Good habits is the new mantra ...
  7. For me.... MOM....Umesh MOS....Pant and Prithvi
  8. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Excellent batting. Good wkt keeping.
  9. Pakistan ka nasha chad gaya hai isse. A bit of importance has gone to his head.
  10. Oye vk.....let umesh get his tenth wkt. It will give his confidence a huge boost for australia.
  11. beetle

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Chand is a wkt keeper too ....did not know that.
  12. Not to mention the worst bowling action .
  13. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    https://m.timesofindia.com/home/sunday-times/saying-metoo-changed-their-lives/articleshow/66198463.cms Good read to understand why people say me too.
  14. Anyone who thinks like that will have a problem with the challenges of international cricket. He has had fair number of opportunities. Needs to pull up his socks and show he has it in him.
  15. Guys like Prithvi and Pant will make watching tests exciting again.
  16. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Some big names in journalism have fallen . MJ akbar appatently was a known predator in media circles. Just the common people did not know. Now names are coming out .
  17. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Finally some sense setting in... media frenzy is never about justice Wtf!! Totally support people speaking up about abuse suffered by them in the media. I never supported anonymous complaints or third party endorsement of complaints. Most people who have been named seem to have had a predator reputation in their circle already . Now the world is talking about it.
  18. Send him back to play domestic. Let him get the hunger to succeed.
  19. beetle

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    This kid is special.
  20. beetle

    Flying around the world - Stupidity or Adventure?

    Specially at 17 . If you are fit , healthy with necessary experience, then it is fine.
  21. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    People like chinmayi and sapna Bhagnani should let people do their own talking instead of becoming mob pointers. This will just dilute the credibility of the movement. People have to realize that anonymous complaints do not hold water. One will have to be brave enough to say it with their names and details. Otherwise make peace with it . Don't dilute the movement with your over enthusiasm . It should not turn into a witch hunt or glory hunt .

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