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  1. beetle

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    Man...you just spoilt it. I was trying to make velu cry...
  2. beetle

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    When did I call all men pigs? I have defended men so msny times.
  3. https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/off-the-field/chargesheet-filed-against-cricketer-mohammed-shami/articleshow/68410301.cms Couldn't these people wait till the WC?
  4. beetle

    Chargesheet filed against Mohd. Shami .

    Honey trapping and blackmailing is a concern ....but otherwise I don't think a promiscous person is devoid of all ethical qualities. Even the most sanskari person( in terms of sexual fidelity ) can do horrible things for money.
  5. beetle

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    I picture people like the pic in their DPs.
  6. Who gets to decide who is right snd who is wrong ? In a democracy.....it is the people.
  7. Is baar cup le kar rahenge !!!!!
  8. beetle

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    So many people don't visit now. Where is @Aaku?
  9. beetle

    Chargesheet filed against Mohd. Shami .

    Being a womaniser or a cheater is one character flaw. A person ( of any gender) can be that and still be a pretty good human being in general.
  10. beetle

    Chargesheet filed against Mohd. Shami .

    Is he a womaniser and cheater? Most likely it is true. Did she get illtreated by his family? It is a norm in most families specially in the initial years when the efforts are more towards setting her right and bending her to their requirement. Considering that she comes from a different state,speaks a different language and married their high earner son....won't be surprised if it did happen. Is she being fair to him ? She is pissed of with his cheating and out to get him . If a spouse cheats,the right thing to do is to seek divorce . If the inlaws illtreat,the right things to do is to stay seperate ( which she was already ) and if it continues ,then to seek legal help. Her going to the media and trying to destroy him is not correct. If she had just gone to the police ,that would be fine ...but the kind of stuff that she did was way OTT. Some people find rejection very hard. They react in different ways. Some do it with acid,knives,bullets...some do it this way. Random information. Shami's wife ( ex?) Has joined congress and jaddu's wife has joined bjp.
  11. beetle

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    Those runs we could not made were the dots motu played.
  12. beetle

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    56 off 89 balls
  13. beetle

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    Bhuvi has to do well every single match or atleast not have a bad day.(like every cricketer)...or else he has had it. He may not be as big a wkt taker as bumrah or shami,but he is more consistent and predictable with a decent above average performance. Loved his batting. Wish he could have got us closer.
  14. beetle

    WTH pineapple !!

    How many of you guys knew this ?
  15. Yeah...either vote for us or we will rule you with danda. Sick ! This is the reason people need to vote out govts( parties) from time to time. So they don't think they have a natural right to govern.
  16. beetle

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Heard he was making big runs in the domestic scene.
  17. Pant and Kishen are the future. Both similarly talented. Right now Pant has the upper hand for having put the runs on the board (in tests).But kishen is around. Samsom has taken himself out of competition. The guy seems content with ipl life and family life rest of the time. Add his attitude problems and it will take a really really good performance from him to even be in the reckoning.
  18. beetle

    So without Dhoni....we cant win?

    The losing streak started with dhoni still in the team.
  19. beetle

    Bhuvi should pe promoted to #4 !!!

    Holy **** ...I thought it was today's thread. Velu baba ki jai ho !!

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