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  1. Not now Mr. Naseer.... Not in the middle of a series in Australia. Now we should have his back....just like aussie do.
  2. beetle

    Kohli and paine Sledging

    I think Paine is better at this sledging bit. Kohli is too aggressive . It has to be funny without being too brash and offensive.
  3. beetle

    India vs Australia Series Banter/Sledging Thread

    This is not so funny....kohli comes across as a brat. Now if/ when we lose it...he will look silly.
  4. Warning ..... Guys.....please do not use obscene language unless you want to be banned in the middle of this interesting series.
  5. Rohit kaun sa sher hai australia mein..
  6. Pujara and Aggarawal for openers.
  7. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    I meant Indian number 1 keeper
  8. Shame that it has taken so long!
  9. Good opportunity for Vihari. Show what you have got .
  10. beetle

    KL Rahul cant bat saala !!!

    I think it has already been shot. In this form, him appearing in these gossip shows is harakiri. It will open him to abuse from people that he quite deserves.
  11. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    He is one century away from being the number 1 keeper for sometime .
  12. beetle

    Countdown to Rahul’s comeback to domestic cricket

    The way he has been batting,he will find it difficult to get into the Ranji team too.
  13. 280 + ki lead hai nah. Aaaram se 250 /9 down pe draw hoga.
  14. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    I think he has already taken most number of catches in aus by an Indian keeper and this is just the second test.
  15. We are losing the match to no 10 and 11.
  16. beetle

    Predict India's score

    One run more than their score.
  17. Tino Best likes to add spice to twitter wars....
  18. These two are ripe for Big Boss or the Australian version of it.
  19. We should let them bat till tea or more.... Our openers will not survive.
  20. Kohli seems to have worked really hard on his catching . We should retire the title ' dropoli'.
  21. beetle

    Petition to axe Sanjay "Manju" Manjrekar

    Clarke is fine with Virat's chit chat but this excuse of a man has problems with it .... Clarke praises Pant's keeping in this match and this idiot is going back to England and saying Bairstow was better than Pant. Someone has done something bad to his guy as a kid. We should start a petition to get him to see a shrink.
  22. Has kohli got centuries in both innings before? We will need one more from him. Half centuries from chepu and rahane . Another 30/40 from pant and we will be able to draw.....

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