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  1. Because just like Sharia laws...this is a backward step. This also gives unnecessary power in the hands of some people over others. What stops these courts from misusing powers? It is like saying" woh pahad se kooden to hum kyun na kooden"
  2. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/meerut/this-i-day-hindu-mahasabha-sets-up-first-hindu-court-on-the-lines-of-shariat-court/articleshow/65413883.cms
  3. That is getting too close to fixing results. Economics guiding results will always end in dirty play.
  4. It is like sending a chihuahua as a watch dog.
  5. beetle

    Why no practice?

    It is shocking that the team management hasn't still learnt a lesson from the two defeats and the criticism of lack of practice even now.
  6. This guy has such a big ego that even with no coaching experience ( he was some make believe director),he blocked all others . I feel kohli dating Anushka And having the freedom to have girl friend on tour and being able to do whatever under Shastri's directorship was the reason we got this useless drunk as coach. Shastri let him break protocol and allowed him to treat her like a queen on tour. As his gf , she was treated like first lady of cricket. He was the first captain who got to do that. She travelled to the match in the team bus. Shastri helped him woo her in style. Kohli wanted shastri for reasons other than cricket because he himself does not need a coach.
  7. Problem happens when people start putting national flags on slippers and underwear. It is because of those idiots that strict rules have to be made.
  8. beetle

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    These two are so common I think everyone has heard them in India..... My mom told me not to put my head in sea water when I went on honeymoon to Goa.
  9. beetle

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    If salt touches your hair, it will turn white.
  10. beetle

    Karunandhi health status...

    Stalin Says Would Have Died Had Father Not Been Buried At Marina Beach https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.ndtv.com/tamil-nadu-news/mk-stalin-says-would-have-died-had-karunanidhi-not-been-buried-at-marina-beach-1900314%3famp=1&akamai-rum=off Kya dramebaazi. The guy must be banking on some some show of power but did not get a chance . Now he is showing superior loyalty by telling what he would have done if ....
  11. beetle

    Is this the greatest revenge ever in cricket??

    This one is brilliant . Laughed so hard the first time I saw it.
  12. beetle

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    Not all paharis are very fair. The guy in the interview sitting next to kohli is a pahari.
  13. This is a big positive.
  14. beetle

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day icfers ! Happy Birthday India.
  15. beetle

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    What? Tomatoes in spinach dal causes cancer? How did they see it happen and how do they prove it was caused by the combination? I would have had cancer long time back..
  16. beetle

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    Glad you are not gullible.
  17. beetle

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    His wifey wasn't as fair in her first movie as she is now.
  18. India has strict rules to be followed when handling a national flag . I don't know if this would constitute as disrespect but I can see a number of pils being filed here too ....most of them for nuisance value.
  19. beetle

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    We have to play ashwin for his batting.
  20. beetle

    Grievances thread

    It is exhausting.
  21. beetle

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    Who is this Bisht guy? These two guys are being pretty frank for such young cricketers.
  22. beetle

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    Nah. He was always fair and lovely. Doesn't need botox....too young. His old jaw is hiding behind his beard. He has lost a lot of fat from his body including his face.
  23. beetle

    Grievances thread

    Link is in the first post.

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