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  1. Yeh sab kya hai. T series kya banata hai and pwdie kya banata hai.. ?
  2. Kitni mehnat karta hai yeh bakwaas likhne ke liye....
  3. beetle

    The new craze for evidences

  4. I think he has opened for his state( not sure) and ipl .
  5. Virat nahi karta. He should have opened with dhawan and Pant ....but that is too much to ask from our clueless kaptaan sahab.
  6. I give up. Chipmunks. Who is the girl in your DP?
  7. He told you are DR. Are you ? Who ...he or you . DR Who?
  8. @Starpower Chal chaiyan chaiyan chaiyan chaiyan ! rhinoceros!
  9. I thought it was some code between you two.
  10. How do you understand what starpower writes?
  11. Now I know why you have restrictions on posting some threads..

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