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  1. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Excellent batting. Good wkt keeping.
  2. Pakistan ka nasha chad gaya hai isse. A bit of importance has gone to his head.
  3. C'mon umesh....get your 10th
  4. Oye vk.....let umesh get his tenth wkt. It will give his confidence a huge boost for australia.
  5. Brilliant bowling from Umesh.
  6. beetle

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Chand is a wkt keeper too ....did not know that.
  7. Not to mention the worst bowling action .
  8. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    https://m.timesofindia.com/home/sunday-times/saying-metoo-changed-their-lives/articleshow/66198463.cms Good read to understand why people say me too.
  9. Anyone who thinks like that will have a problem with the challenges of international cricket. He has had fair number of opportunities. Needs to pull up his socks and show he has it in him.
  10. Guys like Prithvi and Pant will make watching tests exciting again.
  11. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Some big names in journalism have fallen . MJ akbar appatently was a known predator in media circles. Just the common people did not know. Now names are coming out .
  12. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Finally some sense setting in... media frenzy is never about justice Wtf!! Totally support people speaking up about abuse suffered by them in the media. I never supported anonymous complaints or third party endorsement of complaints. Most people who have been named seem to have had a predator reputation in their circle already . Now the world is talking about it.
  13. Send him back to play domestic. Let him get the hunger to succeed.
  14. beetle

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    This kid is special.
  15. beetle

    Flying around the world - Stupidity or Adventure?

    Specially at 17 . If you are fit , healthy with necessary experience, then it is fine.
  16. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    People like chinmayi and sapna Bhagnani should let people do their own talking instead of becoming mob pointers. This will just dilute the credibility of the movement. People have to realize that anonymous complaints do not hold water. One will have to be brave enough to say it with their names and details. Otherwise make peace with it . Don't dilute the movement with your over enthusiasm . It should not turn into a witch hunt or glory hunt .
  17. https://m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/after-virat-kohli-s-request-on-the-stay-of-wags-bcci-makes-a-decision/story-ajumwwMd6KVR5bjfsMRJ0M_amp.html After Virat Kohli’s request on the stay of WAGs, BCCI makes a decision The matter was discussed in the much-awaited meeting between Team India members and the Committee of Administrators (CoA). Updated: Oct 12, 2018 13:58:36 By HT Correspondent File picture of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma (Hindustan Times via Getty Images) After Indian captain Virat Kohli put in a request to the BCCI to extend the stay of WAGs during overseas series, there has been a decision made by the board. The matter was discussed in the much-awaited meeting between Team India members and the Committee of Administrators (CoA). According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the CoA wants to follow the policy which is in place by the Cricket Australia. As per this policy, the CA works with the Australian Cricketers Association (the players’ union) and then chalks out a certain period for the families, which is called the family period. This aforementioned period keeps varying with different series and is dependent on the length of the tours. However, with the 2019 World Cup approaching, the BCCI is in no mood to change the set precedent as far as World Cups are concerned. During the 2015 World Cup in Australia/New Zealand, the WAGs were not allowed till the semi-finals. This same policy will be employed during the next World Cup in England. Speaking on the same issue, Gautam Gambhir said that family presence on tour works for some players but it may not for another. “The player opinion varies. Only an individual can say because the individual has to play a Test match. Some want family to be there for the whole tour while others want little family time and they try to concentrate (on cricket),” Gambhir told India Today.
  18. You are sure about Rahane ? Not rooting for bumrah...he was just an example. Even pujara is better currently than Rahane.
  19. beetle

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    A few years back there was news about the tv star Iqbal Khan being harrassed by his female boss forcing him to quit the show. Any truth to that gossip @UrmiSinhaRay
  20. Vc should be based on current performance....not next 5 years. No one can tell about 5 years in future.
  21. Poor guy got a new haircut and hair colour ......but no support from leg.
  22. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Did he sing that song saying something like mein balaatkaari...?
  23. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Another monster https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/thewire.in/media/mj-akbar-sexual-harassment/amp/

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