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  1. beetle

    Grievances thread

    C'mon man....don't get so emotional. Good posters should stay during the test series.
  2. beetle

    Grievances thread

    Admins ka issue hai....mods ka nahin.
  3. beetle

    Grievances thread

    I read this complaint in the grievance or site feedback thread too. Wahan post kar de..
  4. beetle

    Grievances thread

    Moderators are people too.
  5. beetle

    Grievances thread

    Most of kira's phateechar posts should auto delete.
  6. beetle

    Grievances thread

    And me
  7. beetle

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    Kahin bhi nahi bhai....only on icf dp.
  8. beetle

    Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?

    Backbone is also hurt now.
  9. https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.timesnownews.com/amp/sports/cricket/cricket-news/article/virat-kohli-ravi-shastri-face-the-heat-after-england-debacle-bcci-to-grill-captain-head-coach/268925 The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is all set to grill Indian team skipper Virat Kohli and head coach Ravi Shastri after the team's shambolic performance in the first two Test matches against England. India, after losing the first Test closely by 31 runs at Edgbaston, slumped to a crushing defeat by an innings and 159 runs in the 2nd Test at the iconic Lord's Stadium. The BCCI sources suggest that the BCCI is unhappy with the team's meek surrender in the first two Test matches. "What is happening on field is a result of the indiscipline shown off the field. Why are the players not staying, living as a team? Why does half team travel in a bus, rest in a train? Where is the team spirit? If this keeps happening, results like this are bound to show," top BCCI sources told Times Now. The Indian board is also clearly unhappy with Virat Kohli being given all the power to make decisions on his own. The board is likely to ask for explanations from Kohli and Shastri depending on the result of the third Test. The squad for the last two Test matches is yet to be announced. According to reports, the questions arising in the BCCI corridors are why the captain, coach duo of Shastri and Kohli have been given immense freedom in terms of team selection and management. The duo is likely to face the heat if the woeful form of the team continues in England. Earlier the players and team management had complained about a tight schedule and lack of match practice after losing in South Africa, however, this time around the players had enough time to prepare and some of the senior members were also sent to England with India A side for adequate time to acclimatise with the conditions. “We arranged white ball matches first. It was on the senior team’s insistence that we send the India A team during the same time starting the concept of ‘Shadow Tour’ Two senior India players (M Vijay and Ajinkya Rahane) were accommodated for A team games. Whatever they wanted, they were provided. Now if results don’t come, the Board is well within its rights to ask questions,” a BCCI source told PTI. Loading ... Currently, the Indian team is embracing one of their toughest outings under Kohli's captaincy. The team has failed spectacularly to deliver in both the Test matches and are yet to open their win account in the ongoing series. The development of BCCI's displeasure over Kohli and Shastri comes at a time when the skipper is nursing a back injury and is not certain of his chances in the third Test. If true, BCCI is likely to make a few surprising changes in the Test squad for the final two games, depending on how the third Test pans out. While the bowlers have put on a decent show, the batsman have managed only 673 runs combined in the first two Tests. India and England will lock horns in the third Test beginning from August 18.
  10. beetle

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Ind vs Eng: तीसरे टेस्ट में अश्विन कर सकते हैं भारतीय टीम की कप्तानी, ये है वजह https://m.jagran.com/cricket/bouncer-r-ashwin-can-do-the-captaincy-in-the-third-test-against-england-in-nottingham-18315334.html Ashwin can do captaincy in 3rd test..if virat unfit. Mean while bhuvi is back in the gym.
  11. beetle

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Bumrah, Ashwin Declared Fit; Kohli Races Against Time for Third Test https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.news18.com/cricketnext/amp/news/india-vs-england-bumrah-ashwin-declared-fit-kohli-races-against-time-for-third-test-1844675.html
  12. When they lose and then fans see a picture of Pandya , his shirtless well oiled body and his mouth pouting at them from magazine covers ....to mooh se gaali to nikal he jaegi. Guys like bhuvi kuldeep etc don't suffer that.
  13. beetle

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    We have enough people . Ikea will change for India like Mc Donald changed and started serve veg burgers
  14. beetle

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    But ikea's selling point is " assemble yourself".
  15. Being in the public eye all the time (his own doing ) has its pitfalls when you don't do well.
  16. I don't believe any thing these attention seeking antinational parasites say.
  17. beetle

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    Is diy as a culture good for a country like ours when so many people are dependent of jobs that come under diy options?
  18. beetle

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    Like making our own masalas... Cooking from scratch is also diy.
  19. beetle

    Why no practice?

    It means kohli and management either don't care or are incompetant when it comes to something as basic as team practice .
  20. Why do you feel so? Why not? Earlier loans were not available but now grown up children can get loans for everything. Why burden parents ? Instead let them save for their retirement so that they are at least financially not dependent on their children or dependent on their children being successful. Let the children decide wben and how to get married when they are ready. If children want to get married in a temple, be fine with it. If children want big wedding, let them take a loan and have the big wedding. What is so wrong with this? Why should parents spend their life time hard earned money for a wedding which will be forgotten in a day. Why depend on children? What if the children turn out to be bad seed who don't care? What if children are not sucessful even after giving them an expensive education? What if children end up divorced even after a big fat wedding ? All your life's earning gone and the parents are dependent in old age. Instead save for retirement . Enjoy life.Let adult children take care of themselves and let them enjoy life. What is so wrong with this? Keep churning out babies till you menopause is a separate issue altogether. Yeh bhi hota hai. Now it is less but it still happens in many families when they don't have a son in the first or second chance. I still see enough families with three daughters and one son. If the son makes something of his life...then he has to take care of all responsibilities. If the son is useless...then the parents spend a life time taking care of responsibilities. Honestly I lost you there. What i meant was that most people do take care of elderly when they can't take care of themselves. There was always a small part of the population that does not . It is not something new that we can blame western culture for. People have been leaving widowed mothers in vrindavan for ages.Even some of our elderly people left their elderly family members to fend for themselves. This is not new. It has happened in past . It is happening now .It will happen in future.

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