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  1. beetle

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    And the poor fast bowlers have to bowl slow.. Fast bowlers ke against kya ?
  2. But he loves giving troll votes. I have a nice collection of troll votes he gave me. P.s...just gifted him one more.
  3. Now you are just going round and round .
  4. beetle

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    This. He needs to practice keeping for bumrah more. This is his 6th match and he dropped one....and took 11. Which keeper has a 100 % record? People have far too high standards from him which is not fair. He has definetely improved over the last series. He is diving less and moving his feet more . That is fast learning. He is willing to learn from his mistakes ( asked Gilcrist for guidance) . He is not 100 % and will not be 100 % because no one is.
  5. beetle

    Pant's sledging behind the stumps

    That was about Kohli's over the top celebrations.
  6. Again ....unnecessary use of unnecessary words. The team physio and people at NCA are supposed to decide if the player is fit or not. Most times fast bowlers play with niggles. There is very rarely anyone who is 100 fit through the series. It is the job of the team physio to decide on the fitness of the selected player and the job of the player to play if declared fit and asked to play.
  7. The guy was out for a long time after that series.....so it is the truth. It is not his call if the captain and physio declare him fit. What is he supposed to do....say I won't? The thread is not about Vihari. Ashwin vs bhuvi depends on the wkt and conditions. If it favors swing ...definetely bk .....otherwise it is between ash/ kuldeep / vihari. Bk is being propsed in place of rohit , not the spinner option.
  8. @Dil Dil India bk has a better batting average than rohit in Sena. Bk gives the fourth seamer option . Last time bk was in australia..he was bowling with an injured ankle/ foot. Dhoni had ground him to the ground in and after england and he was completely burnt out. Not a good series to judge him by. Let him play a few matches in place of rohit since he is a more reliable bat . Lets see if he is better now. If not with the ball,he is definetely better than rohit with the bat in Sena.If he doesn't do well with the ball,then selectors will have the reason to get newer players in place of him. Choosing him and benching him is neither good for him or the guys who could replace him . This is just Rohit Vs bhuvi argument.
  9. No need to abuse. Everyone is here to put their thoughts across. Everyone can use the troll vote.....it is not for your exclusive use.
  10. These days they make news article from 1-2 reaction tweets from anyone. Lazy writing.
  11. beetle

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    Guys and girls...let us remember there is no proof this is true.... Had it been true...the media would have caught on it and created tamasha....not to mention his still legally wedded wife would have used it to get some spot light. This seems truely a case of ' Give the dog a bad name and hang him '.
  12. They lose one state after another while their partymen fast and protest to keep ' women of the objectionable age' out of a temple.
  13. Play bk as the extra batsman and the 4th seamer . Between bhuvi and ash/ Kuldeep ,you have a fairly decent tail.
  14. beetle

    Isa Guha

    Newly married... https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.indiatoday.in/amp/sports/cricket/story/isa-guha-wedding-england-women-s-cricketer-1345399-2018-09-21
  15. beetle

    Isa Guha

  16. beetle

    Isa Guha

    We are 1.35 billion Indians... Still why are people insecure about some people of indian origin not being 'Indian' enough.There is enough Indianness around.
  17. In his drunk head,he has won the series....
  18. beetle

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    @Nikola This guy is getting sledged so bad when he comes to bat next time. He better go there with some cotton in his ears and dark shades ....
  19. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Dhoni ke time mein social media was not what it now. When SM got big...dhoni got a bloody army of PR to work for him. dhoni did when he was at peak.. Yeh bachcha to abhi abhi ande se nikla hai.... Kya girl, itni hate!!!
  20. Tumko sab kuch irritating lagta hai... Pant bole to irritating Baba jinx kare to irritating... Chill ... Aur bhi gham hain zammanne mein ... Mute aur ignore ka istamal karo ...
  21. beetle

    Isa Guha

    She is the citizen of that country. Period How would you like if others take Indian citizenship and do not show loyalty to our country.What do we call those people? Deshdrohis...? Zabardasti thopne se koi Indian nahinhota .
  22. beetle

    Isa Guha

    She is British. She has played for England. Why do you expect her not to be what she is?That is her country and her loyalty should be towards that country. What is she ashamed of ? Did she badmouth India or Indians?

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