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  1. beetle

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    May be the fast bowlers should also be asked to develop other skills because their present skills are not setting the world on fire. How many test matches has he played in the recent years? Don't judge him by how he performed as a newcomer.He is a much improved bowler.Let us judge him by his recent performances in the few tests that he has got to play and give him a decent run. Ishant and Umesh have also got a very long run to prove themselves.Let him get a chance to prove himself .
  2. beetle

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    Isn't that the argument held against him that he is not fast enough because only phaaast bowlers can survive in tests ? Even his abilty to swing is sometimes held against him....the conditions don't help swing so he should not play when he is as good or bad as the others in non swinging conditions. Who are the top guns who are setting the pattas on fire for us to keep him out for them???? Other than shami.....the other 3-4 are in the same bracket while bhuvi is magical when it swings ,so why discriminate?
  3. beetle

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    So bhuvi has to play only on pattas to prove himself else his stats don't count for much, while others get to prove themselves on all kinds of wickets and we judge them by their stats........
  4. beetle

    Zaheer Khan misses out on bowling coach deal

    Asking for the sky on your first real coaching job...really zak? He hasn't really set the world on fire yet with his coaching skills yet...... sad...
  5. beetle

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    Bhuvi is magical when conditions suit him and as good or as bad as Umesh when conditions don't suit him. If bhuvi is not an all condiition ,all trick bowler...neither is umesh. If bhuvi can't set pattas on fire...nor is umesh doing the same I could understand if Umesh was in the form of his life ...but this nonsense about Umesh gets the first chance because conditions are not juicy enough for bhuvi should stop. It is surprisiing how the speed worshippers are so satiated by just seeing fast bowling....oooooh that was 149!!!!ohhhhh that was 150.....and that iitself is enough even if those ohhhhh deliveries don't get wkts.. Do people say...ohhh...look at that ball swing .....maaza aa gaya....that is enough,Swing is the real thing.... Who are the other bowlers being discussed? Who are the other quicks in direct reckoning? No one is talking about shamii here. If bhuvi does well...then people go...it is the conditions only.... If he does well,he gets damned if he doesn't he gets damned. It is like he is being punished for being skilled at something. Poor Umesh gets targetted more because of the blind speed worshippers than he would otherwise.
  6. beetle

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    If we are talking about Anderson being a threat.....how can bhuvi not the first option.
  7. beetle

    The Never Ending Thread

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! PK,DW and Nikred!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!
  8. Follow BCCIVerified account‏@BCCI Team : Virat (Capt), Rahane, Rahul, Vijay, Pujara, K Nair, Saha (WK), Ashwin, Jadeja, Jayant, Mishra, Shami, Umesh, Ishant, Bhuvi, Hardik
  9. beetle

    What are you eating now?

    arhar in north toor in south and west I like arhar with zeera,heeng and garlic ka tadka.
  10. beetle

    ICC keeps BCCI away from key meet

    Shashank Manohar....the snake!!!
  11. beetle

    What are you eating now?

    kathal (jackfruit)ki sabzi stuffed karela dal and roti.
  12. Tell him to work on his catching too....
  13. I am shocked how little progress slip fielding has made i n recent times.The fielding coach deserves to be fired. More shocked by Kohli...some one who takes his fitness and batting so seriously should have sorted out this shit by now. Very poor from Kohli...
  14. beetle

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    All ATM cards are debit cards.In time of need people should use them. Most ration shops and petrol stations are using old currency. Govt hospitals are using old currency. It is the middle class that is most supportive of the move.The service class that is sick of being the only ones to pay income tax. The poor are having a tough time and the rich are hurting from either loss of black money or not having money to splurge like usual. The middle class is mostly fine.They know how to live with less for some time.There is less crime,no money to ask and give bribes,ration shops are full and offering essentials on old currency. There is hope for a better tomorrow....if not ,just seeing the tax evaders squirm,cry and lose their money itself is a big benefit for the mddle class.
  15. beetle

    Bigg Boss Thread

    nahi...aaj pata chalega...
  16. beetle

    Bigg Boss Thread

    How do you know?
  17. I like Shami's batting . It is fun to watch. I prefer to watch him bat than some other real ones in the team .
  18. beetle

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Rich people use credit cards. Poor people don't need to line up 4 times in ten days. Most people shedding crocodile's tears in the name of the poor are crying for some other reason....
  19. kya yaar...not out tha...you can't gve a tail ender out like that...sissies!!!

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