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  1. Guys at least take it to the last ball. Don't mess the net run rate
  2. Warner is such a gun fielder.
  3. Losers. It is a war between bsngla and afghan fans.
  4. Out But beautifully done.
  5. Doe eyes left his brains in the hotel today
  6. First time srh bowling looking really bad. Henreque is just horrible.
  7. Henreques is useless. Chal pant hai.
  8. Shut up .Pant is not fat...just stocky
  9. Faster than a tracer bullet ...
  10. Two humble piesvin a day. Out...bhuvi catches him .
  11. He did fairly well last year.
  12. Okay..i hate henreques too.
  13. Not yet.....3 position is not safe.
  14. Last time I saw bhuvi drop a catch was when he wasca newbie.

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