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  1. beetle

    Aus v Ind - Umpiring watch thread

    Did any of the lbw decisions go un reviewed? I got up late ...
  2. Can't she wait for another ten years to turn him into yogi the bear? We need the tiger playing for us.
  3. Babaji's jinx is so strong....finchy brain also froze ...no review . babaji ,please use this thread to jinx the remaining guys.Jai ho ...ho ho ho ho !!!
  4. beetle

    India A Tour of NZ

    I was going to post the exact words...
  5. Tharki ki biwi aarti nahi utarti....joota uraarti hai. Itna to prepared hona hi chahiye tharki bhai sahab ko.
  6. Guys stop using the word ' pedo ' without evidence.
  7. Looks more like an attempt to get sympathy and hero- dom from religious fanatics after the personal revenge attack. Let these fundus into the country and suffer.
  8. beetle

    Birthday boys

    Bumrah,jaddu ,Shreyas Iyer , Karun Nair and RP singh....all born today. Khaleel's and Dhawan's was yesterday.
  9. Kohli has become buddha so early in life.....where is the aggressiveness?
  10. What time does the match start in the morning?
  11. He used to call everyone bhaiya. May be he was told not to or 21birthday ke baad he decided he is no longer a youngster.
  12. beetle

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    My sister did not want to do this.Good girl. My cousins wanted to do so I told my sister to steal it before they do . The shoes reappeared when they were needed. My husband owes her a nice gift.....let me remind him.
  13. Does Pant chatter more when Ash bowls or we hear it only qhen he is close to stumps? Looks like it is some knd of understanding between him and ask.
  14. beetle

    Gautam Gambhir retires

  15. beetle

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    She publicly asked for 37 crores before marriage.... He should have given her babaji ka thullu....
  16. beetle

    Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas the worst couple atm?

    Serves her right!!! Greedy saalis deserve kanjoos jijas... I hate this stupid tradition....chori aur seena zori.
  17. Rahultonti tonti nahi hai
  18. Kohli was trying to concentrate and parthiv can't stop the chatter....
  19. @Kothili stop using foul language for posters.
  20. I like low scoring scoring test matches more than run fests. Areyyy...rain ,go away.
  21. @UrmiSinhaRay....some GK.... Chahal is the new guy in the tattoo club.Yuzi chahal has got three tattoos on his body in australia....did not know he had that much place on his body.
  22. Nah.....he is cocky and over exuberant, not stupid.
  23. Full marks to Pant good keeping and sledging... Hope he settles down in his batting in the second innings and his nerves are cooled down.

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