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  1. Franco...if you are still in school , then you better listen to mom and study as well as you can. If you are in college..talk to her about what you want to do in life and how you are going to achieve it. Show her some intent that you have a plan....a genuine plan. Give her some basis to trust that you care about your life and want to do something with it.
  2. Since we know that it is a tough tour to debut, we should just have realistic expectations from any debutant we might get this series. Give them a bit of rope to make mistakes and not judge them for this series.
  3. He can't do worse than dk or parthiv. Even if he fails this series...we can hope that he learns from this and gets better. Dk and PP have not done that for over a decade.Pant deserves at least a few series .
  4. Bcci matlab kaun? Who will grill? What will they grill Whatever they grill...shastri will gulp it down with daaru and kohli with a pitcher of ice tea..
  5. Being taken care of in old age is a selfish reason to have a child. The child does not have the option ...when you have a child for oldage , you force that option on the child. Taking care should be out of love. How do people who don't have kids manage? How do people who have only girls manage, married into conservative families, these girls rarely have the option of taking care of their parents? For every person who chose the not so normal career and failed, there are more people who succeeded. If the child is happy doing what the child wants and can take care of self...that is success. The problem is the million expectations of the parents. There are enough people hanging themselves because they could not fulfil their parents dreams or .....because they ended up fulfilling parents dream instead of their own .Is there a bigger failure than that? Parents should be happy if the child can make a living doing whatever ...even if it means being a farmer ,a driver....or a shopkeeper. Let the child decide if and when they want to marry. Let the child decide if and when he wants a child . If they let the children decide....the children will find their place in the world according to their capabilities and wishes. Children don't have to live their lives fulfilling the parents dreams and making them proud. If the child is independent and satisfied....that should be enough for the parents. But then beti ki shaadi kaun karaega? Chote bhai ko kaun padaega? Achche din kaun dikaega....
  6. beetle

    Match lasted 170 overs

    His bowling too.
  7. Hypothetically ....if they both debut this series. What are your expectations. What will make you think...good we tried these kids in a tough series where others failed. Pant...I want to see him to do a decent job as a keeper. Don't expect him to be very good...just not a bad keeper. Hope he gains from the experience and learns. As for his batting...would like him to show a bit of grit like he showed in the A tour. It is much tougher than a A tour but would be happy to see him fight it out . Prithvi... The same as Pant. Try to stay there and show some fight . Get some of his good form into the big game.Runs will be bonus . It will be tough, very tough....but hope they can give us some kind of hope for future. And if they do show some fight...I hope they are continued into the easier home series. We know they will do well in home series...
  8. Yeah...we should support parents and take care of them.But all this should be out of love .Don't have kids as retirement plan but for love. Don't support parents as a payback but for love. Parents should definetely not have children so that one or more can take care of their their other children and settle them . Anyways...don't want to derail more. Back on topic. ... Most parents don't even know the kind of professions that are open to youngsters today. They want their child to study, get a safe job and be secure even if it is not something the child wants.May be there should be counselling available for parents to make them aware. Another problem is that parents think their job is not done till the child gets settled in a job, gets married and has children of his/ her own and those grandchildren are also brought up in their way in front of their eyes, in their lifetime.
  9. Let Britain be stupid in their political correctness. They won't get Khalistan in India . A few decades later, they will be asking for Khalistan in Britain. Serves them right .
  10. Because children are not something they bring into this world because they want them just for the sake of wanting children. Children are born because...it is time to have them, aur kitna mazaa karoge akele akele.Aaj kal ke bachche materialistic hai. Children are born as retirement plans...budhappe ki laathi. Children are born to take care of the parents other children....specially boys. Beta hoga...apne bhai behanon ko padayega ....behenon ki shaadi kareya, he will take care of our debts that we have in the first place because we had children that we could not afford. Children are born because parents want to become grandparents. They need to see their dna playing around in front of their eyes. There are millions of orphans...why not spend time with them .
  11. beetle

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    6 crore ke liye..
  12. beetle

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Kohli par bewde ka nasha chada hua tha...
  13. beetle

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Moody lao.... Tom Moody....not moody bewda.
  14. beetle

    Time to relegate Vijay and Karthik to TNPL

    Didn't expect much from dk...but Vijay has been such a disappointment.
  15. beetle

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    No one expects him to save us from whitewash. When kohli can't do it.. Woh to bachcha hai. All we want is to give these guys a chance rather than continue with players who are past it. He may put up a fight.That will be good. He may fail... .so are the others. Even if he fails...we know it is baptism by fire. As long as he applies himself and shows grit....most fans will be okay. As for management ... Unko jo karna hai woh to karenge.
  16. beetle

    Make KL Rahul captain in one of the formats.

    I hope rahul doesn't end up like kambli . Wonder if he is as talented as kambli.
  17. beetle

    Make KL Rahul captain in one of the formats.

    Rahul hasn't done much to be even a regular ...
  18. Chalo ishant spoils Andu and broad's fifers and andu's ten wkts ....they will be Advantage Team India.
  19. Four ducks this innings.. Will we get a fifer.. ?
  20. That will still be better than vijay. They get experience. We get to see some new players even if we lose. These guys are not winning us anything any ways.

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