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  1. beetle

    Swami Nithyananda videos !!!

    How can people be so stupid to follow such people? There must be free weed involved in this.
  2. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Mostly because of the shame associated with the victim instead of the abuser and the crime. The day we can get over this...things will get a little better. The hindi media is the worst with their "izzat lutna/ abroo lootna/ abroo taar taar hona" ****. How about saying the abuser / rapist ne apni izzat loota di.... Sexual assaulter ne apne parivar ki izzat loota di....
  3. beetle

    #MeToo India 2.0

    I doubt there are too many women in India who have not been sexually assaulted in some or the other way during their life time ....varying in degrees. Buses, trains, public queues ....you name it . I can myself count more than half a dozen harrowing experiences that I can't forget. We were never told we could talk about it Good that people are talking about it .If there is a fear of being exposed, such blatant abuses will become less. It was far more easier for guys to grope, assault in public places earliar than today because of cctv cameras and phone cameras. The fear of exposure stops a lot of people who can only abuse in anonymity. Instead of making it a gender issue, people should support this as an abuse issue. Men get sexually assaulted too. Besides everyone has women in their families. If women in our families start talking about their bad experiences, more men will get sensitized about this. Yes there will be people who will make false accusations. The only way out is to fight the accusation . If it even stops the ones who fear exposure, the world will be a better place .
  4. hey velu...nice of you to call and say . We knew we could count on you.
  5. Velu , please let me turn this into your daily dhoni dedication thread. Then the rest of us can be spared.
  6. Probably because More was asked to work on Pant's keeping.
  7. Yeh le velu....ek aur.....so that you don't post another dhoni thread. https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/when-ms-dhoni-asked-rohit-sharma-to-let-khaleel-ahmed-hold-the-asia-cup-trophy/amp_articleshow/66115429.cms Soon the head line with be....players hold it in till dhoni points towards the toilet.
  8. Our spinners apparently have a bowling coach whose name starts with D and ends with i.
  9. Jagjit Singh. I cried a bucket when that magical voice left .
  10. Comment section of TOI seems to have a low IQ requirement to post comments. All kinds of idiots assemble there.
  11. beetle

    Virat Kohli turns vegan

    This guy has nothing left of his original personality.
  12. What about the ones with kids? Let kids stay on tour too.Shikar's son is always all over the place ...interviews, team photos. Imagine if everyone's children were like that with over indulgent parents. Then they will want a nanny ....then Creche and tutors too. Does he realise we have been losing overseas ? Pehle kuch jeet lein ,phir biwiyon waali farmaish pesh karein. This guy is so whipped, he doesn't even use his brain . If he was allowed to use his brain, he would have asked for 2 weeks stay with wife on tour at any time suitable to the couple and the team.
  13. He will ask for one at every port....
  14. I find ODIs most boring . Test match between two good teams is great. Or else...it should be t 20. Odis are atleast 20 overs too long.
  15. beetle

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    think beyond ipl.
  16. I think he does not want a fixed time period as it does not suit his wife's schedule. By saying wives should be allowed on tours he wants that his wife can come and join him whenever it suits her without the media going crazy about why her ? Where are the others? Like it happened last time when she came and attended the high commision visit after all the other wives had left or not yet arrived.
  17. She does. She is one of the top rated actor . Marriage does not change much for an actress any longer.
  18. Anushkha has too much power on this guy. No one should have so much power over another person....whether husband,wife ,parents ,siblings or peer group.
  19. Some time back he lived on grilled chicken. So no animal protein ....no carbs...bus subji !! This is not a normal human diet. He will either breakdown or cheat on his diet in private.
  20. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    And look.....kuldeep got a fifer without the expert guidance from the pointer and drs expert. He must be so relieved he doesn't have to share the credit with dhoni .phew!!!
  21. beetle

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    This is the first time he is keeping to world class spinners at home. He is getting better.
  22. beetle

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    We will decide when the second guy finally goes.

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