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  1. IPL thread allocation

    1) Only fans of the two teams should get first chance.( fans means ... Showing first second allegiance to the teams) 2) The host team fans get first chance. 3) If no one from host team opens 6 hrs before match then the opposing team fans may start a thread. 4) If no thread has been opened till one hour before a match, then any one on icf can open. This is just to avoid multiple threads and also to avoid . Suggestions are welcome. The field is open for MI fans to start the opening thread.
  2. really!!!!! I feel if they want to groom...Pant is a better bet. Delhi boy and has captaincy experience. Let shreyas be captain now. Make Pant vice captain and if he does well for the team, make him captain in a few years. I don't see shreyas as a long term DD player. DD should try to get Rana to their team in future.
  3. IPL thread allocation

    True...but if I make the thread....I am doubly nervous and can't enjoy the match
  4. What pisses you off?

    Your mind is .
  5. IPL thread allocation

    I am panauti. Let @maniac or @nikred open. Or any other non panauti srh fan .
  6. What pisses you off?

  7. This is not limited to ipl . CT???
  8. Dhoni has a mid life crisis haircut.
  9. Nahi...abhi picture baaki hai... Bravo knows what to do.
  10. Bravo is taking the last six glory from last ball dhoni.
  11. Wag.Mandeep's wife. Very pretty...a little plump.

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