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  1. http://www.storypick.com/bangaluru-college-dowry/ Yes, you heard that right dowry is being justified in Indian textbooks. A Facebook post says that this a page from a B.A. student’s study material from St. Joseph’s College in Bangaluru. The student is studying Sociology and in a class of 60 people and faculty, no one opposed this. The material said, The post has gone viral with over 1200 shares in just over a day. It is scary that such things get indorsed even in textbooks. Dowry is a punishable offense under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Instead of focussing on that, out education system is teaching us this. The appalling chapter also said, See the whole post here: Image Source Netizens obviously had a lot to say about the post Image Source Although the text says that ‘according to them (supporters), these are the advantages’, it doesn’t compensate for the subtle promotion of ‘their’ point of view. Why would anyone want to study ‘Advantages of dowry’ from the point of view of their supporters? Wouldn’t it be same as a chapter on ‘Killing people have its supporters (yes, they are called cold blooded murderers). And according to them, these are the advantages of murder. Point #1: Population control: Ugly people can be killed off to maintain population growth” If this sounds outrageous to you, so should the dowry chapter. Period. ----------------------------------------------- Wow...just wow ! This is what is taught in college.
  2. India vs New Zealand 2017

    We need to lose a few if we want some changes. Couldn't be against a better opponent . We don't get kiwi trolls ...no?????
  3. Congrats Kiwis!!! You deserved it !!!!
  4. We do need to lose some matches if we want to prepare in time for wc.
  5. Who should get the credit for the result? I think kohli marshalls the pacers and dhoni marshalls the spinners.
  6. What is our win %age in wankhede. Seems like a panauti ground.
  7. I think so too....we are losing this one. Losing streak has started from the t 20 we lost.
  8. I want what he is having.
  9. Dhoni's reflexes have slowed down considerably.
  10. Nate.. Please share what you are eating in this thread.
  11. If she does not get the ring , she can have any number of masters.
  12. I was talking about the lights at wankhede. ek light kaam nahi kar rahi thi .
  13. But why sachin chamchas... Dhoni ne sachin ka kya bigada? I just don't get it .
  14. That is silly from james bond. If you don't put a ring on the finger, you can't complain.
  15. I think she was making a joke
  16. Hockey...India beat Malaysia 2 -1 to win third Asia Cup Title.
  17. What the hell are they chanting ? Sachin? That is silly
  18. I think we are losing this one
  19. I don't understand the sachin connection to dhoni bashing. Sachin ne kya tumhari bhain ko danda maara hai ?
  20. He has little bit chinky eyes ....
  21. It looks like he goes to the hair dresser and slathers on whatever colour is left over for the day.

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