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Everything posted by beetle

  1. beetle

    Solving India’s Middle Order Crisis

    I read it as middle age crisis..
  2. Dubai mein jaake bache itne emotional ho jaate hain !
  3. **** just realised the scores are same. We did not win!
  4. Seriously wth!! Took it to the second last ball... Dhoni...
  5. beetle

    Do we need dislike/downvote button?

    I loved the downvote...
  6. beetle

    Bollywood logic !!!

    What idiots!
  7. beetle

    Too much hate for few bowlers?

    Wth with these emotional threads on icf!!! Icf is getting soft. @Nikola....you just want to hate bhuvi so any reason will do.
  8. When dhoni lets them go..no one even mentions it...
  9. Backstabber!!!! Even khaleel is from srh.
  10. Ok @vishalvirsingh....chill We get it. you like more of the more... Now can I remove one of the two posts without breaking your heart.
  11. He is trying everything in one over. He has ten overs to try....
  12. Chahar is red...looks like he will faint any time.

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