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  1. It looks like he goes to the hair dresser and slathers on whatever colour is left over for the day.
  2. Boom boom yorker!!!!
  3. Aww the little girl had a little slate with 'bhuvi bumrah vaat lagade' written with chalk on it.
  4. Ouuuuuut! Finally !!!!
  5. Jadhav's fielding should keep him out of the team. Pathetic!!!
  6. You check the lights at wankhede?
  7. Okay... sorry bhuvi
  8. Don't they check the lights before the match?
  9. Not a liability but his slides are
  10. Ground fielding is something he can still improve, although I don't think he can throw himself around like umesh . He should work on his slides.Umesh is a natural athelete. Bhuvi is not and has had an ankle injury...that must be a handicap.
  11. Sabko chance milega
  12. He is a legend. You feel his presence like the wind but never see him.
  13. Bk you beauty He has to be the most hardworking and improved cricketer around.
  14. 5 runs per over now
  15. This is wankheke. We are scoring at less than 5 / over
  16. https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/pcb-left-red-faced-over-compensation-claim-from-bcci/articleshow/61171713.cms
  17. He has got one. Bhuvi probably has more girlfans than some entire teams. https://mobile.twitter.com/BhuviOfficial/status/921623419703062528/photo/1

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