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  1. Chit ...thst was out! Dhoni drs fail Bk cheated off a wkt.
  2. That is why Pant is not in the team.
  3. We should hide the padosi ha ha thread today. Aaj hamara ba ha hoga
  4. Aus win toss and field Stoinis in .
  5. 'Jahannum' (Hell) She Called Him. And Ensured He Was Caught In Kashmir Story Highlights Top terrorists killed in Valley by forces after tip-offs from lovers Ditched wives, girlfriends are sharing key info: security forces When terrorists go to meet these women, they often go alone: sources https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/jilted-lovers-lead-kashmir-security-forces-to-top-terrorists-1760554?amp=1&akamai-rum=off
  6. Go India Go bhuvi C'mon warner ..... Show us what you have there
  7. What are you eating now?

    I just had a mouth full of roasted peanuts. They were rancid.
  8. What are you eating now?

    Oh I love thst stuff.What do you call that? I had it twice a few years back. That is not fish is it? If so.. I did not eat that. It was something else.
  9. Guys, cut out the personal attacks. Any further personal comments and the entire post will be deleted because no one has the time to edit the silly name calling from your posts.

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