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Everything posted by beetle

  1. Yay!!!!Hum Jeet Gaye !!!!!
  2. What sham of a match !
  3. +1 Plus just because he has a different action does not make them similar bowlers.They talk like he is Malinga 2.
  4. Wow....lovethese flying bails today !!!!
  5. Chahal gives some creepy vibes with that grin .
  6. Outtttttt! Moses down !
  7. Glad nehra is not on the screen too......he made me pull my hair out last season . I miss ipl.
  8. Moses has a rudolf nose. Looks like he always has a cold.
  9. Woo!!!!! Kul ka deep !!!!
  10. Kohli does a lot of fake forced laughing . Reminds me of my dad .
  11. What makes you happy?

    All three of us cuddled up in bed , watching something nice on tv.Some times all three watching different stuff on different screen but still enjoying each others company. Watching kiddo scream in happy excitement. Adrakh ki chai ....waking up to a nice cup of tea made by hubby. It's once in a blue moon , but worth the wait. Long drives on empty roads early in the morning with chai and sandwiches, parantha rolls etc. Walking in light drizzle.
  12. That is s humping smiley ......
  13. no problem. Go India Go bhuvi Go warner
  14. Go India . Go warner...give us a good fight.

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