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  1. What are you eating now?

    Yes...this is what I ate and liked.
  2. Need for stabilizers in the T20 game !!!

    Henreques was out Dhoni screwed up the drs.
  3. What pisses you off?

    What about males with female avatar?
  4. Yo yo test pass Like a big bass!!!
  5. This is a good decision. Glad he is doing it with dignity. Because of his fitness issue, he can't even be trusted to bowl 4 overs in ipl .
  6. Dhoni needs to follow Nehra

    Hail Nehra ji But how he be a sure thing for the kotla match?
  7. Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!

    They should give his money to pujara and the whities only guys.
  8. Amazon Original series INSIDE EDGE - (IPL related)

    You have just started watching. So I will keep shut .j
  9. Amazon Original series INSIDE EDGE - (IPL related)

    I binged watched it. It is so juicy and gossipy. I think the team was a mix of RR and Kings 11. Richa Chaddha was preety. Vivek was a combination of wadia and Kundra. The seedha saadha captain had a hint of RD. Who could be the bowler...chandela? Who was the creepy spinner who ragged that bowler over chaste? Who was the coach character inspired from ...bob woolmer+ Ajay Jadeja????
  10. Ban the centre for ever. Find the guy and hand him over to the fans who want to watch cricket.
  11. I feel people/ media is in too much hurry to crown him superstar. They should wait and watch .these same people will tear him apart if he loses form or disappoints for a few games. Too much pressure on him . Let him work for that superstar label.
  12. Next one in Hyderabad! Bhuvi vs warner + henreques.
  13. Man this guy was out Now he is winning it for them.
  14. Man....if henreques wins it for aussies...I will lose it!!

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