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  1. beetle

    This will break your heart

    In most western countries the govt has the right to seperate children from parents if they are at risk. Parents pushing children across borders ( unless there is oppression ) are putting their children in danger. Besides this, illegal migrants are the a pain for any country. These people do not have any respect for rules( hence have no issues breaking such serious ruled) and no respect for life. They enter a country without any job and place to stay. They bring down the living standard of the host country. Every country has a right to protect their borders from such irresponsible rule breaker. If this woman was a drug mule travelling with a child...would the authorities not seperate the child from her or she should be a more child friendly jail because she put the child in danger. May not be the same crimes but the issue is the same. Don't put your child in a situation where the child will be put in danger.
  2. beetle

    This will break your heart

    It depends on why they are seeking asylum. If they are seeking asylum because of oppression where their life is in danger....then it is fine. If they are seeking asylum for economic reasons and a better life , then it is wrong. One can't just walk into another country illegally like that. One has to follow the rules of a country. Period. The parents should not put their families at such risk. The parents are responsible for what happened. Entring a country without legal permit is a crime. The parent was commiting a crime and forcing a child into such a situation.
  3. beetle

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    C'mon maniac...don't leave. If you leave, I am not going to support SRH next ipl. I can't do it alone man.
  4. That one is high on good food.
  5. Yoyo my foot! This is now just another way of keeping people out. Shame !
  6. Kohli is very strict about fitness when it comes to others ...example, the kid sarfaraz. When it comes to rohit ....he becomes blind.Pyaar aur Paisa ( bunty ka) kohli ko andha bana deta hai Waisay any news... Bunty ka jija pass hua ya fail.....
  7. beetle

    Twitter Updates...

  8. beetle

    Site Feedback

    Why man? Why so serious? Chill. You are our srh mascot.
  9. NEW DELHI: A team from Uttarakhand will finally feature in the Ranji Trophy , ending an 18-year wait, as the BCCI decided to form a nine-member 'consensus committee' to oversee the state's domestic debut in the upcoming season. After a meeting on Monday, CoAchairman Vinod Rai said that Uttarakhand will be making its Ranji debut. The nine-member 'consensus committee' comprises six members from different cricket associations in the state, one Uttarakhand government nominee as it currently owns the international stadium in Dehradun, and two BCCI nominees, including the recently retired Professor Ratnakar Shetty. "They (all rival associations in Uttarakhand) have swept aside their differences to ensure that a team from Uttarakhand plays Ranji Trophy and other BCCI tournaments from the upcoming season. So, by consensus, a committee has been formed with BCCI nominees in it. It will start working from next week onwards," Rai said here. CoA member Diana Edulji and BCCI CEO Rahul Johri were also part of the meeting. The 'consensus committee' is expected to be around for one year before a BCCI recognised body is formed. A lack of BCCI affiliated association has hurt the cricketers in the state with many being forced to play for other states. With the BCCI technical committee also recommending the inclusion of Bihar and northeastern states in the upcoming domestic season, the number of teams competing in Ranji Trophy could go up to 36. The five northeastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya have conveyed to the Supreme Court that they would like to field independent teams in Ranji Trophy. The previous season saw 28 teams taking part in the premier domestic competition with seven sides divided into four groups. With the number set to increase substantially this season, there is a possibility of the BCCI creating a second division to accommodate the newcomers. Talking about the BCCI SGM on June 22, Rai reiterated that if the meeting is held, it will be in violation of CoA guidelines issued in March. "Whatever we had to say we have said in the mail (to the BCCI employees and officer-bearers)," said the CoA chief when asked about the BCCI going ahead with the SGM without its approval. https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/india-domestic/ranji-trophy/after-18-year-wait-uttarakhand-set-for-ranji-trophy-debut/amp_articlesh great news @rkt.india
  10. beetle

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    Not a fan of UP but I agree... There is a lot of double standards. It is okay to say anything about any region except south.One word against south and it is racism.Even fake news is enough to get the daggers out. Karnataka or any other state is no heaven on earth either.
  11. beetle

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    Wow...apparently she posts nudies of herself, still not well known.Had to google to see who the new pandya woman is.
  12. A lot of stuff is not COA matter but that doesn't stop them from interfering.
  13. Where is the COA now?Why not do something about this rather than sticking their nose in stuff they need not.
  14. That lion looks sick and pathetic....poor beast. What pleasure do these idiots get in reducing a fine beast to this? Sick bastards.
  15. beetle

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    What a farce! No Pant no shubman.
  16. beetle

    Happy fathers day !!!

    Happy Father's Day to icf ke baaps.
  17. beetle

    Captain Kohli and his love for past it cricketers.

    Raina is back. Yuvraj just has to pass the yo yo test.
  18. This is the curse of dhoni. In the coming months we will see a seat blocked for jr tendulkar too.

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