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Status Replies posted by beetle

  1. Are you okay with Tibarn's signature?

    If not...I can ask him to remove.

    Abusing posters is not  allowed.

    1. beetle


      :facepalm:Just saw your signature.

      You two ,get a room.

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  2. Try Starsports.com 

    It will be about an over late.:frown:

  3. Hi BW,

    Please don't mind my strong views on surrogacy .I am just writing from the point of view of the women who are surrogates and the kids who sometimes are left high and dry because of varied international laws.I do feel very strongly about it.


    I have a lot of empathy for couples who have difficulty being blessed in the normal way . I do hope every one of these couples find a loving person who wants to help them get their  wishes and dreams .Every child deserves to be nursed in a willing womb and not a womb who is at some level being exploited  to do it...often by her own family.


    Hugs to you and your little Prince.



    1. beetle


      Awwww...give your honey bunny a big hug from me.

      Love to you both 


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  4. Hi. I checked my points log i have points against my posts. How do i open the icf bankaccount. I don't the points reflected like the way it is reflected in your profile like how much money etc. How to do it.

    1. beetle


      Hey BW,

      Sorry for the delayed response.I missed this message completely.


      For converting your runs(points) ...go to this thread


      Just ask how much of your runs you want converted to money.

      1 run = 10 rupees.

      you can use this money to bet,enter contest ,lottery etc.....no buying sarees :P


      Hope this helps.

      Again...sorry for the delay.


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  5. you should check these too...some knowledgeable folks there



  6. Hi What happened to sparkey's thread??

    1. beetle


      I have no idea BW.

      The idea of starting a thread is to start discussion or interest in others. Like your thread...it should be a gradual process based on interest or responses of others.


      His thread was like a personal collection transferred in a day to the forum.

      Besides he is a champion spammer.

      Probably,this could be the reason.


  7. Hi.rads congrats on becoming the mod. Can u please look into the request made by sparky in the thread indian models etc. Thanks in advance

    1. beetle


      Hi Book _Worm.

      It is okay.

      The thread has many images .....sometimes that slows it down.

      Let guys like sparky wait for the thrill of watching girls.Girls should always act a bit pricey...:nevermind:

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