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  1. I feel bad for Pant.

    Just because of dhoni fans...everything he does goes under a magnifying glass.

    Most other players would be getting a thumbs up for performing upto what he has done in his short career but he will be judged like he has to perform at every thing 100% all the time.


    With the exception of bumrah...which other youngster has done justice to his place like Pant has done?


    People expect him to be perfect after 7 matches?

    Who has ever done that ever....?



  2. 3 hours ago, Austin 3:!6 said:



    Lol...and what was he shielding tailender for today? This is where maturity comes. Its not as if India would have won the game anyway. Rather than cluttering his mind with the thought of saving Umesh, he should have just batted normally. Take it as a batting practice for next test. If he had done that, we might have batted little more than 1 hour. But he decided to go for ugly slog and got out same fashion again.

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    Last time he got criticised for not shielding and now you are criticising for shielding.

    This is just blame game no matter what he does.

  3. 1 hour ago, rtmohanlal said:

    even if some one is called monkey, what is the big deal in it??  Don't we call others 'donkey'??  These Aussies don't mind calling others

    even 'bastards' , then they complain for calling monkey...what irony!!!!!!!! 

    Symonds is mixed race.

    Calling a white person or asian a monkey may not feel racist but calling a person with African origin is considered racist because of comparison with simians in the past.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Global.Baba said:

    Why would you think posting such intimate pics on social media is even a good idea? :facepalm:


    She deserves to get trolled. Idiots all

    of them- Sakshi bhabhi,Thaila,the fans and TOI

    I think it was cute...:love:

    Sets goals for husbands.:hysterical:


    When someone marries a kid...

    Aisa karna padta hai.

    Priyanka also straightens Nick's tie and clothes in public....:p:


    My husband used to tie my shoes when I was fat and :preggers:because I could not see my feet....:p:

  5. Just now, Global.Baba said:

    Why is Times of India even printing such articles?


    Naseeruddin Shah is not a cricketer. Yes he is a celebrity and may be a cricket fan. As fans we all have opinions. 


    What next Sunny Leone says Rohit Sharma hits the best 6’s? :)


    He is entitled to his opinion as a fan. No big deal. TOI are the bigger chewts here.

    A large part of TOIs news items are based on tweets and people's reaction to it....:p:


    Apparently Sakshi bhabhi got trolled for making thaila tie her shoes....


    And  Abhishek explained why his family was serving food at Ambani wedding....


    These are all news items.


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