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  1. 2 minutes ago, Nate said:

    CricketHD.net is the websites which gave Live international cricket for $ 10 

    if your housing society not allows you Dish on the roof you still can watch cricket but you must need to check Safari/Firefox browser before the game 


    I think light still Dull, poor country  India 



    I was talking about the lights at wankhede.

    ek light kaam nahi kar rahi thi .:juggle:

  2. 6 minutes ago, Rasgulla said:

    :p: There is a big difference between real cricket fans bashing Dhoni and sachin chamchas with agenda bashing Dhoni. Its acceptable from Real cricket fans but not them chamchas who were quiet during sachin tuk yuk all those years. Our legend khota says everyone needs to be treated fairly. So we fight for equality here:aetsch:

    But why sachin chamchas...

    Dhoni ne sachin ka kya bigada?

    I just don't get it .:noidea:

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