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  1. https://www.timesnownews.com/amp/sports/cricket/article/bcci-asks-ipl-franchises-to-submit-list-of-players-they-want-to-release-by-november-15-report/300836


    Who all do you think are going to be released?


    Pandey from srh?

    He is ridiculously expensive.


    Maxi from DD?

    Useless ....but Ponting won't let that happen.

    Make Gambhir the coach?




  2. 53 minutes ago, Under_Score said:

    You can cheer up Mulo with that video :wp3:, I also do home chores..more like helping my wife with carrying heavy stuff, lawn mowing and washing both vehicles. All light stuff my wife is happy to do :two_thumbs_up:



    This video is for both of you.

    Mulo doesn't like folding and you think it is too lightweight for a man.

    Both of you should lighten up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of folding laundry .:p:


    I was once like you both.


    There was a time when I had a room that my husband called the black hole....where all the washed laundry stayed piled for few days.Folding laundry was on my "what pisses me " list.

    Now I can't wait for the clothes to dry.


    Come to the dark side and fold :tea:



  3. 4 hours ago, dandaroy said:

    Details please. What kind of abuse from each of them. I know Big B has had numerous affairs during his time, but sexual abuse allegations?


    We are interested in sexual abuse / harassment / assault issues, NOT consensual relationship, illicit or otherwise, or one night stands or having sex with paid call girls, etc. 


    What people do consensually cannot be brought up as harrassment.One night stands , affairs etc don't constitute sexual abuse.

    Even if someone indulges in sexual activities for asked favors .


    It is harrassment if someone insists / forces you ,making you uncomfortable or denies you work if demands are not met or makes the environment such that others don't give you work too.


  4. 1 hour ago, Under_Score said:

    Based on your reply, this must be your job to do scenario.....so sad, no wonder you are always angry since you must've been doing this for decades...my thoughts & prayers are with you old man :((..Just Man-up and change your life around, it's so appalling to see you vent out your frustrations with other members as well....Cheers!!



    Folding laundry can have a very calming effect. Try it .

    I used to hate it too till I watched  this...


    Have a nice cup of tea while you are doing it .:tee:

  5. Just now, velu said:

    If you take pan ( or paan ) , you have to spit somewhere .



    i use to take sweet paan  and swallow whole .

    once i took zarda paan for a change and swallowed a bit like sweet paan , got some bad effect and my brain  started spinning .


    I love sweet pan and I eat the whole thing.


    The govt should increase tax on chewing tobacco and zarda a hundred times and call it cleaning your filth tax.

  6. 7 hours ago, dial_100 said:

    Aesthetics, cleanliness, neatness etc is rich man's taste. Poor, or poor middle class is stressed out for his next meal or how he is going to celebrate next festival with limited resources he has at his disposal. For such a person, your social parameters are of no significance. As they get above the basic problems, some part will improve on this front but until then do not blame them. Bring them up on the economic scale rather than judging them.


    Do you bloddy know that super rich guy is judging you and I that how we lead filthy lives (middle/higher middle class). Its a class problem.

    Partly class problem ....but mostly a problem of priority.

    People have been making pakka houses and going in the fields in a large part of the country.


    A toilet should be planned before planning a kitchen.


    People throwing garbage around the dustbin is not a class problem.


    We can bury our head in the sand but we as a people do not have the best civic sense.

  7. 5 hours ago, nikred said:

    You won't see that at Hyderabad airport. The airport is world class and so is the road leading to/away from the airport. You have to drive a good half hour to enjoy the filth my city has to offer. emoji3526.png

    Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk

    The airport may be world class but people are the same.

    Last year I was there and I stepped into the stall only to see a huge yellow puddle on the floor.

    It was disgusting.


    Same thing( piss on the floor) at Delhi airport a few months back. What was disgusting was that there was an Indian style toilet too which no one seemed to be using. That toilet had a clear drawing of an Indian toilet on the door.


  8. 3 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

    This issue with MJAkbar is totally politically motivated. Do you see how Congress diggaj are totally silent on this?  I will hold my thoughts on this. It is playing out on court cases. On SM, it is everybody's game. 

    Just because it may be politically motivated to suit others does not mean it is not true. One or two may lie....but not 20.

    The guy is a minister.....that is scary.


    When Tarun Tejpal was accused a few years back....it seemed like an isolated incident.

    Now it looks like people in media are similar to bollywood when it comes to this.


  9. I don't think this amounts to demeaning south India.....it just means he is trying to align himself more to the enemy country and its people than than his own countrymen .


    Whatever the reason ( political/ his own lack of self worth/ lack of appreciation on this side of the border).....it is going to backfire on his verbal diarrhea prone mouth.



  10. A few years back there was news of some one from ddca asking the mother of a boy to sleep with him to get the son selected.

    It sounded so unimaginable at that time but now it seems like such things are quite possible.

    Sick bastards!!!!

    I hope more victims come out and name these creeps.

  11. 1 hour ago, gattaca said:

    The only to get rid of this Menance and culture is fine them high. 3000 for pan spit and 4000 for pee. But depends on what facilities they are providing like restrooms and how clean they are and trash cans etc.

    People spit on dustbins.

    Pee on the floor of  toilet .

    We Indians have very little civic sense out side of our homes.

    As long as the home is clean....the trash can be thrown in the neighborhood.

    We are a country where filthy toilet mugs have to be chained in trains.

    People don't give a damn to the comfort of the next user.


    We are raised to worship elders and love family and home....not the neighborhood or the facilities.


    We needed the Prime minister to start a campaign and a large amount of money spent , to get a large number of people to build a basic toilet in their homes.


    Defaecating in the open has been a part of the culture in most parts of the country.


    Delhi metro has been able to get people to take pride in it to some extent .

    People do treat it better than the nornal trains.


    We need a awareness campaign to get people to take pride in the surroundings.

    But more importantly....we need people to be shamed and punished in public to get the message across.

    People need to stop others....but then their have been killings because people dared to stop someone from peeing in the open which has been their birth right for so long.

  12. 13 hours ago, velu said:


    i really doubt that here they are separating male and female chicks ..

    anyway male chicks should start a #MeToo movement of their own

    My brother and I bought chicks from a guy selling chicks on a cycle.....when we were kids.

    We spent all our pocket money buying chicks for a few months.


    They all turned out to be male....except for 1-2 females.




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