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  1. https://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/cant-call-someone-a-fraud-for-a-rare-default-says-union-minister-nitin-gadkari-on-vijay-mallya/amp_articleshow/67073834.cms Can't call someone a fraud for a rare default, says Nitin Gadkari on Vijay Mallya This guy has no problems with insulting senior Naval officers in public but has a problem with Mallya being called a fraud. Shameless politician !!!
  2. beetle

    Jadeja or Bhuvi for Perth?

  3. beetle

    BCCI seeks 15 cr legal fee from PCB

    Lut gaye woh !!!!
  4. I hope he means....a retired Dhoni.
  5. So shaw not yet fit .....
  6. beetle

    Rex Rajkumar Singh U19 player 10 wicket haul

    Against which team? He should get the nickname T -rex. Edit...T for the ten .
  7. beetle

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    I doubt he would be getting too many SENA medals.
  8. beetle

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    So all this nonsense was for letting people know about ones sucessful plouging ability. I hope people don't think Sena medal is given for performance in SENA countries.
  9. beetle


    Oye...tu to meri team mein hain...( inspired by @UrmiSinhaRay)
  10. You expect the COA of CAC to provide proof...? https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/thesportsrush.com/sachin-tendulkar-backs-ravi-shastri-team-india-head-coach/amp/ https://m.crictracker.com/sachin-tendulkar-backs-ravi-shastri-to-become-the-indian-head-coach-for-the-second-time/ https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/tendulkar-steps-in-convinces-shastri-to-apply-for-team-india-coachs-post/amp_articleshow/59353962.cms Tendulkar steps in, convinces Shastri to apply for Team India coach's post
  11. @UrmiSinhaRay....look urmy,this guy is street smart. Keeps everyone happy. He will survive .
  12. If Kirsten is available,get him for the men's team. Shastri beer belly is going to burst any time ...bahut ho gaya.
  13. No defending kohli here. He did it because he wanted to but he could only do it because he had the support of Tendulkar who also wanted Shastri.
  14. Kohli would not have dared to do that if he did not know Shastri had solid support from Tendulkar. No way he could have gone for Shastri if ganguly and tendulkar were not for Shastri. Shastri is the result of Kohli and Tendulkar both.

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