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  1. beetle

    Wc: India XI handicapped by poor fielders

    They are going to WC without any training camp like ipl was world class standard. Seriously!!! At least have some fielding and catching drills for the team.
  2. beetle

    Himalaya Men

  3. beetle

    Wc: India XI handicapped by poor fielders

    The worst catcher is kohli.
  4. beetle

    Kedar Jhadav declared Fit for WC 2019

    He has been declared fit earlier only to breakdown in the middle ... Right ?
  5. beetle

    Kohli & Pant ad

    No...kohli wala group. Sejdah gp.
  6. beetle

    Guess the Poster !!!

    @velu Iski photo ko seene se yaar... chipkale saiyan fevicol se .... . Chal DP to bana le ...
  7. beetle

    Kohli & Pant ad

    Kohli bachche ko aur bigaad raha hai... Pant is looking too conscious in this. isme sahi lagta hai.
  8. beetle

    Kohli & Pant ad

    Woh hamare dimaag se khelta hai... Khelo dimaag se!!!
  9. beetle

    Guess the Poster !!!

    Kitna majnu hai tu velu Diana ka ? You just keep looking for excuses to post her pics ... Does your mom know you are into super milfs?Tell her to set you up with one of her friends
  10. beetle

    Guess the Poster !!!

    This is velu's future wife .....who will get a nunchaku,belan and whip in her dowry.
  11. beetle

    Kuldeep opening up against dhoni

    He denies making the statement in his latest insta story .
  12. @zen.... You can edit your first post and cite the purpose and request people not to post random thoughts and pictures unrelated to the topic.

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