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  1. Happy Janamasthami to all icfers ...
  2. I had read an article long time back that most toppers ( not all ) rarely continue to shine through life . Unlike school....life needs far more lifeskills to succeed than marks. Most toppers score so well because they are solely focused on studies ,often neglected other life skills. They find it difficult to succeed in real life situations. They also tend to get disillusioned later on when they cannot match their educational success in school life. Society / family also puts undue pressure on the toppers to do better than others in employment which puts too much stress on them. Sometimes toppers are real geniuses who are unfortunate to not find the place where they could shine.They just wither away. Sometimes they choose to work in fields that lets them do what they want to do without a spotlight .These fields may not be conventionally what we call successful fields . Sometimes these toppers are toppers because of the extreme effort they put in with multiple tuitions and not because they are naturally topper material .They are like the 100 metre runners who give it all for the exams but can't carry it on for longer and fail in life which is more like a marathon.
  3. Eff off velu! Stop tagging me everywhere. Get your effing cheap thrill some other way.
  4. ‘Don’t see Jonty Rhodes fitting in,’ MSK Prasad reveals reason behind not selecting the South African as India fielding coach https://m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/don-t-see-jonty-rhodes-fitting-in-msk-prasad-reveals-reason-behind-not-selecting-the-south-african-as-india-fielding-coach/story-dSJe0UB0mnAcIyDafsivkL_amp.html “We are convinced with skill sets of Sridhar. He is one of the best fielding coaches in the world today,” he said. Prasad said Sridhar has transformed the Indian team into a “wonderful fielding unit”. “Unfortunately in the World Cup, may be he (Sridhar) would not have got the desired result as there were two three-keepers in the side (and) the combinations were like that. He has transformed this side into a wonderful fielding unit. So, there is no second thought with regard to Sridhar.”
  5. Terrorist ke damaad ka baap . What else can one expect from him? Sold his son to a terrorist don.
  6. Looks like mauke pe chauka. Trim the company and blame the economy and get sympathy while firing people.
  7. Even Nehra and Gavaskar want Rohit. According to nehra...rohit is older so he should be given ample chances because he will play for next few years. Hanuma should get chance after him. Gavaskar ofcourse has always been for mumbai boys.
  8. There was no info on the bottles as compared to the info on the other ayurvedic med by other brands.( checked dabur and baidyanath) A disclaimer... I only checked the meds the vaid had written . I finally decided to try out the natural zeera and ajwain remedies .
  9. That has a lot to do with what our country has had to suffer in the last 3-4 decades due to the the terrorism forced on us as a national policy by Pakistan . Pakistan has well earned that tag with their consistant focus on making life of their two neighbors miserable. No apologizes for calling Pakistan a terrorist nation . That is not racist. That is just a fact .
  10. Agree if you are going by the pure definition. But dalits who are discriminated probably feel the same feelings when discriminated or abused .
  11. My bad. I apologize. Again....that does not look like a comment made based on a survey.
  12. That doesn't look like a comment made based on the survey.
  13. So on what basis are you calling Indians racists and pakistanis not racists ? How many racist Indians have you seen ?
  14. You are going by literal meaning. I am going by the unfairness of discrimination when it is based on one being a certain way. By your definition ,even Indians will not be racist because discrimination within the race is not racist. With the rest ...both nationalities are same . Gora and kaala are used liberally for foreigners. Remember your national team captain calling the West Indians kaale on the field.
  15. Even other padosis are doing it. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/snapped-up-pre-wedding-photo-industry-booms-in-china-2088089?amp=1&akamai-rum=off
  16. Any unfair discrimination is .
  17. It is still best with chai ...dip just enough and pull out before it becomes soft and falls into the tea. Next to parle g is Marie...
  18. I had gone to a vaid and he prescribed some meds. I checked the patanjali ones...they did not even have the ingredients listed on them. I was shocked.
  19. Uske baad..... Babymoon ...definition .... A babymoon is essentially a relaxed getaway for expectant mothers and their partners before their new arrival moves in! It has become an increasingly growing trend for mums-to be to head off on holiday with either their partner, friend or a loved one before the imminent happiness of the new arrival.
  20. No man...even people without money want to do this . It is now like a prerequisite....like engagement . Earlier we used to have simple wedding with mehndi sangeet combined etc being inhouse function with only the family . Now there is engagement ,pre wedding shoot, mehndi, sangeet , pre wedding cocktails, wedding , reception / receptions ,honeymoon,honeymoon shoots.
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