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  1. Kuldeep is no no.11. If bangar works on him a bit, he could be a better tail ender than jaddu or ash in odis.
  2. Kabhi dulhe ko udda dete hain , kabhi uske ristedar ko .. Idiots who invite such gun totting clowns in their baraat deserve the risk .
  3. Then we can select him in the Indian team. He only plays in my team.
  4. Mera pati ichadhari naag ban jaega.
  5. Mein kya karoongi uski shaadi mein? Naagin dance????
  6. NEWS - Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shikhar Dhawan released from Indian Test team. Vijay Shankar has been named as Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s replacement in the squad #INDvSL
  7. Idiots. No wonder the country has gone to the dogs. I just don't get these gun totting jokers who think they are cool. How many people in India get killed every year in celebratory firing?
  8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    I missed his debut series against Pakistan or even CT as I was still getting over RDs retirement. But once I became a fan ....I have been an all weather fan. Go Bhuvi.
  9. 50 test wickets for Bhuvneswar Kumar

    Against aus , he was going through his worst phase.Injury and loss of confidence. Would love to see how he performs now.
  10. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    One more remarkable performance.
  11. BCCI and ICC on the warpath.... Tour in serious trouble... source...India TV:D Get the Popcorn out guys! Team told to stay in Sydney till appeal is made .... Not proceeding for the 3 day match. Rajeev Shukla:I spoke to Anil and Sachin....and I have never eard then speak like this.
  12. 10 minutes would have been wasted by their persistant physio.
  13. Man of the match for first test

    Bk....just give it to him .
  14. Someone hold their phydio down to the ground. Clown
  15. Take away manju's aadhar card ...anti Indian ****

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