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  1. Can be really great asses for us if this guy comes through. Two in one bowler and he bats well too. He has 34 wickets in 15 list A matches at an average of 13.
  2. You cant keep this guy out of the game, Kulwant Singh Khejroliya, after average overs, he picks up 2 wickets at a very important, one of Vijay Shankar.
  3. its a conundrum. you want 5 bowlers too and 6 batsmen. You will have to sacrifice one thing. or may be played just 1 seamer and 3 spinners.
  4. Match Thread

    great delivery by cummins, dropped. Saha gets a life.
  5. Match Thread

    WTF is Matthew Wade blabbering behind the wickets
  6. Match Thread

    This batting line just scored 600 runs last innings and consistently overpowered 450 runs in the series before that and won matches. Big scores are not going to happen every innings.
  7. Match Thread

    what pressure? It is a test match, not a T20 where you the pressure to score quickly.
  8. He is ambidextrous spin bowler, bot left arm spin and off spin, also bats well.
  9. Rahane has been a huge let down this home season, averaging 38.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSFxYGyDbHg/
  11. Match Thread

    Lyon suddenly getting a lot of turn and bounce
  12. Match Thread

    Lyon ball was faster one and speed guns shows 79 kph.
  13. Match Thread

    A batsman has to get out sometime and somehow. It is other batsmen's fault that they cannot capitalize on such good starts given by him.
  14. Match Thread

    wrong time to get out.