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  1. 6 foot 6 Aquib Qureshi
  2. rkt.india

    Nation wants to know !!!

    Dhoni struggles against half decent spinners these days.
  3. Which absolute patta he outbowled. Anyway, I do think I want Umesh in test team overseas. I wasn't in favor of Umesh playing in SA, England and Aus but I don't select the team.
  4. Looked like a tough pitch today. England lambs got roasted.
  5. yes, Shastri can drink in public, Dhoni can abuse fellow junior players in front of cameras but ........
  6. Dont think we would have won that game even if Dhoni had stayed till the end because RRR had increased so much. You cant keep rotting about 4/3 because that 4/3 became 100/3 but acceleration from Dhoni never came. he kept prodding at a snails pace. you can accept 25-30 of 50 but cannot accept 13 of 46.

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