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  1. IPL doesnt produce players. Domestic first class cricket does. IPL is T20 and it only gives potential good players a platform to show case their skills.
  2. how taxpayers money is drained on this? Students do pay their fees. Isn't it?
  3. Ashwin will have to make way.
  4. But Rajat Bhatia is a part-timer. There are a lot of men bowlers who bowl 115-120 KPH but they are not main bowlers especially in international cricket. Hitting slower balls out of the park is harder when they are mixed with quick deliveries due to deception. With bat and power these days, you can easily hit slow speed deliveries out of the park. Remember six hitting challenges that usually happen during IPL. There, they serve very slow speed deliveries through bowling machines to batsmen and batsmen smash them huge.
  5. Kuldeep is a chinaman and can be as good against lefties.
  6. Do you agree with animal laws, prevention of animal killing like Rhinos, black bucks, elephant, tiger, lion and other such animals? Do you agree with the arrest of this guy because he killed dogs? http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/delhi-dog-killer-arrested-viral-video-news-2756582/ or this http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/two-arrested-for-attacking-dogs-at-shelter-in-punjab/article18577559.ece
  7. and butter chicken
  8. Butter chicken is punjabi food.
  9. Goswami was the fastest woman bowler in world cricket once. McGrath and Ambrose didn't have that tag.
  10. Goswami's quickest recorded was 120KPH. She was fastest at one time, but not now.
  11. No disrespect to the knock but just dont find women cricket exciting. Bowlers bowling 110 kph, spinners floating at 70kph.
  12. eggs and meat do have their place in punjabi diet.
  13. No. Woman's Akhtar is Perry. Fastest bowler in woman cricket.