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  1. The Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018(50 overs domestic season)

    Most Pacers are limited to a few teams. Delhi, rajasthan, Jharkhand, UP, MP, etc.
  2. Difference is Yuvraj batted 5. Pandya 7 and has no choice but to throw his bat. He has been used as pinch hitter at times and most of his good innings have come when he batted up the order.
  3. Rahul has a 100 at 4. Australia brought their openers in middle order in recent t20 and there is no difference between openers and middle order batsman in t20.
  4. Time to get Jadeja back in the ODI mix

    But that is versus England and not in England.
  5. I am not convinced he said bho***ken. Audios aren't clear. He probably said bhootni ke.
  6. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    You can speed heat rasgulla and eat it.
  7. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    you are in doon? i have lived most of my life here.
  8. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    it may be when you are living outside the state and people refer you as pahaari but for people living in the state like us. We dont call garhwali or kumauni as pahari. We only use pahari word for Janusari tribes.
  9. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Pant and Pandey are not paharis. They are probably Kumauni or Garhwalis. Paharis is a word mainly used for Jaunsar-Bawar tribe.
  10. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    second at mid on?
  11. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Pandey hit bigger sixes than DHoni.
  12. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    i think khalisthai movement was there even before sikh riots happened.
  13. Our top 3 right now are more consistent than any other previous top three that we had. The biggest reason it becomes difficult to establish in this line up for anyone batting below #4.

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