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  1. rkt.india

    Very odd innings – Hussain on Dhoni’s 37

    IN blue jersey he has to show some runs irrespective of the way he accumulates them, whether he scores 1 boundary in 100 balls or defend a full toss in 49th over, to show people that he is scoring runs and has a good average and those people keep referring to those stats. For yellow jersey, it does not matter.
  2. rkt.india

    Very odd innings – Hussain on Dhoni’s 37

    i think he already has accumulated enough money
  3. rkt.india

    Very odd innings – Hussain on Dhoni’s 37

    he would retire if he has any dignity left.
  4. the most effective bowlers in ODIs have always been hit the deck bowler who can hit the seam hard on off stump or fourth stump line without giving batsmen an angle to work with and could deviate the ball of the seam from good or short of good length. Such bowlers can extract minute seam movement of the pitch.
  5. yeah everyone was culprit except Dhoni and Kohli. How were Dhawan and Rahul culprit though? Dhawan was the only batsman who played to win. Rahul only stayed 2 balls so cannot blame him. We lost because batsman who stayed for longer played slow and did not show any intent of scoring runs, namely, Kohli, Raina and Dhoni. I blame these three, not just Dhoni. These three combined scored 5 boundaries in 178 balls, scored 128 runs. its 5 boundaries in 30 overs, FFS. it does not happen even in test cricket and this was the ODI game chasing 323 on a flattish tack against an average bowling attack. Others 11 in 122 balls. You cant chase 323 without taking calculated risk and hitting boundaries that too on a small ground. Kohli also was again exposed by England pacers' outside off stump line. They wont be bowling anything towards Kohli from now on.
  6. Dhoni has no place in this side. He can be a mentor from the dressing room to Kohli and not on the field.
  7. rkt.india

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    Its not overreaction if you aren't a bhakt. It was so frustrating to watch the game.
  8. rkt.india

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    Abey Laxman himself revealed this in his retirement press conference that Dhoni didn't pick his phone as he wanted to talk to dhoni about retirement.
  9. rkt.india

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    He was showing Kohli and Dhoni how to do it. He showed more intent than them.
  10. rkt.india

    Saha likely to miss England Test series

    Don't think Saha has much cricket left in him. He gets injured too often and will be 34 in 4 months .
  11. rkt.india

    Sportsmen are retiring late these days !!!

    Rajni is 60 plus
  12. rkt.india

    Sportsmen are retiring late these days !!!

    But Dhoni is already 52
  13. Pandya inning you could still reason. It was a lot scoring game, ball turning square, pacers getting seam movement and goddess t20 bowler in Rashid but what's the excuse yesterday. Good pitch, average bowling, opposition just thrashed your bowlers.
  14. rkt.india

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    Pant was not there in the original squad bit added later and played 2nd test against WI A.
  15. Loss isnt a problem. You win some, you lose some. Problem is the manner in which they played.

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