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  1. Umesh cant connect. We dont have any such player in this team.
  2. No, bhuvi is not a hitter. You need hitters.
  3. no, he barely played one match.
  4. Jadeja didnt do it in PP. it is easier in PP.
  5. they have very good bowlers this season but their batting has let them down. Mills, Badri, Chahal, Negi, Milne all have done well.
  6. People says RCB is very strong but if you look at it it is one of the poorest squad this IPL especially batting wise. Gayle has past it. Watson a has been. Don't think he has played a single good innings. They are riding on Kohli and ABDV. Jadhav was never a good T20 player and still ordinary. Mandeep is just club level. They have so many passengers Gayle, Watson, Mandeep, Jadhav, Binny.
  7. No, main reason to do circumcision is cleanliness. Muslims has to wash their penis every time they go the bathroom.
  8. No Raina? YUvraj has barely done anything in IPL.
  9. Umesh Yadav really Would pick B o o by over him
  10. Get ready for VK49
  11. Tiwary has suddenly transformed his t20 game this year. Never saw hit the ball that cleanly before.
  12. Surgery ka kamaal
  13. absolutely agree. You need a good mix of talent youth for grooming and experience players who can carry youngsters.
  14. but too many youngsters in the batting line up who will always be inconsistent. Not one reliable batsman in top 6.