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  1. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    injured probably
  2. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Rajesh bowled a quick delivery batsman edging, ball flying through to the keeper and speed gun shows 92.4kph
  3. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Some of Rajesh's deliveries have looked quite quick, keeper gathering them with finger pointing upwards but speed guns showing 128-130.
  4. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    18 years old Rajesh Mohanty looks decent. does not look too quick at this point but probably around 130 for 18 year old is never bad and has good basics, runup and action very smooth and strong.
  5. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    he plays on a a lot of dust bowls in Kerala. He averages 26 in FC cricket which is better than Kaul, Chahar and Thakur
  6. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    yes far better prospect than the likes of Kaul, Shardul, Chahar for 4/5-day games.
  7. People here were backing him. You wrong in this regard.
  8. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    No Indian fast bowler gets as much bounce as Sandeep Warrier from just good length or short of good length.
  9. shouldn't that be considered 2009-10 series, more than 2009 than 2010 and not 2010-11. 2009 Ashes series Part of Australian cricket team in England in 2009 The npower Ashes Series 2009 logo Date 8 July – 23 August Location England Wales Result England won the five-Test series 2–1 Player of the series Andrew Strauss (Eng) and Michael Clarke (Aus) Teams England Australia Captains Andrew Strauss Ricky Ponting Most runs Andrew Strauss (474) Matt Prior (261) Paul Collingwood (250) Michael Clarke (448) Ricky Ponting (385) Marcus North (367) Most wickets Stuart Broad (18) Graeme Swann (14) James Anderson (12) Ben Hilfenhaus (22) Peter Siddle (20) Mitchell Johnson (20)
  10. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Tushar Deshpande not playing, got inured?
  11. He disabled the link copy setting. It was Yashraj Malap from Mumbai.

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