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  1. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Isn't it possible that the tech used in 1975 extrapolate the speeds? Both things are possible. They might have lower speeds, but if speeds were lower by 5 kph, you think Thomson was bowling 165 KPH because that is a ridiculous claim from you.
  2. Failures are the path to success. He is only 20. Even Kohli got dropped from Indian team after a few failures.
  3. Hype was because he scored runs. If he does not score, people wont talk much about him. players can be out of form. Same Pant scored a 35 ball 50 against England in OD warmup. Shaw still scored only at 83 SR. Pant is someone who can score really quick and is bound to have a few failures with his style of batting. We have plenty batsmen who an score at 80-90 SR. None apart from Pandya who can scorer 110 or more. Pant can do that.
  4. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    he is bowling same pace.
  5. Rahul should grab opportunity to bat anywhere in top 6. He is too good to stay out.
  6. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    So Holding wasn't a 95 mph bowler as spread by Muloghonto, neither was Andy Roberts. Remember, this was a fast bowling comp so they must have all tried to bowl as fast as they could and then achieved that pace. This may not be their usual pace that they bowled on average. Regarding Lillie, he was slowed down by 75 due to a back injury. He was at his quickest in 1971. This is Liliee at his quickest.
  7. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Karnail singh stadium pitch traditionally suited to spinners, so, Delhi played 3 spinners. Same is probably the case with Kushang Patel. No idea about Yarra.
  8. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Avesh Khan did not play this game because he will be playing for board President Xi tomorrow against NZ. Rahul and Karn Sharma added to the squad. Karn replaced injured Rahul Chahar.
  9. You saw them bowl under speed guns and on better pitches, which had bounce. Most bowlers wont give that wow factor on such a pitch. To contradictory, he was standout pacer on this pitch to me. He got life out of this dead pitch even in 2nd innings. You had to watch Sran bowl and his deliveries were barely carrying to the keeper.
  10. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Riyan is a 15 year old batsman form Assam. Mohd Siraj is 22.
  11. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    No, they are not over the age for U19. Pant played last U19 and he is 20 now. Kamlesh, Mavi, Shaw, Chahar, Gill they will play WC next year. They are trying some new players for Asia cup and letting these youngster playing higher grade cricekt like u23 and Ranji trophy. Both Gill and Saw have been picked for Ranji teams.
  12. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

  13. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Mandeep Singh is a fast bowler from punjab. From above manjot and rana opener. Harvik desai at 3, abhishek sharma 4, salman and riyan 5 and 6. Anukul 7.
  14. 140 is good for a 22 year old. Remember Mohali is one of the slowest and lowest pitches in India. It is asking for a relay now for years.
  15. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Aditya thakare se a promising tall right arm pacer from vidarbha.
  16. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    That's not the reason. Shaw, Nagarkoti, mavi, chahar, shubhman are shoe in for next u19 wc and they will be playing higher grade cricket.
  17. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    He will be playing higher grade cricketer.
  18. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    They are trying different players.
  19. India U-19 squad for Asia Cup 2017

    Not just prithivi several original squad players are missing. Chahar, Kamlesh, Shivam Mavi, shubhman, anukul etc
  20. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Yes watched his first over in 2nd spell when posted that comment.
  21. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Lalit Yadav bowling quite quick. he to me is as quick Umesh yadav was at the same age. yadav had hit 141 on his duleep trophy debut in 2008 at 21-22.
  22. An Indian muslim


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