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  1. How ball from a taller bowler will travel lesser distance? Tall bowlers have height, so, distance between batsman and the release point is more because he is delivering from higher point so higher distance for ball to travel. So according to you a short bowler bowling 145kph won't be fast? What I am trying to say height contributes little to generate Pace. Height helps with extra bounce.
  2. Here discussion was tall bowlers being faster than short bowlers because of height and not what advantage they have. Yes tall bowlers will generate bounce due to height but short bowlers will mostly feel quicker to the batsmen due to the less distance the ball has to travel. With taller bowlers, ball has more distance to travel before it reaches batsmen but their extra bounce on bouncy pitches makes up of for it. There is a reason short skiddy bowlers are more difficult to play on Indian pitches that don't offer much bounce. They hurry on to you quicker.
  3. Rajneesh Gurbani

    That's reverse swing, not conventional swing
  4. Rajneesh Gurbani

    He is seam bowler
  5. experience alone is of no use until you develop the skills to be successful in that particular format.
  6. Rajneesh Gurbani

    he is not a swing bowler.
  7. Yes, being tall does not automatically make you fast or faster than shorter bowlers. If you are tall, you might be stronger than shorter bowlers, might have more muscle mass, but strength does not equate to pace. Generating is pace is about stretch reflex and elasticity of the muscle. when you bowl a ball stretching your bowling arm, it creates a phenomena called stretch reflex creates an elastic effect, like when you use a catapult and stretch the rubber back and release it and stone travels really fast. why do the stone travel fast and far because of the elasticity of the rubber. This is the same mechanism that is in play when we bowl. Our fast twitch fibers, which are thinner and stronger in nature with more elasticity create the same catapult effect. Because those fibers are very thin, we see some of the thinnest, leanest guys bowling very quick like Nagarkoti, young Brett lee, young Shoaib and Mohd Zahid, young Shane Bond.
  8. i did not say his action was simple or not. I just said he would run in gingerly and bowl 140 while Srinath will run in faster. Its obvious if you run in slow, you will have to put more effort at the delivery stride. Take an example of Kemar Roach who when first came in would just jog in but his effort at the bowling crease was huge. while other example is same height bowler Dale Steyn whose effort at the delivery stride is not as huge as Roach was but runs is harder when he bowls fast. Regarding bio-mechanics and bowling action, I follow Ian Pont's memo and have even chatted with him several times and I for sure know what bio-mechanics and bowling action is. There are five most important things in a good bowling action which are hang time, stretch reflex, shoulder and hip separation, braced front leg, and right alignment of these four things for a bowler to maximize his pace.
  9. This is an absurd claim with no basis. Do you remember Tino Best and Fidel Edwards? how tall were they? They both bowled 155KPH. Fidel Edwards's quickest was 157KPH. Brett Lee and Akhtar were the quickest ever bowler and they are not called tall. regarding Agarkar, you certainly have seen him and he would barely put much effort. he would just run in like jogging and bowl unlike Srinath who used run harder and used to put much more effort in his bowling than Agarkar.
  10. its all about fast twitch fibers. if you have them, you will bowl fast irrespective of how tall or short you are or how poor your bowling action is. Good bowling action and good bio-mechanics can maximize your pace, can extract max pace out of you, but they cannot make you express pacer. This explains why Mohit Sharma with such good runup, action, and bio-mechanics refined under Ian Pont cannot bowl genuine fast. He did increase his pace from 125-135 odd after work with Ian but could not become genuine fast. Bowlers need to work on enhancing those fast twitch fibers in their training.
  11. Washington Sundar will be selected for 2019 World Cup

    ODIs and T20s are two completely different formats. Same Sundar will be ineffective in ODIs.
  12. He is another option for an alrounder slot. He is a proper batsman who can bowl.
  13. Arjun Tendulkar included in U-16 West Zone squad

  14. i am talking from bio-mechanics perspective. There is no better person to tell you about that than Ian Pont and i had posted that before too in the Nagarkot thread when people were questioning about his height. if you check how low the fastest of the bowlers go to generate pace. i had posted that pic of Brett Lee and Donald in Nagarkoti thread with quotes from Ian Pont about height and pace and bounce. You need fast twitch fibers to generate pace short or tall. The bowlers who have those can bowl fast regardless of what their biomechanics are. I had the posted the picture of Starc in this thread recently that his biomchanics are not perfect as he bowled with a bent front foot but he still bowls fast.
  15. you are confusing pace with bounce. Both are two different things. Some of the fastest bowlers the world has seen have not been tall and some of the tallest bowlers have not been the fastest and also not lasted long.
  16. Height has nothing to do with pace.
  17. Bhuvi is 27 at his peak. Those two guys are 19 and is bhuvi is not much taller than Mavi and Nagarkoti. and check the pick carefully, Nagarkoti is standing below, while others are on a 2-3 inch thick board. The other short unknown guys is their trainer. Anyway, you dont need height to generate pace. Pace comes from fast twitch fibers. Shami is 5 foot 8, Malinga is 5 foot 8.
  18. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/18547/preview/1133821/bangladesh-vs-india-5th-match-nidahas-trophy
  19. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    136, 138, 138, 134, 140, 136 in his 2nd over today. first two overs were very good.
  20. he did not seem to do it deliberately
  21. Irani Trophy 2018 : ROI vs VIDARBHA at Nagpur

    Rubbish article. Most of these players picked were top performers in domestic cricket before being picked by IPL teams.
  22. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    Apart from Rahul against SL at home, none of them have played any big innings recently. Before yesterday, Raina had one good innings since his come back. Sundar and Shankar are rookies and no one knows how will they fare with the bat under pressure. DK does not even have a 50 in T20Is yet. They all were there in the first game and despite Dhawan's 93 of 49 balls, they could muster only 175 on a batting beauty. It shows how dependent we are on these two openers in absence of Kohli. Rohit could take more chances in the first PP though. Just ifs and buts, had one stayed with Mushi. if there was no demon than how did they get out? Ifs and buts have no place in the game.
  23. Washington Sundar vs Krunal Pandya

    Krunal Pandya is 6'2, probably same height as Sundar

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