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  1. is injured at this point. Will definitely play next U19 WC if stays fit.
  2. this kid was bowling this stuff at the age of 16.
  3. no, Pathan was never a 140 bowler. His usual pace was 130-135, bowled odd delivery at 140, never crossed 140 and no his form did not go down because of batting. this is false causation. he suffered an a back injury in 2005 which led to him change his bowling action and he lost pace after that and also he tried to bowl with crooked thumb grip like Akram used but that only proved fatal for him. He could never got his bowling action settled since then and kept suffering injuries after injuries and those were not because of his batting, but bowling.
  4. rkt.india

    Tendulkar just stops short of criticizing PUJARA

    false comparison. Do others bat at 3?
  5. rkt.india

    Tendulkar just stops short of criticizing PUJARA

    Pujara has scored on toughest of the pitches in India, on square turners. Pujara is already an Indian ATG based on his home record alone, very much like Sehwag who also averages 33 in SENA countries.
  6. rkt.india

    Tendulkar just stops short of criticizing PUJARA

    Pujara is a hack? kuch bhi.
  7. Amla is also Indian origin and is a South Afrcan ATG.
  8. we have beaten SL last two series at their home. just beaten them 3-0 last year and 2-1 before that.
  9. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    5 saal me 82 posts hui hain
  10. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    82? yahan to 2 pages hain
  11. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Ganesh bowling in that third test against SA is one of the worst cricket memory I have. He was worse than Vinay or Praveen Kumar. I dont think he was bowling even 125KPH.
  12. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    we still have tall bowlers in domestic but most of them are not quick and the ones who are quick are short. but new both taller and quicker guys are coming now.
  13. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Yohanan was still better, similar to Balaji and Pathan pace wise. There was Isqbal Siddiqui who was picked along side Yohanan after they dropped zak and Nehra. Ultra trundler.
  14. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Like Dodda Ganesh
  15. what about Dhoni? will he get some of that heat or not?
  16. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    he was tall so used to get bounce with his high arm action.
  17. rkt.india

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Do you think Prasad was faster than David Johnson who took 10-fer? No. Johnson had no issue with pace. his issue was lac of control. That Durban pitch needed someone to bowl just good old line and length that Prasad did and then then if yous core 100 and 66, no bowler can save you. Just an excuse from Tendulkar..
  18. Pant has played 4 T20s and has not at all looked out of place., yes he did not score as quick as he does but it is not because he is not ready. it happens. he has faced better attacks and scored runs against them on A tours than what he faced in those T20s. Regarding Kohli, he was not dropped. He made his debut because top players were given rest likes of SRT and Viru. once they came back, he had to make way. And remember, Dhoni had no real performance when he was picked for India apart from that India A tour to Kenya where he did well. His first class numbers were ordinary, averaging 32 but pipped Karthik and played test matches. Regarding Karthik, he is already 33 and his keeping is lottery and in last 14 years, he has always been a 20-30 run man. i would rather give these games to a young guys especially ODIs instead of wasting them on a TTF. Regarding i have no bias for any player. Anyone who does well should play.
  19. has already played on two A tours and he is amazingly talented as a wk/batsman. Never seen an better wicket keeper/batsman than him at 20. None, none existed before even in International cricket.
  20. Kohli was 20 when he played for India, Yuvraj was 19. And Pant is absolutely ready. Being ready has nothing to do with age. You pick players when they are doing well. He might not be doing well in two years, might be out of form and then selectors will not pick him because he is out of form. Top run getter in IPL, runs on A tour in both formats. How much ready can someone be? There is nothing fan pressure. He performed he got picked. Neither it is irrational as T20 and tests are two completely different formats. I know your Dhoni bias is coming in the way of your judgement.
  21. that guy probably is Pankaj Jaswal from Himachal.
  22. rkt.india

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    those were all past.

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