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  1. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    i have seen the video and he did not move anything. he just kept walking like Smith kept walking too. Both were not vary until the contact happened.
  2. today 5 out of their top 6 are proper batsmen. They have alrounders only in lower order like Moeen and Woakes.
  3. Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    Rabada's contact was as unintentional as Smith's, so, why only Rabada was singled out and not Smith.
  4. Every player peaks only when he has played a substantial number of international matches.
  5. Rafi vs. Kishore- the best singer??

    that comment is not my post. i posted it from that youtube link.
  6. What are the so called products IPL has produced ?

    If Manish Pandey and Unadkat are IPL products, so is Kohli.
  7. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    BD are no more a minnows at least in LOIs in SC.
  8. Rafi vs. Kishore- the best singer??

    one comment from the video Bevakufo ko kuch nahi pata kisor ne jab bhi Gaya wo jyad hit huaa, .(Javed akhtar ka show dekh Lena ) This song was more popular in Kishore's voice Aaradhna jab release hui baad me Rafiiji ko kam Milne me dikkat ho gai this ... everyone wanted to get Kishore's voice (mukeshji ko apni tarah ke gane mil jate the , but raffiji was replaced by Kishore) .. 1970 to 1980. Ke gano ki history pata karlena (I don't want to say that Rafiiji is not great .c I am a big fan of each and every singers of that era ) But the fact is this that after aaradhna it was kishor till his death ...and this is a fact based on History .
  9. Katy Perry kisses a teenager on American Idol

    its same, just mentality is different, perspective to look at things is different.
  10. in DK I still dont trust !

  11. He is another option for an alrounder slot. He is a proper batsman who can bowl.
  12. How ball from a taller bowler will travel lesser distance? Tall bowlers have height, so, distance between batsman and the release point is more because he is delivering from higher point so higher distance for ball to travel. So according to you a short bowler bowling 145kph won't be fast? What I am trying to say height contributes little to generate Pace. Height helps with extra bounce.
  13. Here discussion was tall bowlers being faster than short bowlers because of height and not what advantage they have. Yes tall bowlers will generate bounce due to height but short bowlers will mostly feel quicker to the batsmen due to the less distance the ball has to travel. With taller bowlers, ball has more distance to travel before it reaches batsmen but their extra bounce on bouncy pitches makes up of for it. There is a reason short skiddy bowlers are more difficult to play on Indian pitches that don't offer much bounce. They hurry on to you quicker.
  14. Rajneesh Gurbani

    That's reverse swing, not conventional swing
  15. Rajneesh Gurbani

    He is seam bowler
  16. experience alone is of no use until you develop the skills to be successful in that particular format.
  17. Rajneesh Gurbani

    he is not a swing bowler.

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