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  1. Nagarkoti was faster but Mavi has bowled quick in IPL than he bowled in U19 WC. bowled similar pace to what Mavi bowled in U19 WC.
  2. Saha's heart beat seems to be at 200 right now.
  3. They had two now Aravind has retired.
  4. Putiya Karnataka selectors have not played him in a single Ranji trophy game in 3 years after he made his FC debut against Bangladesh A and took 5-fer at the age of 19.
  5. we were asking him to be played since the game Pant thrashed SRH bowlers. Could easily have given a game or two before in place of Sandeep or Kaul to see how it goes. Big gamble in an important when you do not know what is coming.
  6. Kumble saying he is happy Kuldeep is bowling slow in T20. He has no other option. He is not strong enough to bowl quick. Also, his action is so ungainly and his non-bowling arm falls so early, very difficult for him to generate any pace.
  7. Khaleel brought in a knockout in place of Sandeep. Serious ask from a 20 year old.
  8. chasing in a knock is a serious pressure
  9. bowling first is a bad decision by Karthik.
  10. rkt.india

    Sending Lullu batsman when a big hitter is needed

    no such soft corner. i once saw him hitting six easily in domestic cricket, so, i though he could be the lower order hitter we need and his bowling is okay too. he certainly can hit sixes but has a very limited range of shots.
  11. rkt.india

    Sending Lullu batsman when a big hitter is needed

    karun nair sill has runs.
  12. rkt.india

    Pujara's county performance thread

    His List A record even in India is good.
  13. rkt.india

    Rising Fuel prices

    In 2007, govt was giving subsidies on oil and prices were in govt control. Govt was paying for the losses the oil companies were making. Congress in their second regime, removed the subsidies and oil price control went into the hands of oil companies. Now govt Dont decide the price, they can only decide taxes on it. One more thing, Congress govt had left a oil bill of billions of dollars of Iran, Modi govt paid half of that in 2016.
  14. rkt.india

    Is Rahane ....

    ODI record comparable to Dravid of 2000s. Rahane would have been worse if he had played in Dravid's time.
  15. rkt.india

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    IPL isnt the only T20 cricket played in India. There is SMA trophy as well. All stats are include. IPL is very much to international T20 cricket.
  16. rkt.india

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    People always enjoy festivals more.
  17. rkt.india

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    This is so wrong. When cricket started, people used to watch whole day. Stadiums used to be full. There was no ODI or T20 to fall back upon. So, it is incorrect to say that test cricket isn't meant to watch whole day. Being a fast bowling fan, I like test cricket because T20s have destroyed the aura of fast bowlers, but it would not be wrong to say that test cricket would have died by now without ODIs and now T20s financially supporting it and most of the test cricket nowadays is played in front of empty stands.
  18. It is not reactionary. They troll each other for years now. CSKits are no saints. It all started when they started calling MI fixed matches through Ambani money and CSK lost to MI. Interestingly, some of them derided Tendulkar and now those Tendulkar fans deride Dhoni and many of the Dhoni fans are also CSK fans.
  19. rkt.india

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    they all have better T20 stats than him so how are they behind him?
  20. rkt.india

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Irrespective what people say, most people barely watch test cricket.

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