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  1. both are different type of players. Iyer is more flamboyant while Sudip is more traditional. He plays long and lot of balls. He might have played more deliveries than Iyer this season.
  2. Sudip Chatterjee isnt a hack. He has tackled difficult conditions when others falling like 9 pins. He is a young batsman who has been talked about very highly in bengal.
  3. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Avesh bowled upto 139k in u19 wc at the age of 17 last year in UAE. I doubt those speeds guns in that Ranji game. He was looking visibly quicker. All bowlers were clocked slower.
  4. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Nathu is only 20. Even if he bowls 140, good for a start. He will gain pace if he keeps his attitude right.
  5. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Samar Quadri has played quite number of matches. 29 matches, 99 wickets.
  6. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    He has both type of games. He had batted at an SR of 135 for RR in IPL 2014.
  7. no, it is SL where they might play.
  8. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    PItch is green but there isnt much help yet for bowlers. Lahli is a slow pitch, does not have the pace and bounce. It offers seams movement due to moisture and grass.
  9. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    they are playing 3 pacers in Pankaj, Chahar and Tanveer ul-Haq
  10. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Looks like Nathu Singh is not playing. He didnt have a good game last round. ANiket chaudhary is also not playing, he seems like injured. Pankaj Singh is back.
  11. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Assam vs Maharashtra too. So we can watch both Krishna Das and Nathu Singh bowling this round.
  12. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Haryana vs Rajasthan match will be live on bcci,tv from today. I will add Karun Nair too.
  13. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    http://m.ibnlive.com/cricketnext/videos/nathu-singh---indias-newest-fast-bowling-sensation-1166809.html Watch Nathu Singh bowling glimpses here, nice action and runup.
  14. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    People these days make opinions about how one will do in tests based on T20. Dravid would have been termed a hack based on his T20 game if he was a youngster now.
  15. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    Iyer was one of the top run getters even last Ranji season.
  16. Afghanistan Chasing 237.

    No idea
  17. Afghanistan Chasing 237.

    Yes. He is a fast bowler from Rajasthan, Khaleed Ahmed.
  18. 73 needed in 8 overs pacers have bowled very few overs.
  19. Afghanistan Chasing 237.

  20. you dont need umpires for clean bowleds , 2 out of your 3 top batsmen were bowleds.
  21. AFG 72/5, Pacer Izhan Sayed 2 wickets, left arm spinner Pramanik 2
  22. they have 20 players in the squad and will rotate them.
  23. I am surprised to see Virat Singh selected over Himmat Singh. Virat Singh looks ordinary while Himmat Singh was a big scorer in U19 cricket for Delhi.

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