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  1. He can bowl quicker. Saw him hitting 144 in SMA trophy
  2. Chahar also clocked 142 plus last game
  3. He bowled up to 140 in u19. So he was never just medium Pace. Now he is 21, stronger and even quicker.
  4. Indian Wicket Keepers doing well

    Pant, Samson, Kishan were always keepers. Rahul was a keeper too but left to concentrate on batting. No player can just take up keeping if he hasn't done it before.
  5. There was no way Rahul could have been retained
  6. K Pieterson tweet

    Has he left IPL?
  7. He can play for WI now and still pursue t20 leagues.
  8. He has been very good. Really like his intent as a bowlers. No half hearted stuff.
  9. But he didn't bowl sub 130. Sub 130 are mostly slow balls.
  10. Conditions when pant batted were more challenging and rcb bowling was also better. DD bowling is the worst.
  11. I agree with this but every bowler has different strength and weaknesses and he should bowl according to that.
  12. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Moses ne kya kiya aisa?
  13. Actually, this Narine isnt the same Narine after change in action.
  14. Narine got thrashed for 48 last game.
  15. Tymal milsl would have been good too
  16. Curron has not been a great signing for KKR. Could have had someone like Morkel or Hazelwood.
  17. IPL thread allocation

    make it
  18. IPL thread allocation

    2 hours left for KKR and KXIP, make thread. @Malcolm Merlyn @express bowling @rahulrulezz @adi B
  19. no, i dont think pace drop is significant at all. pace drop from 142 to 137 is not significant, IMO. because 142 is close to his peak pace.

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