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  1. Bowling was certainly a problem too. No one really stood out and bowled a match winning spell in both the tests. They all just did enough to save their places but not enough to win the game. Like Shami who was badly struggling suddenly comes up with a spell but it was too little too late. Match was already slipping away. Regarding the, irrespective of what people say, it wasn't a subcontinental pitch. Spinners had one Wicket 2nd innings which never happen in SC.
  2. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    No, if you are planning to win test matches, you will have to take your catches which we did not take. You cannot win after 9-10 drops in two tests. This was what we are fearing before this test series had started.
  3. won't know until it happens
  4. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22119338/afghanistan-test-debut-set-june-bengaluru test match in June? how would be the weather?
  5. Lungi Ngidi is only 21

    He has more than even tall Ishant. Same height but Ishant can't get the ball bounce
  6. But then top 5 won't have to face the fresh bowler and pitch.
  7. lets send bottom 5 in top 5
  8. Afghanistan's Test debut set for June in Bengaluru

    he is such an ordinary spinner
  9. how this is a better team? that 8-0 happened was our biggest batting lineup ever in test cricket. This batting line is no where close yet.
  10. talk about mental disintegration.
  11. Gerald Coetze is making he ball fly through to the keeper.
  12. Ntini's son Thando is quite tall, good action and not too slow too, hit 133K.
  13. Gerald Coetzee from SA hitting high 130s to low 140s too. tall guy, looking very quick.
  14. He needs to work on it. See the difference between him and Magarkoti and Mavi who both are so much refined bio-mechanically. his bowing hand should be coming around his left leg like these two. Imagine how quicker Bumrah could bowl if he rectifies his mechanics a bit. He is clocking 145-148 now. He is a naturally genuine pacer and could easily be hitting 150 plus like Akhtar and Lee with a little bit of refinement. Hope, it happens naturally.
  15. Lead fast bowler

    According to me, a player below required fitness standards should not even be picked even if he is not injured and can bowl or bat. Fitness lets the team down especially for a fast bowler even if he has the skills.
  16. Lead fast bowler

    what i understand is fittest players have been injured. You think ABDV got injured because he was unfit or Dale Steyn was unfit. Fitness does play some part in injury management, but only some. The role of fitness is to keep the intensity on the ground for a longer period of time. If you are fit, you might run faster, react quicker, focus better, but you can still get injured. Injury happens due to stress. Yes, unfit players will get injured more frequently but types of those injuries will be different. Stress related injuries are unavoidable even for the fittest, especially, when it comes to fast bowlers. Zaheer even if he was not injured, he lacked that bowling fitness i was talking about where he struggled to maintain the intensity for 5 days.
  17. Pant have scored runs in middle order in IPL. Anyway, top 3 are the best place to bat on in LOIs. For middle order we have other players likes of Nitish Rana, Hooda, Sarfaraz who are doing well in middle order.
  18. Lead fast bowler

    yes, i still fitness has nothing to do with injury. Especially fast bowlers. KL Rahul is one of the fittest players in this team, still got injured. You think Pattinson lacked fitness and got injured or Cummins. No. It is the stress that lead to their injuries. Aaron and Umesh fittest of the guys got multiple back stress fractures. Zak never had big injuries like these two guys. What he had poor work ethics, excess flab that lead to lack of stamina and loss of intensity quicker than other best fast bowlers of his generation. Same was the case with Shoaib in mid part of his career. Poor work ethics.
  19. We want Samson too. He can play as a batsman and Pant can keep as Pant is a better keeper. Samson scored 175 runs at an SR of 144 in SMA trophy. These two guys will be our T20 and ODI backbone in years to come.
  20. Lead fast bowler

    i am not talking about injuries here. Injuries do happen. Fitness has nothing do with injuries. The fittest players can get injured. I am talking about fitness to sustain intensity in bowling. Zak has lost it many a times where he would just go through the motion when you needed him step up and win the game. The biggest example was 2010 Capetown test when he had to up the ante, he started bowling innocuously gentle stuff at 120-125K, no intensity. It was embarrassing to see that stuff. he has done it many a times. Last SA tour too.
  21. Lead fast bowler

    Zak had skills but what let him down was his fitness.
  22. Can't depend on Shami.

    104 wickets in 29 games is a fantastic achievement for an Indian fast bowler without playing minnows like Zim and what BD was when Pathan did it. Only if he had fitness work ethics like Umesh Yadav and Umesh had what Shami has. Though on this tour, he has looked lost at times, lacking in intensity and focus. This is the second overseas tour i have seen him like that. Last was on England tour.
  23. they might or they might not immediately.
  24. Indian batsmen look scared, insecure and uncertain

    Pandya had nothing to lose. Best attacking innings do come in that situation.
  25. Lead fast bowler

    i am only talking about after county stint. he had developed as a bowler but he had not improved his fitness to international standards.

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