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  1. rkt.india

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    We will actually need 4 seamers including Pandya and you are asking for three spinners in WC. WC will be played early summer need to keep in mind.
  2. rkt.india

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    This team management is very dumb. Never seen such meek team management so devoid ideas.
  3. rkt.india


    Why insulting Celeron. He has Spreadtrum processor.
  4. Property ka ghanta kuch karna when you are dead.
  5. Now you are contradicting yourself by asking govt to involve in majority religion.
  6. one of the best test and ODI batsman, Mike Hussey was originally an opener. Joe Root who bats in middle order was originally an opener.
  7. every game is inconsequential anyway.
  8. rkt.india

    BP-XI announced for a Warmup game against West Indies

    Warrier is a good test prospect, better than Thampi.
  9. rkt.india

    BP-XI announced for a Warmup game against West Indies

    He might be playing the test series as Bumrah and others might be rested. Would like both Saini and Siraj to play against WI.
  10. rkt.india

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    Jadeja played as a 2nd spinner last time in CT and got thrashed.
  11. when the captain is in awe of the former captain, there is nothing can be done. You need captain's will and vision to change things around. Dhoni had that when he came around as captain. Kohli just lives in a wonderland. He just does not seem to have any idea about what kind of players you need to create a strong team.
  12. rkt.india

    BP-XI announced for a Warmup game against West Indies

    should have Sandeep Warrier instead of Basil Thampi
  13. rkt.india

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    In England, you will need 4 seamers.
  14. what can selectors do when captain and coach are not playing him in the XI?
  15. Rahul has just played 12 ODIs that too at different positions, not 30 odd.
  16. uss din to tum keh rahe hey ke Bhuvi bahut, usko Kuldeep nbe bhi galiya de di aur uska chehra rone wala ho raha tha. ab Pandya Bhuvi ki tarah meek nahi hai, extrovert hai to tum usko keh rahe ho ki show off karta hai. Yani player meek to usko gaaliya do, meek nahi to usko gaaliya do. Gaaliya deni jarur hain.
  17. rkt.india

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Delhi should try Hiten Dalal instead of Unmukt, now 2 ducks in a row.
  18. rkt.india

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    25 is good in a low scoring game
  19. kyu bhai tum chahte vo chot lagne ke gham me doob jaye ya chot lagne par bhi practice kare. ab to uske paas time hi time hai...aaram karte huye jitni maraji post dale instagrma pe
  20. cant even do them with broken back
  21. rkt.india

    Asia cup format - why so many matches?

    paise kaise banayenge kam match rakh ke
  22. rkt.india

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    He is not Shoiab Akhtar
  23. https://www.timesnownews.com/asia-cup/article/asia-cup-2018-yuzvendra-chahal-wins-hearts-with-brilliant-gesture-of-sportsmanship-during-pakistan-clash/287317 Another player with winning mentality. Now with 4 players in the team with winning mentality, no team can stop us.

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