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  1. The kind of action he has, this is what i had suspected it from the start that he will at some point have serous back issues.
  2. it does not matter. even if he had not played, he still could not have played the test series. i am afraid he is out for at least 6 months if the injury what i suspect is.
  3. could easily have kept these games at Bangalore which is rain shadow area.
  4. what about India where we have SG balls very similar to duke? never saw him swung in India as well. Irrespective of what people say, conditions to do matter. Same kookaburra ball swings in SA.
  5. Anderson does not swing it in India with SG ball. Even in 2012, most of his wickets were with old ball reversing. Same kookaburra ball swings in SA.
  6. rkt.india

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    because they are predominantly batsmen. They both are batting alrounders.
  7. why does Anderson not swing in Australia? Does he lose his skills there or Aussies are some great batsman of swing?
  8. yes it is the humidity that helps swing. Not clouds alone. In England, it is summer and when temp is high and suddenly we have rain and clouds, it creates that environment for ball to swing.
  9. rkt.india

    Shastri's Press conference

    Yes, 2 spinners was a problem. no way 2 spinners could have won us Edgebaston or Centurian. No use playing two spinners for the sake when they are not good enough.
  10. rkt.india

    Shastri's Press conference

    how is Pandya problem when he scored more runs than full time batsman and had more wickets than your full time bowlers?
  11. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24389028/india-batting-struggles-england-extreme-conditions
  12. rkt.india

    Kerala Floods !!!

    it has nothing to do climate change. Change is the only truth and every season, every year has never been the same.
  13. rkt.india

    Kerala Floods !!!

    lake is a different thing.
  14. Ball Does Swing In India At Some Venues.Kolkata, Mumbai,Dharmsala. Mumbai at times does because it is near the sea that to mostly under lights. Never seen that happen in tests. Not much in Dharmshala and Kolkata as well. They only do of the seam. Kolkata swing happens only under lights.
  15. rkt.india

    Farewell #QueenOfSoul

  16. why same Anderson does not swing the ball in India. he loses the fire in his heart and minds?
  17. who cares about Sachin! Kumble is my favorite batsman who scored a 100 and won us the test.
  18. rkt.india

    Why no practice?

    This team and management is least interested in practice. How are you going to acclimatized with conditions without practice? Are they taking test matches as practice games?
  19. how many batsmen have scored 60s 70s with the bat for India in this series?
  20. rkt.india

    The Never Ending Thread

    ye chinese kar kya rahe hain, Sutiye....Indians ko dekho kitne gazab ke mandir masjid bana rahe hain....
  21. rkt.india

    Shastri's Press conference

    Not enough questions asked.
  22. rkt.india

    Shastri's Press conference


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