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  1. 12 hours ago, dandaroy said:

    SRT technically is a more complete player, but Virat plays a more wider array of shots (especially the frequency of hooks/pulls). Virat is more clutch and he keeps this up he will surpass all of SRT's ODI records. SRT probably played better bowlers, but the art of ODI bowling has been perfected a bit more in Virat's time (slower balls, slower bouncers, knuckle balls, etc.), but this difference not as much compared to Viv's time.


    I think SRT set the stage in terms of modern day ODI batting and Virat is taking it to another level.

    I don't understand why people kept saying SRT faced bowlers. SRT just retired 5 years. He faced all these bowlers too. 90s was completely different as ODI but most of these bowlers Kohli faced would have fared far better in 90s. Cricket has changed drastically after the Advent of t20 and is less bowler friendly but it doesn't mean these bowlers not good. Bowlers averaging 22-25 were greats 90s because average scores were low. 250 would win you games most times. Now average scores are higher, so bowling averages are also increased. I would say any bowl averaging 25-27 in ODIs is a great now.

  2. 7 minutes ago, ravishingravi said:

    2019 WC being in England. I would go with this line up based on current form







    Jadhav / Gill / Pandey / Jadeja


    Bhuvi / Shami 





    In England, Rahane’s role must be similar to Root’s. Keep the innings together. 

    I don't think you need someone holding the innings on flat England pitches at 4. Number needs a batsman who can change gears when needed. Rahane is incapable in that regard. My option is play Rahul at 4 for re of the year.  Jadhav, jaddu, gill pandey not suited at 6. I will have Krunal, shankar, or nitish rana at 6. All three provide us an extra bowling option too. Spin in krunal and seam the rest of the two.

  3. 4 hours ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Where did you see that exactly?

    Isn't it visible. It is a widely known fact. I am following shardul since his Ranji debut. He used be quite bulkier than now, bowl 127-133, was found in a Pace hunt. He then later worked on losing weight. He did lose 10 plus kilo but still was not up to the mark visibly. Not lean enough to be a fast bowler. He has the kind of body where he gains weight quickly like Robin Uthappa also had same issue or like me if i stray from diet, too gain quickly even if i am working out.

  4. 2 hours ago, express bowling said:

    Shardul has been with Team India for almost 20 months now.


    Has played just 3 ODIs in this period.


    Looks like the Team management has not been that impressed by him ... if they were then he would have played much more.


    But, he is still the backup,  new backups haven't been introduced  in tests and ODIs.

    He was injured in between.

  5. 9 minutes ago, kubrickian said:

    Shardul will never be effective as a bowler in international cricket. It doesnt matter if he gets a 4fer or 3 fer in a couple of matches. He has only medium pace, medium height, cant swing the ball much, doesnt have much control. He is very similar to Mohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar types who are dime a dozen in India. They should stop trying to push him as an international cricketer unless they want some pain inflicted. I'm pretty sure there are better options now in FC.

    140 isn't medium pace. We cannot jump on to conclusion after just one games. 

  6. 5 hours ago, cric_fan said:

    Kohli is ahead of his contemporaries in this era & Viv was ahead of the rest in his era.


    It has to be said that modern cricket rules have been tilted in favour of batsmen..there is no balance. Take for example the Aus v NZ match from the other day...the size of the boundaries is a joke...friggin edges were going for sixes. ICC needs to step in a standardise the size of boundaries.


    But take nothing away from Kohli..he’s only competition is ABD..who it seems has not much interest left for the game. The one thing Kohli needs to rectify is his stat in major tournament knock outs...time is still on his side... otherwise he may end his career as a bilateral king.




    Size of the boundaries has been same, only 2-3 meters of rope has been added. Eden park was always like this.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

    I felt Shardul has some potential but was trying a lot. This is also because he has been in an out of Indian side a lot and is trying too many things. Yesterday he tried too many slow bals, you could see his speed jumping from 127 to 137 a lot and then dropping back again to lower 120s


    Slow ones should be surprise deliveries and not every third delivery. He needs to find more different deliveries to bowl instead of just relying on his slow one.


    I think he has time to succeed in ODI’s not sure about the test matches actually.



    Shardul is more of a test bowler as he can bowl channel stuff with a beautiful outswingers but even there his stamina to sustain pace is a huge question mark.

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