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  1. 11 hours ago, Lannister said:

    The fact that you need to go back to the year 2013 to justify his place just shows how bad he is become as a player. We played QF against the mighty Bangladesh and yes he didn't miss a chance there to score some easy runs and we all know what happened in the next match against Australians. 


    What about Kohli then? Should he be dropped too. He flopped in WC as well. No runs in qf or SF from him. Less runs than dhawan and rohit.

  2. 10 hours ago, Vilander said:

    exactly, its not believable that the guy averaged 137 -138 career long. Shami did Hazel did not.

    Shami and hazlewood are similar stories Pace wise. Both were not consistently fast before. Shami started hitting 145 only after his come back from injury in 2017. He was 135-142k bowler before that. While hazlewood has always been fast as a teenager but would more often  bowl within himself so people developed a perception that he isn't fast. Hazlewood was hitting 144kph at the age of 19. He was the fastest bowler in 2010 u19 WC.

  3. 10 hours ago, Vilander said:

    The point is.


    In the garb of removing slower balls you can not let go of genuine Hazelwood trundling..thats what i ment. The guy does trundle, i mean 132.

    So does shami who also bowls 132-134 in spells. It all evens out. Hazlewood was consistently 87-88 mph in the second ashes test that I watched with a peak speed of 91 mph.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Vilander said:

    hardly is not = not at all. so we are good, if slower balls were excluded then there is possibility of subjectivity, if slower balls were not excluded then there is possibility of inaccurate readings into the average pace. Bottomline is what pace you see in the game is real pace, in that Shami does not appear slower than Hazellwood so we are good.

    Shami especially never seen him bowl a slow ball in test, so that whether count them or not is mute in case of him.

  5. 16 minutes ago, adi B said:

    1999 wc match against zim 

    99 Chennai test 

    2008 asia cup final 

    2004 asia cup final 

    2001 faridavad odi loss vs zim 

    2003 wc final 

    2004 vb series Sydney game against aus (we should have won )

    2005 Bangalore test,Ahmedabad odi against pak 

    2012 England home series 

    2011 England away series drubbing

    2008 horrible batting performance in Lanka 

    2014 mcculum 300 wala test 

    2004 Chennai test against aus ,final day washed out 

    2015 wc semis 

    2006 Windies odi series defeat (especially 2nd odi )

    2004,2009,17 ct match against pak 

    2000 ct final against nzl 

    96 test in saf (rain saved them)

    96 test match in Barbados  

    And many more lol 

    abey tu mara nahi...itni chot kha kha ke :giggle: 

  6. 26 minutes ago, adi B said:

    Hazelwood at 137 looks dicey.in his first 2 years I.e upto 2016 mid he bowled at average speed of 130-133 k at max,be it home series against India in 2014 ,ashes in England (he was literally trundling) ,now I believe in the second half of  his intl career after mid 2016 ,he did inprove his speeds significantly . 

    His avg speed in the last 2 years maybe close to 137k and definitely he is bowling quick now , but the average speeds of first half of his career and second half of his career shouldn't come out to be more than 135k in any case 

    Same is the case with Shami. Shami was also trundling in England 2014.

  7. Let me check Hazlewood's speed on last India tour.


    Test 1: 1st innings- average speed 85.7, quickest 90.9.

              2nd innings- average 84.9, quickest 88.2


    Test 2: 1st innings-average speed 86.4, quickest 89.9.

               2nd innings-average speed 86.2, quickest 90.5


    Test 3: 1st innings- 83.8, 88.1

               No 2nd innings


    Test 4: Ist innings- 85.0, 87.9

               2nd innings-85.3, 87.3


    So average speed for this series was 85.3.


    Shami;s average speed on SA tour


    1st test- 1st innings 84.2, 88.8

                2nd innings 84.6, 88.8


    2nd test- 1st innings 84.8, 89.7

                  2nd innings 85.3, 89.4


    Third test speeds not available.  Series average speed 84.7.


    Hazlewood was far quicker in the last Ashes against England.


  8. 3 minutes ago, Vilander said:

    yeah Wahab yes he could be quicker than Shami and Yadav by a weebit..but its spray gun Wahab so who cares. But hazelwood quicker than Shami is a bit outthere..may be there is a bit more in play here..did they consider slower balls..or is it true straight forward match average speeds..etc. Speed gun source. 

    Shami looked faster than Hazelwood in average and peak pace consistently..infact a bit faster than Umesh on occasions.

    who bowls slower balls in tests?  In recent Ashes, Hazelwood was consistently over 140KPh.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    This is not about performing in one or two matches, and that too against weak teams. Does he have what it takes to win World Cup for India? Can he deliver it in knockout stages against top teams? 

    He had 3 50 plus scores in 5 games in CT. He was our second top run getter in WC 2015 behind Dhawan, ahead of Kohli.  Teams win and lose the tournament. A singe player wont win you big tournaments. One player can score runs and you can still lose like we did in 2003 and 1996 where SRT was the top run getter but we still lost.  It is a team game after all.

  10. 13 minutes ago, nikred said:

    This isn't about Rohit being in the team. Personally I want him in the team. It's the lack of professionalism on everyone's part which is concerning.

    This is something you might expect from the 90s team, not the present team.

    Honestly, Kohli for all his skill, atheletism, aggression, flamboyance and what not is still one dodgy person. Blatant groupism going on.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, putrevus said:

    Don't you think that part is not known to Kapil. There is a reason why he asked Srinath to slow down, he was bowling short and wide and with his action he was going for plenty especially in that 1991 tour.Srinath himself admitted it took him years before he learnt to pitch a yard up which was all he needed, that Yard. Don't blame Kapil for inadequacies of Srinath.

    Short is not a problem if directed well.  problem is being wide.  Regarding bold point, yes, Kapil might not have realized this.  It does not happen with great players because those things come easy to them and may not be for others especially youngsters.  When many times when Sehwag batted, batting looked so easy and when others came, it suddenly looked hard to score. Sometimes great players do not realize that things seem easy to them how difficult are those for others.     


    What happened to Irfan Pathan is a great example how Wasim Akram's advice of crooked-thumb grip ruined his bowling.  Wasim could bowl with crooked-thumb grip because he was stronger and had natural pace and could still have accuracy. Irfan could not do that.  He lost pace with that grip and by then he realized it, it was too late for him.  

  12. 3 minutes ago, putrevus said:

    Srinath was proving very expensive and was leaking runs and losing all the pressure which was created by Kapil and Prabhakar.So how is his advise to Srinath to focus on line length wrong. 


    Don't you think Kapil Dev as a bowler did not understand what were the differences between him and Srinath.

    Until Srinath started pitching further up than his natural length he did not start to get wickets.That is what Kapil was suggesting, it is easy to blame the person who is giving advice.


    Pitching up does not mean it would suddenly work for Srinath.  Such things do not miraculously change during a game.  

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