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  1. when the captain is in awe of the former captain, there is nothing can be done.  You need captain's will and vision to change things around.  Dhoni had that when he came around as captain.  Kohli just lives in a wonderland.  He just does not seem to have any idea about what kind of players you need to create a strong team.

  2. 2 hours ago, Switchblade said:

    Bhuvi meek zaroor hai bhai but maine usko gali nahi di injury to Jhadav ko bhi hui ya Pandey ko ya Rohit ko wo zabardasti ka post nahi karte jaise ye karta hai he is ok performer not world class all rounder understand he is your personal favourite but he is definitely fake and at the level of Umar Akmal.I do hope he recovers and does well for India but he’s definitely an attention seeker.Sabka apna nature hota hai i understand but filmy hona sahi nahi hai.

    sab ek jaise nahi hote

  3. 1 hour ago, Switchblade said:

    Ye to nahi kaha k practice kare bhai but injured Bhuvi bhi hua tha ya aur log bhi hote hai but show off nahi karte zyada.

    uss din to tum keh rahe hey ke Bhuvi bahut, usko Kuldeep nbe bhi galiya de di aur uska chehra rone wala ho raha tha. ab Pandya Bhuvi ki tarah meek nahi hai, extrovert hai to tum usko keh rahe ho ki show off karta hai.  Yani player meek to usko gaaliya do, meek nahi to usko gaaliya do.  Gaaliya deni jarur hain.   

  4. 12 hours ago, Switchblade said:

    @Stradlater @Rightarmfast bhai isey time kaise mil gaya ye post dalne ka instagram pe hope he recovers but yar shabd nahi hai mere pas iske post k lie.

    kyu bhai tum chahte vo chot lagne ke gham me doob jaye ya chot lagne par bhi practice kare.  ab to uske paas time hi time hai...aaram karte huye jitni maraji post dale instagrma pe

  5. 12 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    Kaul :facepalm: hell No..another pathetic selection.. Can only laugh on this

    However jaddu is a good selection we can play jaddu in place of useless chahar and play khaleel in place of injured pandya, team looks more balanced in that way with 3 variety spinners two of which are all rounders(jaddu and kedar)  and 3 quality pace  bowlers.



  6. 21 minutes ago, speedheat said:

    Then some dhoni chamchas here argue that there is no csk quota. 

    From whatever little we have seen of this asia cup conditions are conducive for spinners hence they should have sent a spin bowling ar preferably krunal or gowtham but this moronic selectors never fails to piss us.

    Pathetic decision to send a meek trundler with unknown batting ability guise as an allrounder.

    Not really. fast bowlers are as important in Dubai. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Hell Raiser said:

    BC yeh chahar ne aisa kiya kya hai jo isko itni preference mil rahi hai. Quadrangular mein bhi perform nai kiya, flop raha. Ab fir se select ho gaya. Pathetic. 

    The should just change the jersey color to yellow and rename the indian cricket team to Csk so that genuine crickets fans can just stop caring about it.

    They needed someone who can bat to replace Pandya and Chahar is an okay replacement for him. Can play big shots.

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