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  1. what? you are the only person who says there are no flashes of brilliance in Umesh. He is the only fast bowler to pick more than 15 wickets in a test series in India in last 15 years if I am not wrong by averaging in early 20s. Even in the last test, he showed flashes of brilliance dismissing two set batsman in the first innings by some probing bowling but just could not sustain that and that is why he is not a good bowler. Like a batsman needs concentration, a bowler too needs to bowl with utmost focus and concentration and Umesh lacks that. He needs consistent motivation and guidance on the field and you cant spoon feed him even after so many years. Regarding Kuldeep, he is very raw. He is like Umesh at the moment, can have a good spell but very inconsistent and can g for runs any time and he is not a big turner of the ball, also very slow through the air.
  2. Jadeja and Kuldeep need to be exchanged among formats.

    Rahul Chahar is going to be the best of them. He has everything going for him. He is tall, he is accurate and he turns the ball.
  3. Ashwin and Jadeja are already TTFs overseas. How long are we going to pursue with them? you cant expect different results by doing same things again and again. Kuldeep for me is not yet ready for full fledged test cricket. He will be brutally exposed due to his lack of turn and consistency at this point. He needs more FC cricket. While Chahal may not have played a lot of FC but he has been around for a long time now playing various levels of cricket and has shown the intelligence to get the better of the batsmen.
  4. Chahal's FC numbers are misleading because he plays a lot at Lahli where spinners barely come in to play and only gets to play when Amit Mishra is not playing for them. These bot are the reasons Chahal has barely played 27 FC games in 8 years since his debut. Even Kuldeep has an an FC average for 32 despite playing on more spin friendly tracks. Also, we cannot judge Indian spinners to how they bowl to domestic Indian batsmen because they are good at playing spin unless the pitch is an absolute rank turner. Only last year, Chahal got to play many games and that too on neutral venues, so, did not play much at Lahli and he averaged 22 with 33 wickets in 7 FC games while last season Kuldeep averaged 27 with 35 wickets in 8 games. He also had a better ER than Kuldeep. So we need to see what he did in the last season and not at his overall record.
  5. Jadeja and Kuldeep need to be exchanged among formats.

    Kuldeep is too raw at the moment and he is missing FC cricket by benching. should be released to play for UP. Moreover, Jadeja has been poor n ODIs the reason he got dropped why would you want him back. With regards to his imaginary hitting, dont have words to describe that experience.
  6. My first choice spinnner would be Chahal. He has shown enough guile, spin, consistency, variations, and most of all thinking mind which is needed in conditions that are flatter. Moreover, SA only have 2 left handers in top 7 in Elgar and Dekock, so, better to have a leg spinner or a left arm spinner than a left arm Chinaman or an off spinner. IMHO, Kuldeep needs more FC games to hone his skills to get the consistency and rip he is missing at the moment. You must have at least one of them as a leg spinner, either big turn or accuracy. He is missing both. And if you have both, you are next Shane Warne. Chahal could have been picked for SL series. but our management seems a bit laid back as they are still punting on Jadeja and Ashwin for overseas tests.
  7. Kohli is methodist like his batting and it is very hard for any wild card or rookie make debut under him ahead of seniors. He gives too much importance to experience even it is not up to the mark.
  8. Gabba is always slower on the first day. it gets quicker as the game goes on.
  9. around 145 is enough to be honest in test cricket if you hit right areas. No can bowl more than that day in day out without injury.
  10. In pace we trust

    http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1126665/in-pace-we-trust Long but a very good article.
  11. Still behind Pujara and Rahul. Dhawan has less runs as he played but better average this year.
  12. how? when he was not even in top 3 run getter for this team in test cricket this year.
  13. Kuldeep is Umesh Yadav at this point, flashes of brilliant but largely inconsistent. He is not a big spinner of the ball right now, so, no use playing an erratic spinner when ball will not spin much.
  14. Playing one ranji match does not make you better than any. Playing cricket has nothing to do with cricketing judgement about players.
  15. Playing 11 for Test 2

    i doubt Nagour and Delhi pitches can be as quick or bouncy as Eden. Eden is relaid intentionally to be a quick pitch. Soil was imported for that. Difficult to change inherent nature of Delhi soil. Nagpur was was relaid with mixed soil.

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