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  1. he bowled multiple 145 plus in IPL for sure, quickest being 149K.
  2. TBH, i dont think there is a huge population of farmers who sell their cows for meat in north Indian states. i am a village guy and i know that. such reports are always exaggerated. most farmers have buffaloes and not cows because buffalo milk is better for butter and ghee production.
  3. the plane did not have enough business class seats.
  4. rkt.india


    it does not matter what Indian public thinks about Pakistan because Indian public is not attacking them or killing people in Pakistan. Indian public is busy earning daily meals and dealing with other issues irrespective of what dialogue they have in the film.
  5. rkt.india

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    an ATG side without Mcgrath is a joke
  6. rkt.india

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    mine was also sarcasm for Dhoni bhakt rasgulla
  7. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    You should compare Monty to Jadeja, not Ojha. Both are different kind of bowlers even if left arm.
  8. rkt.india

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Lyon is bowling at home, not overseas. Regarding swann and monty, monty hasn't done anything outside of that series. He just got lucky bowling to a has been indian batting.
  9. rkt.india


    so what is wrong with that? Check the context her. They killed many soldiers in Uri and Arm is planning a retreat. What is wrong in that? You would want them to not do anything and wait for another attack and lose more soldiers?
  10. rkt.india

    Most wickets in 2018

    And Warne was poor in India while inferior spinners have done better than him. Name has little meaning without performance. Also sweeping Warne was no big deal. Wrist spinners are easier to sweep unless you are someone like Kumble who bowls quick in the air. Warne's slowness was the biggest reason he struggled in India. IMO, Pujara is one of the best ever Indian batsmen when it comes to playing spin. Kohli is neither great against pace nor spin but he is a determined cricketer. it is also about conditions. A great spinner on flat track can easily be outbowled by a mediocre spinner on a dustbowl. for me, reputation of a bowler is overrated and conditions are what dictate the game.
  11. when you play as a bowler, you have no pressure and when there is less pressure, you will do well. as soon as you start expecting runs from bowlers, they will fail. biggest example ashwin.
  12. rkt.india

    The little Manjrekar in me

    I am sure there were several seizing the moment events when India did that at Adelaide and that is why they won despite being 40/4 in the first session itself.
  13. rkt.india

    India A Tour of NZ

    Pandey is no Ponting against Bouncers and is worse against moving balls.

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