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  1. We are still in March so temperatures are rising but heat is only near tropics at this point.
  2. Agree. My experience too though it was 13 years back but there is some xenophobia was there towards Northies.
  3. I think you are just not accepting how proactively things have been handled here.
  4. I don't know what you are talking about. India had the first case on Jan 30 and you are still saying we will know in 10-14 days. It's two months already.
  5. Also, what people are talking about with ramping up testing. It's not like you can test random people on street. Unless you start showing symptoms, you aren't getting tested.
  6. There are two forms of the strain, one is more virulent.
  7. It is not spreading in India as fast. more testing doesn't mean more positive cases. The most important thing is India had banned flights from red zone countries in Feb itself.
  8. Next month means mid April or after that Also due to long winter this season, harvesting season will also start late in north India. Wheat crops will need more heat before they are ready to be harvested. This year temperatures have at least been 5-6 degrees below normal till now in March and it's going to continue with more snow in Himalayas predicted.
  9. People want govt to do lockdowns and they want everything else to be normal like any other day. Lockdown in itself is an unprecedented thing in county as big as India. Such situations will always bring discomfort to people in some ways and we will have to overcome, let this phase pass. You can't go or live same way you were before the lockdown. You have to compromise on some things. You aren't getting milk, dont use it, have black tea or coffee. It's not something you can't live without a few days. Look at me, I am making a tourist resort in middle Himalayas in Dehradun district and was looking for opening by mid April but now after spending all money I had, about 50 lacs already, project is on complete halt and I have no idea when it will start again. This virus has affected tourism industry the most. All plans are in disarray but now it's no use complaining. It's not in our control.
  10. rkt.india

    I pledge

    Also, it's difficult to match the raw natural resources China has.
  11. Modi baar baar bol raha tha panic buying na kare par log sune tab na. Aur blame modi ko kar rahe ho. Lockdown to Sunday se hai. Kal naya kya bola modi ne. Essential commodities ki Shops and stores daily open ho rahe hain morning me fir bhi log panic buying kr rHe, modi k mana krne k bad bhi
  12. There is no need to panic buying. Stores and shops are opening every day for 3 hours.
  13. Watch Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. It's available on YouTube.
  14. It has been said that there are two strains of this virus. One is highly virulent, one isn't. Age is also a factor.
  15. Even 2003 SARS was a corona virus that came from China as well. MERS was also corona virus that came in 2013 from Jordan.
  16. I am not defending Trump. Neither trump or anyone for that matter can do anything about it. It's the people themselves who have to stay home to be safe Only thing people can do is be sensible. If someone talks nonsense, he is going to get it back like that reporter did.
  17. I am not in US. Why would I support trump? I don't give a damn about trump. Just appalled at the stupidity of that reporter. You are at trump but not seeing the stupid sensationalism done by the reporter. Trump is trump but that doesn't mean these reporters get a free run.
  18. What religion did Jesus and prophet followed or were born in before becoming prophets of their own religion.
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