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  1. Khaleel is better than RP and Irfan.
  2. What? His two wickets against Afghanistan and 2 against Pak were as crucial as any other bowler. He brought us back in the game twice against Afghanistan by breaking partnerships twice.
  3. rkt.india

    Pak to win WC 2019

    I had said it two weeks back.
  4. rkt.india

    Ball of the tournament ?

    But England is #1 ODI team currently which they weren't before.
  5. rkt.india

    Pitches, morning games, and drama (WC19)

    It's due to rain. It has been one of rainiest in history June. Curators didn't get time to prepare the pitches.
  6. rkt.india

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    It is important for that. Obesity can make life hell but people keep going, keep ignoring, not realizing how much better they can feel if they can slim down a bit. and it is my personal experienced it. From skinny to becoming obese due to hypothyroid and then losing 20 kg, it makes a huge difference to your quality of life. being fat and obese, people are just inviting heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  7. rkt.india

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    yes fat shaming is necessary
  8. rkt.india

    Bhuvi fit for West Indies match.

    BK troubles gayle but not sure how fit he would be to bowl with intensity and not hurt the hamstring again.
  9. rkt.india

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    Chennai is already seeing rain. It is a misconception they get rains late. yes, they see more rains during north west monsoon instead of southwest monsoon, but they do get rains during southwest monsoon as well. Last year, northwest monsoon did not give much rains in TN. Northwest monsoon is not as reliable as southwest Monsoon. Monsoon depends on land temperatures. It requires high land temperatures, low sea temperatures, hotter land, colder seas.
  10. Top wicket taker. Proving everyone wrong.
  11. it is not just about number of matches. Starc averages 18, BUmrah 26, Starc SR 20, Bumrah 32. Bumrah has not done bad, Starc is a notch above.
  12. they were not. when stoinis was out. they needed 114 runs in 10 overs.
  13. we got a flat pitch in that game
  14. Everyone who doubted him.
  15. Many here were ruling out Starc.
  16. How many wickets has Bumrah taken this WC. Starc hasn't done this just this game. He has 18 wickets now. Bumrah 7 or 8.
  17. Bumrah is still a notch below Starc.
  18. we did play Afghans just 2 days back.
  19. Chasing is their strength. So they went with it. They were easily chasing 350 against Pak just before WC.
  20. England easily chasing this.
  21. rkt.india

    Introducing Indian Team Mascot

    yes, it is also called himalayan leopard.

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