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  1. rkt.india

    Do we need dislike/downvote button?

    Downvote button was being misused. So, it was decided to be done away with after a discussion wtth admins and mods.
  2. rkt.india

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    Drop Karthik, Play Rahul at 3
  3. rkt.india

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    Final wont be played on the same pitch. that will be better. batting under lights is easier here.
  4. rkt.india

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Nowadays he only brings gaalis to captain, coach and selectors. BCCI toh does not even exist at this point. Performances bring moolah, not names.
  5. Hassan Ali isnt as short and bowls 140KPH.
  6. rkt.india

    Our Top 3 Best in World Cricket?

    How does that matter? For me, Sehwag was just an average ODI player.
  7. Wish, we had picked Saini and Rajpoot instead of Chahar and Kaul. Kaul is too short and also lacks any pace to be effective at the international level. Chahar wont do anything if ball is not swinging.
  8. rkt.india

    Jadeja missed a golden opportunity of becoming a hero

    Our BD moment.
  9. rkt.india

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Vo England me booing ke baad nahi hata to ab kya hatega.
  10. Have seen him bowl up to 148k in domestic.
  11. He has bowled several deliveries 140+ and he is just 20, also bowling a lot slower than he actually can.
  12. rkt.india

    Thaliavali aur uske chele ko hatao, WC bachao

    Dhoni has overstayed three years now. Should have retired after 2015 WC.
  13. runo se bhar do thaila mera sherawaliye, o pahada waliye, o jyota waliye...
  14. he still bowling wel within himself. he can easily crank up to over mid 145-148K as he did in domestic SMA trophy.
  15. They are already doing that which has helped him bowl quicker from 135 in U19 to 145 in a span of 2 years.
  16. These selectors have not shown the vision or eye for talent that can succeed at international level. Chahar is someone who could do well in swinging conditions. Here you need hit the deck bowling while both served full length pies.
  17. Bumrah is a seasoned bowler. At the age of Khaleel, Bumrah was nowhere as quick as Khaleel is.
  18. It is depressing to see innocuous trundlers like Kaul and Chahar bowling together.
  19. needlessly pitching the ball up to Shehzad. 4 full ones and all dispatched to boundary by Shehzad.
  20. Do we ever go to any tour in advance? WI tour has not started yet. When it starts according to itinerary, BCCI will provide them the facilities. Warm up game will be played on 29. You have to ask for these facilities long in advance. You cannot just turn up 15 days before the starts ask for these things during heavy domestic calendar. WI wanted to come in early which is not possible at the last minute. At least, 185 domestic teams from u14 to FC cricket are already there to use those facilities.
  21. Jadeja and Ashwin were always average in ODIs. Jaddu Averages 35, FFS. Ashwin close to 33. how did they look good?
  22. Jadeja is not better than Chahal. Jadeja averages 35 with the ball in ODIs with an SR of 43. There was a reason Chahal and Kuldeep got their chances in place of Jaddu and Ashwin.
  23. rkt.india

    India needs to find pace bowling all-rounder

    agree or let Pandya bat in top 6 and play another spin alrounder. pandya is a necessity for his big hitting.
  24. No Indian corporate has that. They have to start from somewhere. Even Tata and Adani have got such contracts and this off set clause is not just with Reliance. Several other Indian companies will be getting the same. Reliance is just one partner. There are 72 vendors that will be working with Dassault. Reliance had bought Pipavav defence in 2015 which has experience in defence related manufacturing.

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